Report a leak

If it's an emergency;

  • You have no water
  • The leak is currently causing flooding or damage to properties, vehicles or the road surface
  • Escaping water may cause a health & safety hazard if it freezes during winter months

Please do not use this form and call our customer centre on 0800 393 084 for leaks, or 0345 717 1100 (24 hour service) for any other queries where one of our customer advisors will be happy to help you.

Select the location of the leak

Address of the leak

Search for the address of the leak or click on the map below. (Note: We will send our technician to where the pointer is dropped on the map. If the pointer location is incorrect or approximate, please add additional information in the details box below.)

Find my location automatically

Please provide any further location details, i.e. house number the leak is near, landmark, what three words, etc.


How bad is the leak

Is the leak affecting your water supply?

Image Upload

If you're able to upload a photo of the leak, we’d be really grateful.

Max file size 6MB. Accepted file types are png, jpg, jpeg, gif.

Are you happy to be contacted by our technician for a virtual (video) appointment via FaceTime or WhatsApp? If so, please ensure you include your mobile number in the contact section.

To ensure the safety of our customers and our employees, please confirm if anyone at your property is self-isolating due to Covid-19?

We need your contact details

We will need this information to keep you informed or if we need any further details.

Work in your Community

Work in a business that supports your community

At Northumbrian Water, we work to make a difference in your community.

Have you considered a career that can help you do the same?

As well as the teams you see working in your streets, we have people doing a wide range of jobs that support that work to deliver the best possible water and sewerage services across the North East.

You can find out more about careers with Northumbrian Water and check out the latest vacancies by following the link below.