Belford Street, Peterlee

At Northumbrian Water looking after the environment and reducing the risk of flooding are two of our top priorities. As part of this commitment we want to make you aware of some sewerage network investigations in your area. We intend to carry out a study of the area to identify a potential solution to help protect the environment and ensure that our sewer network continues to serve the community effectively.

Update by Christine Taylor

Good morning,

As you will be aware our site team are due to start works in your area on Monday 13 September 2021, to set up the compound so we thought it would be great to introduce our project team.

Michelle Sell is the Project Manager from Northumbrian Water overseeing the scheme. Now let me introduce our Esh Stantec team, we are the contract partners who will be carrying out the works.

My name is Christine Taylor, the Customer Service Manager working for Esh Stantec, on behalf of Northumbrian Water.  Becky Gartland is our Customer Liaison Officer, who I work closely with to ensure we keep our customer informed throughout the works.  Becky will actually be on site later today, to introduce herself and assist with any questions you may have.   

Mark Nicholson, is the Contracts Manager for the scheme working for Esh Stantec. Mark will oversee the progress of works on site, working closely with the Project Manager, who we will introduce at a later date..  

Me and Becky, will monitor the portal for any comments or questions, but please feel free to jump on and ask us anything.  We will aim to respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Speak soon.

Christine and Becky

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