Belford Street, Peterlee

At Northumbrian Water looking after the environment and reducing the risk of flooding are two of our top priorities. As part of this commitment we want to make you aware of some sewerage network investigations in your area. We intend to carry out a study of the area to identify a potential solution to help protect the environment and ensure that our sewer network continues to serve the community effectively.

Update by Becky Gartland

Good morning, 

I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to introduce myself and to provide the latest update regarding the progress of our works.

My name is Becky Gartland and I am the Customer Liaison Officer for Esh-Stantec. I carried out site visits prior to us starting work and spoke to a number of residents during this time so some of you may have already met me. If you have any queries at any stage throughout our works please feel free to contact me to discuss :)

Work that was carried out last week on site:

  • Structural survey of precast concrete cover slab and surround.
  • Breaking out of surround to the cover slab.
  • Coring of cover slab to allow for lifting points.
  • Deliveries of concrete pipes and MH chamber rings.

Works taking place this week.

  • Remove cover slab.
  • Commence excavation for installation of 1st Manhole 5m deep, install earthworks support, commence construction of MH chamber.

Have a lovely week!




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