Browns Point Sewage Pumping station, Cullercoats

Together with our partners Interserve, we plan to carry out work between 8 June 2020 until early November 2020 at Browns Point Sewage Pumping Station (SPS). The project represents a £1.2 million investment which will see an upgrade with the mechanical and electrical refurbishment of the SPS. We are working closely with Interserve our supply partner to make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum. If you are going to be directly affected by our work, our site team will let you know in advance. Typical working hours will be Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 6.00pm. During this work there will be restricted access at the bottom of Cliff Row and the promenade by the SPS will be narrowed. We'd really like to hear from you if you have any queries so please get in touch using the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page or leave a comment below. Simon Cossar NWL Project Manager

Project updates

Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello. This is a quick update on the works we completed at the Browns Point pumping station.

The MEICA, civils and accomodation works at the site are complete.

We have removed the site compound and we will carry out the landscaping works when the weather improves in the spring.

The works were completed without affecting our neighbours or the people that walk along the nearby pedestrian routes. This was a tremendous achievement.

We achieved the project objectives and have handed this station back to Northumbrian Water.


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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. I've got some good news to share. We have substantially completed all of the works and we have removed our site compound.

The site team has removed the site access raod and reinstated the ground.

We will return to this site in the early spring to re-seed the area. It is too cold at the moment to carry out these works.

The Interserve site team carried out all of the site works including the station shut downs without affecting the pedestrian walkways along this part of the north east coastline. Members of the public had uninteruppted access to the walkways during the duration of the works.

We have cordoned off the area where the compound and the access road was. This is because the ground is very wet and soft. This ground will be re-seeded in the spring and the cones and rope will be removed.



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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello. I want to share the good progress we have made over the last couple of weeks. We have completed the MEICA works.

We completed most of the works with the station operational.

We successfully completed works with 12 system shutdowns.

We will complete the metal works and landscaping works early next year.

We will remove the site compound and cabins in December 2020


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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello. Interserve has completed the main works at the Browns Point station near Cullercoats.

Our compound was located off the main road close to the station entrance. This was to minimise any disturbance to our nieghbours and visitors to this popular part of the north east coast.

We observed all of the NHS recommendations during the works. We had sanitising stations in our compound. 

The main works are all complete and the team is moving to our next project not too far away.

We separated our works area from the nearby houses.




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Update by Shafqat Akbar

In today's update, I would like to tell you how we are managing the covid risk on site. We are following the NHS advice "wash hands, cover face, make space."

The site team take the temperature of all persons that arrive on site. This photo shows the hand held device that is used to take the body temperature of people arriving on site. 

We have set up one way pedestrian routes on site to ensure social distancing. This also stops people from crossing each others paths.

We have set up a works area exclusion zone to stop people inadvertently walking onto site.

Progress on site is good and we are on programme with our scheduled shutdowns. 




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Update by Shafqat Akbar

I want to share some good news from this project. We have made very good progress since the last update. We have recorded several successful shutdowns and started the installation of the new pumps. The electrical works are substantially complete and the mechanical works are progressing very well. 

The project is nearing completion and we are targeting early December to complete all of the works at the pumping station. We have agreed a programme of five shutdowns with Northumbrian Water. This will allow us to make the remaining electrical and mechanical connections.

This photograph shows the location of the pumping station. This site is located next to a very popular walkway along the Cullercoats coastline We have made every effort to ensure local residents and pedestrians have not been impeded in any way. Well done to the site team.

This is the site compound where we have set up our site offices and welfare units. We will be removing the compound in a month's time. 

The site team successfully completed all of the scheduled works in the two shutdowns this week. We are concentrating on the installation of the remaining mechanicla works. The testing and commissioning works are progressing as sections of the pumping station are completed. We are on track to finish all the works and handover the assets to Northumbrain Water.

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello. Interserve have had a number of successful shutdowns over the recent weeks. Today we have another planned shutdown to install some new pipework inside the pumping station.

Today we have a number of specialist sub-contractors working inside the station

Interserve have agreed the programme of works with Northumbrian Water. We are making good progress.

The site team have already started on the MEICA works. 

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

The site team are working inside the Browns Point station and are making really good progress. The mechanical and electrical installation is going well. We are looking to complete the telemetry works soon.

The site team are making sure they're not affecting our neighbours and visitors to this area. We have a agreed a couple of shut downs with Northumbrian Water. We will be able complete important sections of our works during these shutdowns.

We have segregated our works from public areas

This area is a very popular site for visitors. The team has done well to minimise impact on our neighbours and visitors

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Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello. Interserve started works at Browns Point in Cullercoats in the summer. Progress has been really good on the electrical and mechanical refurbishment. We have already replaced pumps, pipework and control systems.

Browns Point is located just north of Tynemouth in a particularly scenic part of the north east coast

Access to the works area is controlled to minimise inconvenience to the public

Some shut downs will be required to complete the works. These are agreed in advance with Northumbrian Water 

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Update by Simon Cossar

Good Morning all,

I hope you are all staying safe and well during these testing times.

I thought I would give you an update on the progress of the project as we are still planning to start on site on the 8th June.

We have been speaking to North Tyneside Council and Natural England to gain their consent as part of the planning for this scheme. We have agreement from both of these parties now for the work, I have re-attached a plan showing how we propose to manage our site during the works.

Please comment on here if you have any queries or contact us using the contact details on the home page,

Thank you,

stay safe,



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