Castle Hill Farm Cottages

An application has been submitted under Section 101A of the Water Industry Act 1991 for provision of a public sewer for premises at Castle Hills Farm Cottages, Berwick. The application complies with the requirement criteria, Northumbrian Water plan to undertake works to reduce the environmental risk improve the resilience and enhance the performance of the sewerage network serving the residents of Berwick. This project aids NWL in improving the quality of rivers and coastal waters, the environment and wildlife for the benefit of our customers.


What will the working hours be?

Typical working hours would be Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 6.00pm. If required, work may also be carried out between 8.00am and 1.00pm on a Saturday. We will notify you when weekend working may be required.

Will my water supply be affected?

We have no plans to disrupt your water supply while we work on this project. In the unlikely event that the team accidently disrupts the water supply, our clean water response team will be notified immediately and emergency repairs quickly undertaken.

Will the work cause disruption?

With construction work it is inevitable that there will be some disruption in the immediate vicinity of the work. There will also be an increase in heavy traffic in the area, with vehicles transporting materials to and from the working sites and site compounds. The track will remain open throughout.

Will access to my property be maintained?

When construction works are necessary on the access track every effort will be made to undertake these works whilst maintaining access to all properties. Pedestrian access around the works will be maintained at all times.

How will residents be kept updated?

For information and advice please contact us on 0345 717 1100 or log onto to chat online or arrange for a call back from our project team to discuss any queries. 
We will keep your community portal updated with key information about our progress. For notifications about project news, traffic information and progress updates please sign up to the community portal here.

Any residents that will be directly affected by our work will be notified in advance of the work starting by our site team. 

Will the site be dangerous?

The site will be operated by our framework partner Esh/Stantec an experienced contractor working to tight health and safety standards. Working areas will be securely fenced off from public access at all times.

We do ask that everyone respects the site fencing, signing, guarding and instructions of our team when required for your own safety.

What will it look like when the works are complete?

There will be no visible change. The new sewers will be buried underground and the new SPS is screened by the existing boundary wall. Reinstatement of working areas will be undertaken to ensure that they are returned to the pre-construction condition.

Will there be dust, vibration and noise?

The construction work will involve the use of machinery, cutting equipment, digging up ground and working with granular materials which will result in some dust, vibration and noise. The site team will do everything they can to minimise any inconvenience caused by this and will make sure that the work is carried out safely.

Will the roads be kept clean during the works?

The work will involve excavation and transporting of subsoils and other excavated materials to storage or for disposal which may cause dirt on the roads.

The site team will employ a road cleaning specialist with mechanical road sweepers which will be used as necessary to maintain the roads affected.

What happens on bin collection days if the bin wagon can not get to my property?

We work closely with the local council on many matters including bin collections. Please put your bin in the normal place and we will make sure that it is moved to a place where it will be emptied. In the unlikely event that a bin collection is abandoned, we will let you know and arrange a revisit.

Will I be able to access my drive or directly park outside my property?

For this project, it is unlikely that driveways will be blocked however if it is necessary to work adjacent to driveways we will contact you in advance, pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

We recognise that it is a condition of some insurance policies that cars are parked off road during different periods of the day. It is our experience that insurance companies understand that during work of this type, this is not always possible. We always suggest that you contact your individual insurance company if you have any concerns with regard to insurance matters.
Please let us know if you, or any family, friends or neighbours will require additional assistance for access or anything else while this work is completed by calling 0345 717 1100.


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