WINEP (Cullercoats Bay Bathing Water Study)

The Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP), formerly known as the National Environment Programme (NEP), is a national investment programme for all water only and water and wastewater companies. It includes investigations, monitoring, options appraisals and schemes to drive improvements and prevent deterioration and protect the water environment. These commitments form part of each water company’s Asset Management Plan (AMP) and form a set of regulatory obligations which must be delivered. This study will be focusing on Cullercoats Bay.

Update by Graeme Ridley

Good afternoon.

There will be sewer mapping work starting on Thursday, 18th February 2021 in the John Street & local area to John Street. Kwikflow will be undertaking this work on behalf of NWG. 

This will involve cctv work of the NWG sewers to check connectivity of the sewers to the "John Street culvert". This culvert is well known in this location and has been investigated many times in the past before with North Tyneside Council. The reason for the mapping work now is to further investigate in more detail and try to confirm if there is any connectivity between the sewers and the culvert. Also we will be doing sewer manhole surveys in the location also to the areas around John Street.

Also working with North Tyneside Council, we will be undertaking small diameter pilot drills through the vertical concrete plug that is in one of the caves at the back of the beach, so you will see some activity down on the beach in that location hopefully next week also. This work will be dependent on working on the receding and low tides, as at high tide the level does get as far as the caves. This work is to determine if there is any standing water behind the concrete plug and undertake cctv of the void of the cave behind the concrete plug. We believe this concrete plug was installed for safety reasons to the public, as this particular cave is allegedly a long cave that does go well back in land from the beach, according to what I've heard.

I'll keep you undated on any further investigations.

Graeme Ridley (NWG Project Manager)


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