Deepdale Water Main Renewal, Barnard Castle

We will be investing £900,000 in our strategic trunk mains network. This work will help secure and maintain water supplies into the future, this work will not affect your water supplies.

Update by Dave Eden

Afternoon everyone.

Progress on Deepdale Water Main Renewal is continuing well and with less issues now that we are largely above ground:

The overland bypass main is just about completed with only one more section needing to be placed on the west side of NWG's bridge before testing and chlorination can begin. After talking to a couple this morning I'd just like to assure you all that this section of the main that can be seen over the bridge and on the surface is a temporary installation to allow us to carry out the remainder of the works without disrupting your water supply. This section will be removed on completion of the works and the area returned to normal.

The connection of the new main under the road to the existing main is also nearing completion. This will allow us to test and chlorinate the majority of the new permanent main. To complete this we have to make some adjustments to the large excavation up the bank on Lartington Lane to reduce it in size and allow the remaning pipework to be fitted.

Once all of the above is completed including satisfactory testing we will be able to bring the new main and bypass into service which opens up the next section of the works.

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