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Durham City Sewer Network Improvements

We are planning work to improve the performance of the sewer network in Durham City and improve your environment.

Start Date

May, 2017

Estimated End Date

December, 2018


NW, Mott MacDonald Bentley

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well I thought I'd keep you up to speed as to the developements of the project. Things have moved along somewhat, all the investigations are now complete with regard to the construction part of the work (storage tank and the sewer replacement) however, we need to establish what the tree roots are doing so we can preserve them.

Week commencing 19th Feb you will notice some activity within the Vale, as we will be digging some trial holes. Whilst there, we will be working with the FofFV replanting and relocating some trees/shrubs and saplings further round into the Vale, however with regret we will need to cut back and remove one or two of the trees (of which we have requested planning permission) so we have taken advice from experts and the FofFV team to ensure we do everything we can to maintain this beautiful area of Durham.

The road to the Vale is rather narrow and for those of you who have drives whilst we are working there in a couple of weeks and during the main construction works we would encourage you to use your drive at all times please. There will be plant and other machinery into the Vale so we have requested permission from Durham County Council to have a parking restriction during the work as health and safety is our priority. To reduce the inconvenience we have requested the restriction be relaxed on an evening and weekend.

I will update you on a regular basis on the project so please feel free to get in touch with me as I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you see Colin and his team (see his photo) please go and say Hello!




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