Durham City Sewer Network Improvements

We are planning work to improve the performance of the sewer network in Durham City and improve your environment.

Update by Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning All, another quick update to show you the progress we have made prepping the site.

We’ve had approximately 850 tonnes of a projected 2100 of quarried limestone which is used to provide a structurally designed access track and working platforms for the silent piling press which is due to commence in mid-June. The Limestone is compacted by a roller, each delivery truck carries 20 ton, and these deliveries have taken place since last week and continue to arrive. (We would like to thank all the residents as we understand this is a lot of additional heavy traffic and noise.)

The silt fencing and barley bales around the boundary are mitigation for any potential siltation to the watercourse from surface water run-off and have been implemented by MMB. We have also have the sedimats we’ve placed in the stream bed. These are designed to capture any silt that does enter and are fully bio-degradable so when they are fully silted up they can be placed on the bank of the stream.

Please see below a number of pictures i took on my visit, my favourite is the rock being released by the truck, as well as the beautiful woodland in the background.

Happy weekend 

Sarahjayne Vickers 


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