Durham City Sewer Network Improvements

We are planning work to improve the performance of the sewer network in Durham City and improve your environment.

Update by Sarah Jayne Vickers

You may have seen us in our masses on Wednesday morning with the Friends of Flass Vale. The MMB Team were Lee Buchanan, Colin Butler, Tom Mann, Mark Morrell, Sarah Jayne Vickers, Joan Tatters, Marc Bell, Pat Corris and we were joined by Mark Morris (NWG), Phil Taylor and Jamie Stansbie from T&T. We all took part in a number of activities including digging, planting, transporting heavy wheels barrows full of materials. We planted in the Vale some Vipers Bugloss and Ferns, the ferns were dug up from the orchard and we re-planted them. The soil removed to replant them was transported back to the orchard to fill the holes. 

We even caught the attention of a little boy called James (aged 5) who asked if he could join us, James did some digging for us and also joined us for a little refreshment break. (Chocolate fingers and apple juice, went down a treat!) I would like to thank James for his help and most importantly his stories, about chewing rocks. I hope you and your Daddy had an amazing day and found loads more clues on your visit to the vale. 

At the end of a hard morning with the Friends of Flass Vale well all sat down with much needed refreshments.

A great mornings work for a great cause!




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