Durham City Sewer Network Improvements

We are planning work to improve the performance of the sewer network in Durham City and improve your environment.

Update by Colin Butler

Good Afternoon,


Another update on our works through Durham which are still progressing nicely. We plan on crossing the road into the Southern carriageway throughout the course of the next fortnight as we thread the needle of our new pipeline through a multitude of service crossings which a recent visitor described as; 'Spaghetti Junction meets Kerplunk'

We're ahead of programme currently and hope to continue in the same vein. There should be a good number of parking bays handed back for public use by the end of the week providing the weather breaks a little. Please remain to be vigilant whilst walking through Durham in light of the bad weather as conditions are treacherous underfoot. If you're unsure or stuck, please speak to One of the guys currently working in Old Elvet who're equipped with rock salt and snow shovels and will be happy to help in any way. We also have first aid provisions readily available.

Due to the recent poor weather and increased likelihood of slips and trips we've decided to bring in a new worker who's photograph is below. His main job is to watch out for you guys and make sure you're all taking care to watch where you're going before stepping into roads and to ensure there are no uncomfortable footway collisions. Please say Hi to 'Tom' when you get the chance and remember to not be a 'Smombie'!

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