Durham City Sewer Network Improvements

We are planning work to improve the performance of the sewer network in Durham City and improve your environment.

Update by Colin Butler

Good Afternoon Everyone

I thought I'd share a brief update on our current progress in Durham City.

Despite the current global pandemic, we have been working hard on behalf of Northumbrian Water to help maintain and improve the water network in Durham City. The works we're doing are essential to mitigate potential pollution events and alleviate internal and external flooding in the immediate vicinity. With this in mind, we've been adhering strictly to the government guidance regarding social distancing and isolation upon showing any of the symptoms.

We are doing these things to the best of our abilities to ensure that we work in a safe, healthy way to continue to provide a crucial service for us all. I would ask that you please respect the government guidance -  around social distancing and direct any queries to me at or my colleague and please refrain from approaching operatives directly. The guys at the workface are well informed and have all approriate PPE required should they need to be within 2m of one another.

We have continued to make excellent progress and are currently working on two fronts with one gang installing pipework through Old Elvet toward Green Lane and a second gang now past the entrance to HMP Durham, who have been most accommodating. We are yet to find any escape tunnels in our excavation works but we all remain on the edge of our seats.

Please stay safe and remember:

Stay At Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives



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