Easington NIDP

We are currently undertaking a Stage Two Northumbria Integrated Drainage Partnership (NIDP) study in Easington. Stage 2 is a diagnostic study where we carry out a more in depth survey, investigation and hydraulic model enhancement to address specific issues and develop opportunities at the top priority locations identified in stage 1. This includes option development and an assessment of cost of the proposed options. We then look at an assessment of benefits and beneficiaries to demonstrate the impact of the proposed project. If we are able to show that the project delivers an appropriate level of benefits ( i.e. it doesn’t cost more to construct than the value of the property that it protects) this enables us to make applications for joint funding to progress to design and construction.

Update by Loren Jennings

Good morning.  

I wanted to let everyone know that in the coming weeks we will have surveyors out in Easington, mostly in the areas of Dixon Rise and Quilstyle Road.  They are going to be accessing drains and sewers under the road surface to inspect them with video cameras.  And in some instances, we also will be asking to look at the pipes and drains around people's homes to see where exactly they lead.   This will really help us better understand the causes of flooding within your community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or you can "contact us" at the top of the page.


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