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Update by Fenham Project Team

Hi everyone

Thank you for your co-operation over the last couple of weeks whilst we have been transporting materials from site. We really do appreciate you working with us in ensuring there were no vehicles parked in the immediate vicinity of our access point, this meant we were able to progress as planned. We are now nearly ready to leave site safe, and would like to provide a further update on our works schedule, so residents and locals are informed of our plan.

As previously noted, we are planning to be off-site until Spring when this final set of collections/deliveries are complete.  Deliveries/collections have been arranged for:

Tuesday 26th February between 09:00 and 16:00 – we will be delivering a final load of fencing bracing and collecting (via the same vehicle) a load of pedestrian barriers; the delivery/collection cannot be accommodated on a vehicle that can access via the West Road so we will require access via Linden Avenue.  We will have a staff presence at the gate as usual, to escort the wagon on and off site.

As you will now be aware, we do need larger vehicles to be able to safely and easily access and egress site, so we would ask that residents who normally park their vehicles within 30 metres of our access gates find an alternate parking solution on the day we need to get these vehicles to and from ste. As noted previously, we acknowledge that this may cause some inconvenience to residents, but this access route has been agreed by the local council and we do have to use it to transport the materials; there is no other way we can remove them from site.  

As noted previously, we hope that we can continue to work with residents and that we will be able to complete this work with minimal impact. Whilst we hope this support continues, if we cannot safely access and egress site with our vehicles then we will contact local police so they can support us by speaking with vehicle owners and ensuring the vehicles impeding access and egress are safely removed. We really hope this step won’t be necessary, but we will work with police if we have to, in order that we can ensure the safety of our people and our delivery partners - as well as of everyone and everything in the vicinity of our access point.

Best regards,


The Project team

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