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Update by Fenham Project Team

Good afternoon, Following our from my last post on the 29th March, I’m posting to let you know that we will be bringing our first wagons back to the reservoir site to complete our essential work from Wednesday 10 April 2019.  As explained previously, work is expected to take up to 4 months to complete, however be assured we are working to complete this as soon as possible.

We will begin by bringing our cabins and associated materials that ensure they are safe and cater for the welfare of our staff, back to site.  As well as two 32’ cabins, a 2+1 toilet block, an effluent tank and stairs, we will also be brining on the watermatic unit and a generator.  We expect this will mean five or six visits to site, though as always, we will work to keep this to a minimum.  We expect to use the Linden Avenue access gate for all this work so will needs the same access levels as previously outlined.

This first phase will take place from Wednesday 10th April at approx. 9:00am and will run until 16:00 pm on Friday 12th April.

We will also need to bring 20’ cabin stores and materials to site shortly thereafter and expect these will follow within the next week or so, though we will communicate the actual dates when we know them.

As before, we will have staff presence at the gate to escort wagons on and off site. We will try and use the West Road entrance, where possible, for any smaller vehicles to minimise any impact and we will ensure the community portal is updated to keep you informed.

We hope that we can continue to work with yourselves and that we will be able to complete this work with minimal impact.

When we have information on further dates, we will of course update you.


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