Ferryhill Water Mains Replacement

Ferryhill Water Mains Replacement

Update by Chris Reay

 Good morning,

The 400mm open cut will be installed from Cleves Cottages  to the bottom of Duncombe Bank by the end of this week.

Hopefully we will have the road closure removed by Friday 13th March. However, we will have to revert back to 2 way traffic lights to enable us to pressure test, sample and tie in after the 3 day sample has returned positively. This will give us a total of 1,930m of pipe in the ground.

Once all the reinstatement is complete on the road closure works at Cleves Cottages, we will start  at the bottom of Duncombe Banke and work our way down to the jnc of Chilton Lane and then down Chilton Lane to the south end of Clifton Gardens. – approx 300m. Major road traffic management will be required around this location.

Once the 300m have been installed, this will leave approx. 660m of 400mm left to do from Arthur Terrace to the Surtees Arms – again Major RTM

The smaller distribution main renewals on Chilton Lane has begun from the Eldon Arms to the Surtees Arms. This work should take a minimum of 4 weeks to complete. There is a lot of unknowns about mains isolations in this area so work may be slower than envisaged.

The work on Laurel Road has also begun with 700m already installed and a further 1km still to do. Again, all works in this location will be under traffic management which is limited to 300m stretches via council instruction.

Thank you again for your patience and co-operation as we carry out these works in your area.



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