Great Ayton Water Booster Station

Northumbrian Water are planning to carry out work between January 2022 and March 2022 at Great Ayton Water Booster Station (WBS). The project represents a £130,000 investment which will see a mechanical and electrical refurbishment of the WBS.

Project updates

Update by Simon Cossar

Morning all,

An update on the project following further discussions with Northen Powergrid (NPG). The power issue is resolved and we have paid for the required upgrade and awaiting a date from NPG, I am awaiting an update from the booster manufacturer on when the booster will be completed. I will post a firmed up timeline once I have this information.

We are planning on meeting the residents again in May,

Have a good weekend, cheers


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Update by Simon Cossar


 A quick update following discussions with Northern Powergrid. The upgrade required doesn’t seem to be an issue, however, before they can commit there are a few more checks they need to carry out before confirming this. There is also an issue with a third party who also needs access to the same transformer.

As you can tell things are moving forward but I don’t have any firm dates as yet, but will keep you all informed of progress and dates as thing develop.

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Update by Simon Cossar

Good morning and sorry no photo's this time.

A quick update following another good catch up with the residents yesterday. You will have seen from my last update, and possibly passing the site, that we have been carrying out some exploratory works at the site. These have gone well, and we now understand how we will tie the new station in when the time comes.

We have found an issue with the power supply, and we are working through this with Northern Powergrid, our service provider. Once I have update from them, I will make another with an amended completion date as this issue does affect the end date.

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Update by Simon Cossar

Happy New Year,

I know it looks like nothing has been going on as there has been no activity on site, but the wheels have been turning behind the scenes.

We have started on site this week, as you can see, we are carrying out investigative works to make sure we can install and connect the new booster with the least amount of disruption to you! Don’t worry, we will inform you well in advance when this will be!

You will continue to see activity over the next couple of months as we work towards the arrival of the new booster. We have encountered a minor issue, which we are working through, and I will update you once this is resolved.

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Update by Simon Cossar

Hi, I'm Simon Cossar the Northumbrian Water Project Manager for the mechanical and electrical refurbishment we are planning to carry out at Great Ayton Water Booster Station (WBS).

The work will take place between January-March 2022 at Great Ayton Water Booster Station (WBS). We are working closely with our internal stakeholders to make sure any disruptions are kept to a minimum. If you are going to be directly affected by our work, our site team will let you know in advance. Typical working hours will be Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 6.00pm. We'd really like to hear from you if you have any queries so please get in touch using the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page or leave a comment below.

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