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Guisborough Road, Nunthorpe

We are upgrading the sewer network. This will increase the resilience and reliability of the network and will involve installing 240 meters of surface water sewer pipe in the area of Guisborough Road, Beverley Road and York Road. We will work closely with the local authority regarding the reinstatement of roads when the works are completed.

Update by Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Sarahjayne Vickers and I am the Community Liaison Manager for Mott MacDonald Bentley, part of the dedicated team who will be working with Northumbrian Water during this essential remedial work at Guisborough Road.

My colleagues and I had the opportunity to meet some of you during our Customer Event on Wednesday 6th June at St Marys Hall, Nunthorpe. This was informative, to see the community on board and supportive of the project was amazing.

We were overwhelmed with how many people attended, approximately 50 of you came along to see us that afternoon! We even managed to catch a couple of dog walkers and let them know what was going on. I hope after the event you felt more informed and have a greater understanding about the project and why we are doing this work.

We would like to THANK YOU for your time, effort and support, we really appreciate it.

The work will commence Monday 16th July as planned and I know the first week will involve setting up the site compound, site preparation and investigation work ready to start the work 23rd July along with the 1st road closure on Guisborough road.

You will see me and our MMB guys led by Steve Dovaston (Site Manager) around for the next 20 weeks, if you have any questions you want answering please just ask. You can contact us either via the portal of use our email address

As the work progresses I will keep you informed as much as I can.

Thanks in advance

Sarahjayne Vickers

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