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Horsley Water Treatment Works Upgrade

A £46M project to upgrade Horsley WTW has now reached a key milestone. We have selected our partners, a joint venture partnership with Doosan Enpure and Interserve Construction, to upgrade the treatment works.

Start Date

March, 2016

Estimated End Date

December, 2018


MWH, Interserve Construction, Doosan Enpure

Update by Geoff Joyce

Hi, everyone

Work has continued again at a good pace despite some more miserable conditions.

Mechanical installations have continued in the Actiflo Building and Rapid Gravity Filters Gallery. Below-ground pipework installation continues between the two aforementioned edifices. Advance works were carried out this week on one of the existing high voltage housings in order to facilitate permanent works to the HV system for the new Works areas. Wall construction has continued to the Birney Hill Pumping Station at the south end of the site, with formwork erection and steelfixing activities. Similarly, reinforcement and concrete installation has continued to the Inlet Distribution Chamber and the silos slab to the Chemical Building.

I hope you all caught sight of the recent "super moon" at the end of January. To celebrate its arrival I went for a swim in the sea to tackle the accompanying spring tide. I mistakenly thought there was yet another super-moon due ( which will fix the date for Easter) at the end of March, but it turns out that that one's only going to be a standard full moon. Probably just as well as I'd have had to celebrate the treble - supermoon, high tide AND Easter and I don't know if my full-body all-in one knitted bathing costume will have dried out by then. Bring on the next blue moon lunar eclipse. I'll be 210 years old by then. Isn't modern medicine marvellous!

Have a good weekend.


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