Horsley Water Treatment Works Upgrade

A £46M project to upgrade Horsley WTW has now reached a key milestone. We have selected our partners, a joint venture partnership with Doosan Enpure and Interserve Construction, to upgrade the treatment works.

Update by Geoff Joyce

Hi, everyone

Time for another update to the Horsley WTW Upgrade scheme:

In the last month, concrete work has been completed to the walls on the new Birney Hill pumping station at the south end of the site. Installation of pipework and fittings has commenced ahead of the roof construction.

Storage silo installation has been completed to the Actiflo Chemical building. Roof cladding to the Chemical building has continued. Electrical works have continued with cable tray and below-ground cable duct installation ongoing. The Filters' MCC (motor control centre) has been installed in the designated kiosk and cabling work is ongoing. Externally, transformers have been positioned adjacent to this kiosk. Various high voltage operations have been carried out.

In the Rapid Gravity Filters area, filter nozzles are being inserted to the filter flloors. This is a labour intensive operation as all 24,000 of the nozzles have to be fitted by hand.,

At the east side of the site, excavation for the sludge tank and centrifuge bases has been completed. Blinding concrete is to be placed this week prior to reinforcement and structural concrete works commencing.

About a month ago the Project Manager invited me to an event entitled (he said) "From Berwick to The Baltic". I surmised that this must be part of the Coast and Castles cycle route which I'd tackled some years ago. I immediately commenced training for the event with ever-increasing cycle rides in the evenings and at weekends. Imagine my chagrin when, 2 days before the event, I found out that the it was actually called "From BEWICK to The Baltic" - a talk on the local, nationally-acclaimed wood engraver, Thomas Bewick, who plied his trade in Mickley. The talk, at the church hall in Horsley village, covered art in the North-east from Bewick's time (late 18th century) to the present day. It was very interesting and informative, giving details of the many venues in the area showing local art, especially in this time of the Great Exhibition of the North. However, my newly- honed glutes were not used to a prolonged period of sitting and I fidgeted to gain a comfortable mien throughout the talk. I failed to win a prize in the end of show raffle but I won great applause for my break-dancing effort afterwards (I'd only attempted to get to the toilet at the rear of the hall when the glutes went into spasm and I looked like a cross between Michael Jackson and James Brown in their heydays - I'm sure most people know that these two styles are wholly incongruous). I climbed out of the toilet window and staggered in a cyclist's crouch to the car to make good my escape.

You couldn't make it up.

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