Johnson Street, Gateshead

Johnson Street Gateshead - Overflow Screening Northumbrian Water is looking to improve the resilience and enhance the performance of the sewer network in the Gateshead catchment.

Update by Ian Davison

Hi, I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend, what a sizzling week it has been.

I posted out an update in June attaching a revised schematic drawing explaining that further site information had resulted in a change to the initial proposal. See Planned Works tab, for a copy of the letter and the drawing.

As you can see we propose a shaft in the North East corner of the playing fields, the engineering team need to gather ground and utility information in this vicinity. Our contractor (Esh) will be back onsite week commencing the 5th August excavating trial holes to establish the location and level of existing services in this vicinity. The work will involve shrub clearance and hand excavation of shallow inspection trenches to expose and record buried utility cables and pipelines.

This will be followed by geotechnical ground investigation we have two boreholes planned one in the north east corner of the site and one on the verge at the junction of Johnson Street with Yetholm Road. The geotechnical investigation which will allow the engineering team to assess the ground conditions within which the new shafts and tunnelled sewer is proposed. This work may take up to 15 working days. There will be minimal disruption and we will do everything we can to minimise any inconvenience caused by this work.



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