Killingworth & Longbenton

Together with our project partners, the Environment Agency and North Tyneside Council, we are investing over £5 million to manage surface water in the Killingworth and Longbenton areas of North Tyneside. This work will increase the capacity of the combined sewer thereby reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall. The work is to be completed in 3 phases; Longbenton High School and Benton Green & Cemetery, Forest Hall & Killingworth Moor and finally Killingworth Lake. Phase 1 and 2 are now completed and the work around Killingworth Lake started in Summer 2018.

Update by Christine Taylor

Good morning,

We have some exciting news!

Following the update from Lynn Preston regarding the Customer Drop In Session on the 30th May, we know that not everyone can make it.  This may be due to work, family commitments or because the sun is in the sky (hopefully)!

What does it matter why?  You can still be part of the event because......


As we have the project team in one place, I will be logged onto this community portal ensuring that we, the project team, are available to answer any questions.

Any common questions will be posted as the day progresses, and customer's who are unable to make the event can contact me direct by posting on the update.

We should be live from 11.30 through until 7pm.

I will keep you updated closer to the time.  Please don't be shy, come and join us in the car park near to the lake or on-line, keeping me company and challenging our team.

See you all soon


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