Lockhaugh Sewage Treatment Works Screens Upgrade

Our proposed new screens will allow us to remove more solids from the influent. This will reduce maintenance activities and ensure an efficient site that is free of blockages and has significantly reduced wear and tear to the mechanical equipment. Our sewage treatment works aids NWG in improving the quality of rivers and coastal waters for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife.

Update by Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning all, we hope you are well.

Work to refurbish elements of the Sewage Treatment Works at Lockhaugh has recently recommenced following the enabling works completed back in February. The replacement of the aging inlet screens is essential to maintaining the effective treatment of sewage now and for years to come.

Working under these exceptional circumstances has had its challenges especially with material procurement but we adapted and overcome them, and work is still progressing to programme. Given the nature of our work, our workforce has adapted seamlessly to the additional control measures required for protecting the workforce from COVID-19 such as increased cleaning regimes, travelling to site in separate vehicles, additional PPE, including wearing masks when the 2 metre social distancing can not be achieved and daily temperature checking of personnel.

The construction of a new reinforced concrete inlet channel has commenced to allow the phased replacement of the screens. To date we have excavated and started constructing the concrete base (Picture 1). We have also started to construct the new reinforced concrete slab where the new screening compactors will be located (Picture 2). The new inlet channel and press slab need to be finished before the first screen is installed in early August. I have included a couple of pictures

We will continue to update you all on how the works progress but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me on you have any questions or concerns.

We are working in line with UK Government guidance regarding Covid-19 and are committed to continue with our site operations whilst safeguarding the wellbeing of our operatives and the public.

The Government guidance can be found following the link below.



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