Marden Quarry Sewage Pumping Station

Together with our partners Interserve, we plan to carry out work between the 4 January 2021 until the end of June 2021 at Marden Quarry Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) although we will be carrying out enabling works prior to these dates. The project represents a £1.5 million investment which will see an upgrade of the mechanical and electrical equipment within the SPS.

Update by Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In today's update, I want to tell you about the good progress we are making at the Marden pumping station site. I also want to tell you about the controls that we have in place to manage the risks associated with Covid-19. We have a robust system in place to control works in the offices and on site to ensure we protect our site teams. 

We have stripped out a lot of the existing cabling and electrical apparatus that are being renewed in this project. We are installing the new cables and electrical equipment. Our electricians are working in the main building.

We have agreed a programme of interventions with Northumbrian Water. We have successfully completed our first intervention. The mechanical installation programme is progressing well.

Our Covid-19 control measures on site are founded on the principles set by the NHS. Our site rules emphasise the importance of washing and sanitising your hands, wearing a suitable mask and maintaining a safe distance between you and your colleagues.

Our offices are set up to ensure we can maintain a 2m safe distance at all times. We have imposed a maximum occupancy limit on all our offices, workplaces and welfare units. We ask our colleagues to keep windows open in the offices, avoid face to face meetings, disinfect all durfaces after using a work area and wearing the correct personal protective equipment at all times. 


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