Monks Wood, North Shields Surface Attenuation

We are working with the community to explore opportunities to reduce the risk of flooding by removing surface water from our network, using sustainable methods where possible. We are bringing this Rainwise project to Monks Wood in North Shields. Northumbrian water plan to install new Sewers to provide highlevel relief to the existing network entering Monks Wood, transferring high flow to an adjacent combined sewer on Beach Road. We may install a new sewer and SuDS basins to divert surface water to free up capacity in the combined sewer on Beach Road. The surface water will be attenuated, then discharged into the highway drainage network, which will allow the augmentation of the existing flood alleviation scheme.

Update by Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone

I bring news of the footpaths which cross our working area....

The good news is that on friday 12 July 2019, we will reopen the footpath at Ludlaw Avenue. This means that for at least the next couple of weeks, both this and the footpath from Whitecliff Avenue will be open!

However, the not so good news is that we will need to close the footpath from Whitehouse Lane (by the school). This will be closed for up to three weeks.

Its not all good news though, as we will still need to close the Whitecliffe footpath at some point - updates to follow on that one, but it won't be necessary for at least a couple of weeks.

In other news, we're ahead of schedule on the trenchless crossing of Beach Road, we expected this to be the end of the month, but we're making preparations now with a view to starting earlier.



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