Monks Wood, North Shields Surface Attenuation

We are currently on site adjacent to Beach Road. Our scheme is to separate surface water flows from the combined sewerage system and store the excessive flows during storms. To do this, we are constructing new surface water and combined sewers together with a series of cascading basins in which to hold back the flows until the storm subsides and the existing sewerage system can accept the storm water.

Update by Christine Taylor

Good afternoon,

I have spoken to some residents recently regarding our return to site.  Also you may have seen from our comments on a previous post or from the letter you will have received from Northumbrian Water this week, we are returning to site on the 22 June 2020

We expect to be on site for approximately 6 weeks. 

During this time our works will include:

  • Finishing ground levels for the basins
  • The area will be stone picked and debris will be removed
  • A tidy up of the existing shrubbery will be carried out
  • The grass seed and wild flower seeding will be sown
  • Some tree and shrub planting witll be carried out on both sides of Beach road
  • The wildlife Garden in Whitehouse Primary School will be tidied up and handed over to the school

We want to take this opportunity to reasure you that we will be working strictly in line with the government guidelines around coronavirus and that the safety of our customers and workforce is paramount.

If you wish to discuss this work further or have any concerns please feel free to cotact us via this portal or by calling 03457 171100, and a callback will be organised.

We will see you all soon.



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