Murton (Berwick) Water Treatment Works Upgrade

As part of our ongoing investment programme and to ensure the highest level of customer service, we are planning to extend and improve the existing Water Treatment Works at Murton, near Berwick. It is intended that the new works will be located adjacent to the existing buildings. The main construction work commenced in late 2018 and is due to complete in September 2020.

Project updates

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning

This months' update..........

Treatment Building

The bulk tank and commissioning will commence later this month and the majority of the snagging works are complete within the building include the installation of the security system and fire protection system. All awaiting for the commissioning!

Filters1 & 2 are ready for painting, and 3 & 4 are complete.

Contact Tank

We are continuing to monitor the as it has now been filled. 

Pumping Station

Installation of security system substantially complete as well as the fire protection system. The base of the kiosk sealed and grouted into position which doesn't sound much be believe you me it's a task.

WasteWater Settlement Tank

All the perimeter fencing installed with mesh infills are not quite done however the general pipework is done.

External Works

Concrete pours are complete around the Treatment Building with all road gullies installed to main access road ready for construction. Kerb lines currently being installed to access road ahead of macadam laying planned for next week and 2 commissioning cabins have now been removed from site and the area returned to car parking space.

That's a brief over view of where we are and giving the weather has been so variable I think the team are doing a great job.









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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

This months update is very much similar to July's.........the team are continuing to do the slabwork and the all the pipe work is now complete.

The pipe connections still have to be complete but we are little way off that as yet. The guys hope to do the tarmac and concrete work within the next week or two on the roads leading into the works.......... weather permitting of course.

It does look and seem a little quiet now compared to recent months.

It is all starting to come together now and thank you again for your patience and understanding during our time in this beautiful part of the North East.



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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

Well to be honest this month has just been an extention of last months works although you will have noticed some of the machinery and cabins have been removed. They have been relocated to the new site at Wooler so yep we are starting to move on.

I thought I'd add in more photos this month as we are a little out of the public view so I thought it would be interesting to show you what has been happening these last few weeks.

The lights have been removed and once again thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

This months' update.......

The weather has played a great part in the progress, so the majority of the work has been preparing the external areas of the works.

The team have continued to clear and re-locate materials from the rental land and continued to haul subsoil and top soil around site to low areas where the are materials required. 

They will this week be completing the kerb line outside of substation and back-up generator before commencing prep of roadways ready for slab pours, so there are some concrete pouring to happen and will complete the building of a gabion basket wall, including backfilling works, then commence prep of roadways ready for the slab pours.

Here a few of photos.

Please don't forget to contact me to ask anything about the project, we are only too happy to help.


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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone,

Here is this month's update........and all considered we have progressed really well. 

Treatment Building        -      The off-line commissioning has started and is currently being tested. All the cabling has been substanticially complete as well as the security system.

Contact Tank                 -      So as to not clash with other works the waterproofing planned for the roof has now been put back to June.

Pumping Station            -      All the security work is complet and the fire security installation is to be commissioned soon.

Pipe Work                      -      The service main wain pressure is to be tested and all other pipework is 100% complete excluding the tie-ins to the raw water and potable water valves.

External Work                -      50% of the kerb line is complete and most of the foot path and the back filling of minor excavations.

As you can see, (photos below) the staffing levels were reduced due to the COVID-19 restrictions however we have ploughed on and made a great deal of progress. 

Again thank you for your co-operation during this time, we will be requiring a road diversion again in the next 2-3months (dates to be confirmed) but I will keep you posted for how long and the dates.

Stay safe.

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

Once again a brief update as to where we are..................

At this challenging time we are and will continue to follow the UK Government guidance regarding COVID-19 as it stands, and we will continue to monitor the situation. We have had to work on site at a reduced scale to comply with the restrictions which undoubtedly will have a knock on affect on the completion date, but I will keep you up to speed in due course.

As a bit of a milestone, we took water into site from the Murton borehole for the first time yesterday to kick start commissioning which is great progress.

Next week removing of surplus materials from site next week will begin so there will be an increase of vehicles between site and the local farm so please be a little more vigilant. 

The site teams are adhering to the social distancing guidance and we ask that during this difficult time that you also maintain a social distance from our staff should you be in the vicinity of the treatment works during your allocated daily exercise.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about the project.

Stay safe and well



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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

Just a brief update as to where we are..........

Our subcontractor is continuing with mechanical & electrical installation of dosing equipment in the Treatment Building and Pumping Station.

The fibre optic connection and power cable has now been pulled through the new duct system from existing works building to new electrical and mechanical room.

Pipetek are are currently installating the raw water main, they have completed the almost all of the duct network and the shuttering and steel fixing and Dechlor have poured concrete.

Giving the circumstances work is still progressing whilst adhering to governments guidance during these extra-ordinary time.

Stay safey everyone. 

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon

A quick update, the mechanical and electrical installation within the Treatment building is ongoing and our subcontractor is continuing the cabling into the Pumping Station.

Pipetek are also battlling away with the pipework to both the east and west of the contact tank and even the fire alarm is being installed.

The weather has played a major part of our progress these past few weeks, even the signage on the fencing and at the entrance of the works has been damaged. Fencing along with sheeting have blown over.

The team are definitely being challenged with this weather!

Stay safe everyone!

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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

The last update for 2019.......

  • Above ground pipework installation is progressing well both in the Treatment Building and the Pumping Station.
  • The electrical contractor is continuing with the testing in the Treatment Building plus finishing the snagging work.
  • The contact tanks and balance tanks are still under test.
  • External work to the building is continuing although the weather hasn't helped
  • Scottish Power are to install a transformer kiosk this week.

Just to let you know from Monday 13th January 2020 to Friday 24th January 2020 we will introduce a road closure to the site with a diversion in place. (as previously) This is to accommodate the introduction of the mains into the highways verge as we will have to tie in the mains and pipework.

It remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020.




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Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

I understand that the electricity disruption went to plan even though rock was found at the bottom of the trench  but there were no delays in the outage. As far as their site work for us went, that too went really well.

Here are a few items you may find useful:-

  • The contact tank and balance tank chambers have passed the "drop" test. (they have been filled with water to monitor any weeping)
  • Pumping station pump plinths have been built and concreted in
  • Electrical work is continuing and the progress of the subcontractor is to programme
  • Installation for the tanks on the east side of the treatment building has been limited this week
  • Surface water drainage in front of the pumping station completed.

The weather hasn't been to kind to the programme of the work these passed few weeks but the team are moving on ahead.

I've included some photos for you.

Please feel free to ask away if you have any questions.




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