Otterburn, Rochester and Byrness WTW

Together with our supply partner, Mott MacDonald Bentley, Northumbrian Water is planning to replace the existing water treatment works at Otterburn, Rochester, Byrness as part of its ongoing investment programme. The old water treatment works will be replaced with a new modern high quality treatment systems to ensure the highest level of water quality and customer service for now and for the future.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

I'm presently at site and catching up with Jason.

Since the last update the building has been delivered and successfully installed, currently the team are ongoing with connections for drainage, duct work and incoming supply. The weather hasn't been on our side that said it all went well.

Plans going forward the guys are gearing up for the electrical installation and then leading into the commissioning period of the works.

Here are a couple of photos and have a look at the videos

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