Ovingham vertical turbine pump installation

This project is to replace two of the pumps in the raw water pumping station at Ovingham. These two new pumps will pump be able to pump up to 80 megalitres of water a day from the River Tyne to the water treatment works at Horsley. In order to vary the speed that the pumps will work at two new drives are being installed to control the speed of the pumps, together with new controls to monitor and control the pumps remotely.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning All,

I am guessing you will have noticed the lack of work down by the pumping station, don't be too alarmed our team are just temporarily working elsewhere within the network to ensure we assist Northumbrian Water to provide you with great water.

Everything has been locked up and security in place and the guys will return in a few weeks (October) to continue with the planned programme of work. 

We will keep you informed as to the exact date of our return, in the meanwhile thanks again for your co-operation.



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