Repair Work to Newburn Bridge

Following our water main burst at the location of Newburn Bridge, we alongside, Newcastle City Council and our supply partner, Esh-MWH are currently repairing our underground assets. This work will help secure and maintain water supplies in the future, and will not affect your water supplies.

Update by Christine Taylor

Welcome to the Community Portal,

Customer's may be aware that we are currently working on Newburn Bridge following a water main burst.  This page will allow our team to update the local community with our progress, which also enables customers to ask questions. 

How it works?

If you have any questions or comments, you can simply post a comment on the post.  Alternatively, you can click on the 'Contact Us' button and complete the form.  Then one of project team will be in touch within 72 hours.

The Team

I thought it would be beneficical to introduce the project team who are working at this location.

James Potter is the Project Manager working on behalf of Northumbrian Water and is overseeing the work -  a photo will follow in the next few days.

Alan Croft is the Contracts Manager for the scheme working for Esh-MWH on behalf of Northumbrian Water Ltd. He will oversee the progress of works on site, as carry out the repair. Alan will be helping to maintain high levels of safety, quality and customer engagement.

My name is Christine Taylor, the Customer Service Manager from Esh-MWH.  I will monitor this portal for comments and liaise between the community and the team to ensure timely and accurate updates are provided. 

Thank you




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