Repair Work to Newburn Bridge

Following our water main burst at the location of Newburn Bridge, we alongside, Newcastle City Council and our supply partner, Esh-MWH are currently repairing our underground assets. This work will help secure and maintain water supplies in the future, and will not affect your water supplies.

Update by Alan Croft

Welcome to the Customer Portal for the Newburn Bridge Water Main Repair.

We can now confirm the leak on the water main is fully repaired. However, we need to construct a large concrete thrust-block which will restrain the forces created by the main. This will essentially prevent the water main from moving when pressure is created by the flow of water.

The concrete thrust-block is a large block of concrete that will stop the water main from moving in the future.  This needs to be constructed in 2 halves in order to maintain pedestrian access over the bridge. We aim to complete the Western half of the concrete ‘thrust-block’ this weekend all being well.

We have plans to install a new temporary pedestrian footbridge to the Western side of Newburn Bridge. Once pedestrian access has been transferred we will start excavating and constructing the Eastern side of the thrust-block.

As you may have noticed we have been working weekends, and expect this continue throughout August.   

We will keep you updated with our progress throughout our works.  I have included some photos of our work this week.

Thank you for your patience whilst we carry out our work.



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