Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (Phase 3)

Northumbrian Water is planning to carry out water and waste-water diversions and modifications of our network in advance of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3. The new dual carriageway which is planned to start in the Summer of 2019, will link the new south side road infrastructure of the Northern Spire bridge to A183 St Mary's Boulevard - A1231 St Michael's Way roundabout. Our supply partners, Esh-MWH will be undertaking this works on our behalf.

Update by Mark Robinson

Morning Everyone,

Well that's another productive year over as we close the project for the Christmas break later today.

Following my last update, we have managed to successfully pressure test all the pipework installed to date and made a big push to reinstate as much of the roads and verges across the project. Not only does this protect the new assets but also tidies the site and prevents excavations deteriorating whilst we are closed for Christmas.

Deptford Terrace verge was backfilled and reinstated, adjacent to the Queen Alexander bridge. We will need to return in the New Year to install a telecoms bollard beside the buried chamber. This allows signals to be sent from the Flow meter back to Northumbrian Water headquarters.

The HV cables at Priestly Crescent have been prepared and although this has delayed the works, we have managed to temporarily backfill the excavation and reinstate the road ready for the Christmas break. This should help our neighbours at the recycling centre with traffic, allowing their skip wagons to access the site more easily. Please be aware, the traffic management at this location is one-way only! It allows vehicles to travel from Simpson St off the A1231 onto Priestly Crescent, but not the other way. When we return in the New Year, we'll re-establish the closure and complete the works. This should hopefully only take a couple of weeks.

Farringdon Row is now backfilled following the pressure test and completion of pipework up towards B & Q delivery entrance. We have placed tarmac from outside the Timber Supplies, past the Kings Arms pub and up the bank. The perimeter fence securing our work areas has also been significantly reduced. This will allow public to access the pub an park outside. When we return in the New Year, the road closure will remain as this layout until works are complete around the B & Q entrance. We have encountered a large number of existing buried pipes and cables which has delayed the works slightly and we are currently trying to revise the route slightly.

When we return on Monday 7th January, a new road closure will be in place along Deptford Terrace, outside Willowcrete and as far as the Go North East bus depot. This is to allow the installation of the new pipework through the road. Another work area which will be very busy. A diversion route will be in place, allowing access from Hanover Terrace onto Deptford from the East.

That is about all from me for the year, I've attached a few photos from the last couple of weeks on site.

On behalf of Esh-Stantec and Northumbrian Water, we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019!!


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