Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (Phase 3)

Northumbrian Water is planning to carry out water and waste-water diversions and modifications of our network in advance of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor Phase 3. The new dual carriageway which is planned to start in the Summer of 2019, will link the new south side road infrastructure of the Northern Spire bridge to A183 St Mary's Boulevard - A1231 St Michael's Way roundabout. Our supply partners, Esh-MWH will be undertaking this works on our behalf.

Update by Mark Robinson

Afternoon everyone,

It's been a while since our last update, we've been very busy trying to move along the various work areas throughout Deptford.

Deptford Terrace pipe installation is now complete and at the time of writing, we are laying tarmac to the last small section of road. There is now 405m of water main installed, live and feeding customers along the way. We've had a few challenges and set backs but overcome them all and now ready to move further along the road.

This takes our works into Hanover Place, moving from the Saltgrass Pub towards the Hanover pub. There will be a road closure starting this Monday 3rd June, with local access to the businesses from Beach St. It will be closed from outside the Saltgrass. This will be a rolling closure in small sections moving up the road to eventually tie in with the Farringdon Row installation.

Farringdon Row has progressed well in the last few weeks. We've encountered a large number of buried electric cables all the way along this road, some as deep as 3m!! With some assistance from NPG, we've crossed all of these and have now excavated up to the former MOJ site, just North of the A1231 roundabout. We are currently welding the new pipe together and by the middle of next week, will have this installed before starting the commissioning phase. The closure will remain in place to complete these works from the A1231 to the retail park before reinstating the road and moving into the former MOJ site. 

I'll provide a further update next week and get some recent progress photos to you all as well.

Have a great weekend,


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