Tyneside Water Main Cleaning

Our water mains cleaning programme of works has been ongoing now for five years and to date, we have achieved 221km of cleaning works to our mains. There are a number of pipe sections that we still need to clean, with a total length of 9.0km. We are starting this work in August 2018 and anticipate completion in the Summer 2019.

Update by Graeme Ridley

Good morning,

Time for the first update on Northumbrian Water's - Tyneside Water Main Cleaning Project. 

I am the Project Manager for Northumbrian Water and I would like to introduce Fastflow Pipeline Services (FPS) and Mott Macdonald Bentley (MMB) our specialist Framework Partners, who will undertake the work. Katie Burdon (FPS) and Joan Tatters (MMB) are the Customer Liaison Officers for each of our partners.

FPS will start on the Batch 1 work on Monday, 6th August 2018 in Wallsend, on the junction of Church Bank & Denbigh Avenue with this site location to be completed by the 21st September 2018. Gordon Mitchell (FPS Contract Manager) will be overseeing all FPS work.

On the 20th August 2018, FPS will undertake enabling work in Byker in roads close to Shields Road, where in January 2019 there will be a significant amount of work we need to undertake at the start of next year in that particular location. Nevertheless, the enabling work that will be completed by the end of September 2018 will enable ourselves to provide you with no interruptions to your potable water supply, when we undertake the Shields Road work between January - March 2019. The Shield Road enabling work is detailed below in the 3 locations: 

  • 1st location – Robinson Street/Corbridge Road/Headlam Street – 1 week and half duration for open cut excluding reinstatement
  • 2nd location – Corbridge Street back lane – 1 week duration for open cut excluding reinstatement
  • 3rd location – Dalton Street/Clifford Street – 1 week duration for open cut excluding reinstatement
  • All three locations should be completed within one month including reinstatement.

MMB our Batch 2 work, will start in October 2018 when we will be providing updates on their work closer to the time.

Overall we anticipate all the work to be completed Summer 2019.

There will be a certain amount of traffic disruption unfortunately, as there will be on most of 18 site locations we are working, a need for temporary traffic lights. We will be working very closely with the highways authorities and Nexus to ensure the work is undertaken as efficiently as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


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