Tyneside Water Main Cleaning

Our water mains cleaning programme of works has been ongoing now for five years and to date, we have achieved 221km of cleaning works to our mains. There are a number of pipe sections that we still need to clean, with a total length of 9.0km. We are starting this work in August 2018 and anticipate completion in the Summer 2019.

Update by Katie Burdon

Trunks Mains update



1st October 2018

Pipe insert 225mm HPPE is progressing on Heaton Road

We delivered a batch of food and clothes to Elim Church on Heaton Road (See attached photos)

2nd-3rd October 2018

Prepare pipe insert for chlorination procedure

4th-5th October 2018

Pressure test and chlorinate the new main on Heaton Road

7th October 2018

North Tyneside require weekend work on Sunday to remove x2 AV lids and frames and 1x valve lid and frame then backfill and reinstate. 3 & 4 way lights will be utilised.

Andrew Charleton is to mark up AV on Church Bank prior to works starting.

8th October 2018

Brick up 30” abandoned water main Glasshouse Bridge.

A sample will be taken from the new pipe on Heaton Road

9th – 10th October 2018

Heaton Road – Install 300v at junction of Denmark Street and connect 225mm to existing 12” main.

Connect new 225mm main up to the existing water main, 1 metre off the under pressure tee. This will be approximately 3 metres off the zone valve.

10th – 11th October 2018

Piece up 30” main on Glasshouse Bridge

11th October 2018

Start 90mm open cut on Corbridge Street

15th October 2018

Undertake trial hole on Glasshouse Bridge 12” main approximately half way between 12” valve and 30” main.

17th October 2018

NWL are to undertake a nightshift with loggers attached to 30” main to try and identify the position of leak.

16th-19th October 2018

Progress the 2x 90mm open cuts at the rear of Shields Road


Church Bank/Tynemouth Road - Fully complete on 7th October 2018

Heaton Road – Awaiting Sample results to undertake connections and install an extra 300v.

Denmark Street – 300v valve installation complete

Lobley Hill – A trial hole is required on 15” water main to progress work. There Is a chance there will be an opportunity to do this after the x2 open cuts at Shields Road.

Dalton Street – Pending work on Glasshouse Bridge being complete

Shields Road – Programmed to start on 7th January 2018

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