Tyneside Water Main Cleaning

Our water mains cleaning programme of works has been ongoing now for five years and to date, we have achieved 221km of cleaning works to our mains. There are a number of pipe sections that we still need to clean, with a total length of 9.0km. We are starting this work in August 2018 and anticipate completion in the Summer 2019.

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Monday 29th October 2018


Excavate trial hole in factory grounds on Lobley Hill Road to locate the 15” water main and caliper for the purpose of manufacturing an under pressure tee.


We met on site at Glasshouse Bridge with Northumbrian Water to discuss the location of the leak on the 30” main.


Tuesday 30th October 2018


The 90mm open cut on Corbridge Street, Byker has started and will be ongoing.


The reinstatement of the excavation in the Quayside Enterprise Centre’s car park was undertaken and site is now clear.


Thursday 1st November 2018


Fastflow met Steve Keene from Oliver’s Tree Services on site at Glasshouse Bridge to discuss the removal of the 3 trees which currently sit on top of the 30” water main that needs repairing.


Friday 2nd November 2018


A donation of food and clothes will be made to Newcastle Dream Centre on Heaton Road from Fastflow.


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