Tyneside Water Main Cleaning

Our water mains cleaning programme of works has been ongoing now for five years and to date, we have achieved 221km of cleaning works to our mains. There are a number of pipe sections that we still need to clean, with a total length of 9.0km. We are starting this work in August 2018 and anticipate completion in the Summer 2019.

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Water workers spruce up Denton Dene

An important Newcastle nature reserve has been tidied up with the help of some water workers

Employees from Northumbrian Water and their supply partners, MMB, joined the Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust team on Wednesday, June 26 to give Denton Dene a spruce up.

Designated as a site of local conservation importance in 1983, Denton Dene is an important wildlife corridor running through the heart of the west end of the city.

The area had become overgrown with shrubbery and some of the wooden boardwalks had been damaged, leaving it in need of a bit of a facelift.

The 16-strong group of volunteers carried out a number of tasks, including removing old boardwalk planks, fixing existing boardwalks and repairing paths.

The water company took on the restoration challenge while working in the area on a £3 million project, cleaning and upgrading water mains to improve water quality.

Project Manager, Graeme Ridley, said: "It was hard work but we had a fantastic day tidying up an area of the Dene to restore it to its former glory.

"It was great to see the difference we made and I feel proud of the team and the fact that we're able to give something back to the community while we're working in the area."

The team were also joined by Scotswood Councillor, Rob Higgins. He said: "This has been a tremendous effort by Northumbrian Water and MMB in bringing about improvements to this much loved and historic area of natural woodland.

"The support of local businesses is vital in preserving our environmental treasures, especially at a time when public spending on park and green spaces is severely limited. I'm sure the work carried out will be greatly appreciated by the local community. Many thanks to everyone involved."

The volunteers were supported through the Northumbrian Water's Just an Hour volunteer programme, which allows employees to give a minimum of 15 hours every year to support charitable and community causes close to their hearts.

James Cross, Chief Executive of Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust, the new charity responsible for the management and upkeep of the city's 33 parks and 64 allotment sites, said: "We're extremely grateful to Northumbrian Water, MMB and Councillor Rob Higgins for volunteering their time to improve one of our city's parks.

"Volunteers are a vital part of the work we do at Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust. They share our ambition to create beautiful and vibrant shared spaces everyone can enjoy and are committed to protecting the environment and local wildlife.  

"We'd love to hear from other organisations interested in working with us to improve Newcastle's parks. They provide a place to relax and recuperate from our busy lives so it's important we care and look after them for the benefit of everyone that lives, works and visits our city."

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