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Tyneside Water Network Improvements

Northumbrian Water are embarking upon an investment of over £6m in our strategic trunk mains water network in Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Gateshead. This project is known as Pipeline Management.

Start Date

July, 2017

Estimated End Date

March, 2018



Update by Dave Eden

Hi everyone, just a quick update from me on progress on Tyneside Water Networks Improvements.

Whitley Road

The main structures are all complete and reinstated at Whitley Road and we have pulled off site. There is a small kiosk base which we have fenced off for the time being to keep it secure but all traffic management and pedestrian diversion have been removed.

We have to install a kiosk and antennea plus some electrical works at a later date but these will not require any road works and just a very short pedestrain diversion around the work area so disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Merlin Way

The works at Silver Fox Way / Merlin Way are progressing well. The main excavation is completed and supported for our workers safety and we have poured the reinforced concrete base.

The adjustments to the existing large water main are on going; we have removed a section of the pipe and are busy putting new pipe sections in to allow the installation of the new valve and flow meter. This is the largest of the mains we have worked with so far under this scheme at 600mm diameter. As you can guess this causes a whole different set of challenges for the guys on site due to the increased size and weight of the fittings involved. However, please be assured that our operatives are experienced, skilled and knowledgable and that we will bring the main back into service in top knotch condition ensuring that the areas water supply is not only maintained but improved.

Looking forward we are intending to complete the changes to the pipe work and concrete the chamber walls by the end of next week and install the cover slab the following week. This will then allow us to backfill the area and start to bring the site back to normal.


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