Eels Regulations (2009) Compliance Project

We will be and are currently upgrading the following works to install new screens that are compliant with the Eels Regs 2009. Lumley WTW - (Works here are now complete), Blackwell RWPS - (Works here are now complete), Warkworth WTW - (we are also installing new pumps at the river water intake) , and Broken Scar WTW. The new screens will also improve the resilience of the works and protect the water supplies for our customers for many years to come

Planned work


Lumley Raw Water Pumping Station is located on the east bank of the River Wear, approximately 1km north-west of the village of Great Lumley, and approximately 1km southeast of the town of Chester-le-Street.

Warkworth Water Treatment Works  is located on the River Coquet just over 1km west of the village of Warkworth.

Broken Scar Water Treatment Works is located on the River Tees adjacent to the A67 Darlington to Barnard Castle Road.

Blackwell Raw Water Pumping Station is located on the River Tees approximately 3km north of Croft on Tees. 

The purpose of the pumping stations is to abstract water from the river and pump it to the water treatment works which provide drinking water to domestic and commercial properties.

Following a review of future water demand and the condition of the equipment at each pumping station, a refurbishment scheme is proposed for each site to install new screens. The screens will not only provide security of water supply for the future but will also enable Northumbrian Water to achieve compliance with the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009. As part of the legal requirements of the regulations each pumping station must have screens that will protect eels and fish that may be drawn towards the pumps at the intake.

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