Waren Mill

Construct new underground pumping station near centre of village. Install pumped rising main to reach new treatment lagoons approx’ 250m west of Budle Bay Campsite. Lay new gravity main discharging treated flows downhill past the new pumping station to a new Outfall near to the river mouth. Reconfigure other local sewers to re-direct flows to the new Pumping Station. Abandon the existing treatment works close to the Old Mill, make safe and tarmac over.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just thought I would start the ball here is Roger!


Hello, my name is Roger Smith and I am the Northumbrian Water Project Manager responsible for this Scheme as a whole.

A number of you will have met our Team when we held the Customer Event on Saturday 10 March at the Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh

It’s probably a good time to provide an update as to what’s happening on-the-ground , not only for those residents presently in the Village, but also Owners & Landlords who live outside the immediate locality.

Last week we commenced work beside the future Lagoons , uphill on the farmland west of Budle Bay Campsite. Sections of hedge have been removed , access points have been stoned up, and some site accommodation is now in place. At certain stages , we will have that narrow road on a One Way Only system , but will keep you informed of when that will be in place.

Early part of this week we had (short term) traffic signals around the T junction in the centre of the Village. This was our Main Contractor , MMB , and Dunelm Drilling (Durham City) taking geological cores from the road, to check the strength and top level of the suspected rock bed , which will  help inform MMB on the most appropriate method & equipment for trenching the section past the entrance to Budle Bay Campsite , up to said T junction.

Yesterday we began accessing the large green adjacent the Junction, with Access Tracks being stoned – up and Site Accommodation being lifted into position on the western edge. Positioning those to the west means that we can reduce interruptions to the view from both permanent and rental properties in the heart of the Village, though of course large Plant will regularly be tracking backwards and forwards.

For those less often on their Computer or iPad , we hope to shortly have a timber Notice Board installed at a central position , where the Main Contractor can pin up regular updates.

By all means use this Community Portal to send us comments, questions, or even a request for a person-to-person chat. We like to hear from you.


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