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West Brunton Farm, Newcastle

Together with our supply partner, ESH-MWH, we are investing £2 million to upgrade the sewer network in West Brunton Farm. This essential work will secure the effective operation of the network for the future and will be carried out by ESH-MWH between Monday 10 October 2016 and Sunday 30 April 2017. The work will be carried out within the agricultural land close to West Brunton Farm and public open space to the rear of Wagonway Drive.

Start Date

October, 2016

Estimated End Date

August, 2017



Update by Mark Robinson

Good News!

We've now complete Brunton Lane crossing and the traffic management has been removed. Our workforce installed the 600mm dia. pipe beneath 8 No. HV electric cables and the road crossing in 3 days! Great work by all involved. We are now continuing installation through the farm field beside out compound and making good progress.

Lining works have commenced and are well underway with great progress made in the last week. We have installed 4 No. pipe liners and works are currently ongoing to reinstate the manhole channels before the Ultracoat is complete. If the weather stays on side we should be complete the bulk of our works on the Eastern side of the A1 by the end of the week! Our large pumps controlling and diverting live flows will then be moved upstream and the second phase of lining will commence. Once all the liners have been installed we will then begin removing the stone haul road and replacing topsoil.

Our subcontractor, MJR Groundworks, have had a challenging time off Roseden Way over the past few months, replacing pipe work online whilst dealing with a series of issues which have occured as a result of live flows and the condition of the existing pipe and environment.  However, the team have complete the installation along with connections downstream and as of today, moved onto their next section of work. Again, great work by all involved. We will have to return to the area in a few weeks to remove some of the old pipe and fill a section beneath Roseden Way with grout, avoiding having to close the road and remove it.

You will notice a lot more activity in and around Lynemouth Way from today, with pipe installation commencing from MH1501 to WBF02. What we call 'the dog leg' is the last remaining section of 'Offline' pipework on the project and will almost complete the new pipe line with only two connections remaining. Works will be carried out in close proximity to the residential area and footpath running from West Brunton Farm to Great Park so please be vigilant of moving plant and vehicles. We will continue to carry out our works safely within the extents of our perimeter fence and a footpath diversion will be set in place in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully next week's progress will be as good as the last!


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