Whitton Village Sewer Diversion

Northumbrian Water is looking to investing £2M to improve the resilience and enhance the performance of the sewer network in Whitton Village Northumberland.

Update by Ian Davison



I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend, I thought I would let you know about a small change to the proposal. This project has been very fluid in its development to this stage and I must apologise for this uncertainty.  The location of the new Sewage Pumping Station has now been finalised and is shown on the latest Schematic posted on the “Planned Works” tab.


As I mentioned in last months update letter we will adopt a two stage approach, the extent of each phase of the works is indicated on the sketch. You will note that the pumping station has been repositioned into the field towards the bottom of Whitton Bank.


 The Stage 1 works will comprise the construction of a new sewer from Whitton to the pumping station. The construction of the pumping station, wet well, valve chamber and the compound. The wet well and valve chamber are below ground structures.


 The Stage 2 works will comprise the mechanical and electrical fit out of the SPS and the installation of the disposal rising main to connect the new pumping station into the Rothbury catchment.  


We are working towards commencing the Stage 1 works in the autumn, the stage two works are currently planned 2020/21. In the interim period we will be tankering flows from the SPS constructed during Stage 1 of the works.


Have a great weekend.


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