Wooler Wastewater Treatment Works

Install chemical dosing to improve treatment of flows and, in particular, to control the level of phosphorus discharges to Wooler Water, to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency. Construct two new radial Primary Settlement Tanks and ancillary equipment to improve separation of solids for removal by road tanker. Improvements to screening at inlet chambers, plus mid-pipeline pumping station and emergency generator to safeguard the Works in the event of a local power failure. Refurbishment of welfare building.

Update by Gabrielle Ward

Good Morning All,

Just a quick update for you!

Construction work is progressing well , helped by the generally good weather that we have experienced during the initial earthworks. The metal sheet piles holding-up the deep excavations for the two new biological filters thankfully went into soft river basin soils (no boulders !) so these could be pushed in using vibratory techniques, avoiding the noisier 'hammer' technique more common in harder ground. We are currently transporting crushed rock to form a layer in the bottom of these 2 large holes (before concrete is poured on top) ..hence there will be more frequent lorry movements through the main gate on the B6348 Chatton Road. Current thinking suggests that this period will actually be the busiest in terms of lorry movements.  But some heavier one-off components are due for delivery soon , so please approach the Metal Bridge slowly (especially when heading towards Town Centre) in case a wide load is approaching the narrow section of the bridge.  In summary - all going well to date - and we remain on schedule !!


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