Wooler Water Treatment Works

As part of our ongoing investment programme and to ensure the highest level of customer service, we are planning to construct a new Water Treatment Works (WTW) at Wooler, Northumberland. It is intended that the new WTW will be located in the town of Wooler, at a site opposite Berwick Road Industrial Estate . The construction is expected to start in spring 2020.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon,

Hope storm Francis isn't causing too much problem to you all.

I've been out and about again (yes why oh why in this weather) just to let the industrial estate businesses know about our intentions for next week.

On Friday 4th September we will be conducting trial holes in the industrial estate to help us determine the road and ground conditions for the new treatment works. This work will take place on the junction of Redpath Tyres and McLaren Engineering and whilst we will be working on the B6525 at the same time we will be introducing traffic lights which will remain in operation until close of business Monday 7th September.

Working over the weekend has been a conscious effort to hopefully lessen the impact to all the surrounding businesses during this work.

We will however need to continue working within the estate for approximately three weeks heading towards the river to install the mains water pipe. Whilst our presence will be obvious, we will endeavor to keep our impact to a minimum.

We would just like to reassure you that access to the industrial estate will always be maintained and the water supply to your premises will not be affected during this time.

Don't forget if you want to ask any questions about the project please feel free.


Stay safe.......

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