Wooler Water Treatment Works

As part of our ongoing investment programme and to ensure the highest level of customer service, we are planning to construct a new Water Treatment Works (WTW) at Wooler, Northumberland. It is intended that the new WTW will be located in the town of Wooler, at a site opposite Berwick Road Industrial Estate . The construction is expected to start in spring 2020.

Update by Joan Tatters

Good Morning,

Well last week was all stations go to be honest............

Treatment building: - The 2nd half of the slab was poured with 127m3 of concrete on Wednesday. The steel frame was erected on the Friday on the south side, its starting to take shape.

Contact tank: - Great collaborative work with our team and the subbies, between them they installed the cable conduit between the upstands on the roof, completed all the steelwork on the roof onThursday and all internal riser pipework and bellmouths in the channels.  

Washwater Settlement Tank: - The shutters were placed for the wall stitches and pipework. On Thursday further concrete was poured to finish the tank for further shutter work Friday.

Access road:-  All remaining kerbs were complete for the tarmac on Thursday/ Friday followed up by the white linning.

Well that was a week!

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, we would be happy to answer them. 

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