Barkershaugh Sewage Treatment Works

We are about to carry out some essential work to upgrade Barkershaugh Sewage Treatment Works in Durham City. Together with our supply partner, Interserve, we plan to carry out essential work at the Barkershaugh Sewage Treatment Works in Durham City. This work will involve the introduction of further process units to serve the increasing population of Durham City and provide an enhancement of the treatment process to improve environmental protection. All of the work will be carried out within the existing site. There will be an increase in the volume of traffic to the site although we are confident that disruption to residents and business will be minimal. Typical working hours will be Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm. We may also be working between 8am and 6pm on weekends to make sure we complete this work as quickly as possible and minimise any disruption. We would really like to hear from you if you have any queries so please get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page or leave a comment below. – Brian Ford NWL Project Manager.

Update by Brian Hall

Hello everyone

Work is well advanced now and we are begining to look at finishing off on site. All the new tanks have been completed and should be commissioned for use very soon. We are now doing concrete work around the tanks, building the access road and then will start reinstatement; putting down grass seed and landscaping. The mound of earth that is blocking the view of the sewage works from the river will remain in place and will be allowed to grow wild, creating wildlife space and improving the view over the site. 

Note the pile of wood: since the project started the site team have tried to reduce our impact on the local environment, we have been recycling all our clean scrap wood with Community Wood Recycling    a local not for profit organisation who create work and volunteering opportunities for local people and recycle scrap wood that would go to landfill into saleable items or firewood. Along with off site construction, which has reduced mess and waste, and careful reinstatement we have greatly reduced the environmental impact of our work here.



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