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Latest Updates

By Gabrielle Ward

Good Afternoon, I apologise it's been a while since our last update, however I wanted to share some good news with you all! I am pleased to let you know, that our work in your area is almost finished. Next week, we will be connecting our new sewer into the existing network. Once connected we will then complete our permanent reinstatements as well as de-mobilising out of the site compound. Please be aware, it will take a few weeks to de-mobilise the compound, and during this time there will be an increase of traffic coming to and from site. This includes large vehicles removing the site cabins. We would like to kindly remind you to keep safe by staying alert when you are in this area. I will be posting more updates to keep you all in the loop of whats going on, on site. In the mean time, any questions you may have we will be happy to answer. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you all again for your continued patience.    Gaby

By Kevin McGargle

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Good afternon, i hope everyone are well Just thought id give a brief update to the ongoing works here on site. The New MCC (motor Control centre) structure is complete and the new Kiosk building due tomorrow which is planned to be be erected by the end of the week. Demolition is 99% completed to the old inlet works structure which enables us now to close off the part that is to be retained, this will be followed by the new retaining walls and CSO (combined sewer overflow) chamber in the area. Elsewhere on the site we are ongoing with the refurbishment/ altering the abandoned Humus tanks to convert to storm tanks enabling for storm events to be retained on site in the future. I have attached a couple of photos for your interest. Kind Regards  Kevin McGargle Site Manager

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning All, I just thought I'd share the words from our colleagues at Northumbrian Water regarding the our site teams efforts over these last few months.......... "I recognise the effort your lads are putting in, and they are doing a brilliant job , so cheers to them . It must be debilitating working with all the safety gear on during the summer months, wish them well for the long winter months". Great job guys, keep up the great work.   

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning All, I am guessing you will have noticed the lack of work down by the pumping station, don't be too alarmed our team are just temporarily working elsewhere within the network to ensure we assist Northumbrian Water to provide you with great water. Everything has been locked up and security in place and the guys will return in a few weeks (October) to continue with the planned programme of work.  We will keep you informed as to the exact date of our return, in the meanwhile thanks again for your co-operation.   Joan

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning, Just to keep you all in the loop, we have started back on site this week so you will have seen some activity and the crane is back. Also we will be introducing some Traffic Light Management mid November but I will update you as to the exact dates and duration in due course. Oh, and it looks as though we will be doing some community work within the villages of Ovingham and Wylam so ............watch this space.    

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, We have had a change on site.  Jordan Richards is now providing our updates and looking after the site.  He has kindly updated us this morning. Since the 4 October works have been undertaken to progress with the rising main installation which is set to be completed and pressure tested by the end of this week. Traffic management on the road was removed on the 5 October.  To enable the team to complete the outstanding reinstatements we will need to re-establish the traffic lights for a couple of days.  This work is planned on the 7 November. Next week the work on the new retaining wall structure at the pumping station will commence. We will endeavour to keep you updated with our progress. Thanks for the update Jordan. Christine

By Dave Eden

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Afternoon everyone,   It’s been a while since my last update so there are a few things to tell: The valve chamber is now structurally complete after we poured the missing sections of wall around the 18” main and then lifted the 17tonne cover slab into place with a crane on the 6th October which a few of you will have seen. The lift when very smoothly despite the tight access and working room for such a large lift. The electrical install is under way and the new kiosk is in position. These will run the flow meter and Electrically Operated Valves on the strategic water mains and allow NWG to control them remotely. We are currently intending to commission this early November Reinstatement works have begun where we have removed part of our access road and shrunk the perimeter of our work area, allowing access to the play park again. We are currently setting all our chamber cover to height so we can concrete them in position. Once completed this will allow us to remove the remaining stone from site and reinstate the topsoil ready for cultivation and seeding. There still remain a few items such as ladders into the valve chamber, re-installing the gate at the main entrance and resurfacing the footpath outside the gate but all the major works except the electrical commissioning are complete and we are looking at the home stretch.   Thanks for reading Dave

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, It would seem Autumn is definitely upon us. I visited site on Friday and met with the site team, who were very busy.  As you will be able to see the compound and office is now in place.  This includes parking for the site team which reduces parking issues in the area. Since Monday 27 September the team have been digging a trench along the B6288 to take the new rising main.  We would hope to be off the road by this Friday, 22 October 2021. Our next stage of works will be the installation of pipework behind the compound up to Wood View.  We would hope to start this work on Monday 25 October 2021, my team will keep you updated. As of today we have traffic lights on the Old Sunderland Bridge, south of the river.  These will be in place for approximately 4 weeks. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss the scheme further. Christine

By Becky Gartland

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Good afternoon all,  Steve has very kindly provided me with your weekly update of how things have been progressing on site this week: Pumping Station Works Area Works have continued with the installation of the Valve Chamber internal floor slab and the installation of the PCC roof slabs and today we are commencing the extraction of the shoring equipment in preparation of backfilling this work will continue into a couple of days next week Planned works following the above is to excavate between the Pumping Station and the valve chamber and install shoring in preparation of the installation of the Ductile Iron Pipework. Durham Road Highway Drainage Works We have continued with the rising main section of works from new MH07 to the Pumping station works area, Butt welding & pressure testing followed by the installation of the rising main into the trench excavation then we commenced with foam concrete backfill operations which will continue into next week by a couple of days prior to carrying out permanent tarmac reinstatements/white lines and the removal of the 2 way lights adjacent to South Terrace Hope you all have a lovely weekend and any questions please get in touch! Thanks  Becky 

By Gabrielle Ward

Hello, Here is an update on whats been going on, on site over the last month. We continue to make good progress on site, safely and to programme. Work has commenced to construct the infrastructure associated with the mobile HSAF (hybrid submerged aerated filter) which includes a new HSAF pumping station well and new ducting. The new mixing system has also been installed in the new storm tank.   The new MCC (Motor control center) and ICA (Instrumentation, Control and Automation) panels have now been powered up and the transfer of equipment from the old panels to the new panels will be commencing shortly and is expected to take up to six weeks to complete.  If you have any questions you would like answering, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend!   Gaby

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Steve has kindly provided us with any update from site. This week they have: Off loaded deliveries of concrete pipes and place to storage Removal of 14 tonne cover slab to the shaft Break up coverslab for recycling Commence excavation for first manhole installation and install ground support Next week: They will complete the installation of the first manhole Then commence installation of concrete drainage Have a lovely weekend. Christine

By Becky Gartland

Good morning all,  Just a quick update to notify you that due to operational requirements our site team will be required to work this coming Sunday the 17th October 2021. There will be three-way traffic lights in operation on Johnson Street at the junction with Derwentwater Road between the hours of 09:00 and 15:00 whilst we carry out work within a manhole chamber. If you have any queries relating to this work, please do not heistate to contact us.  Thank you  Becky 
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