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By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon all, Firstly I would like to thank everyone who come down to our coffee morning on Friday. It was great to hear some of the amazing feedback and your first hand experiences of how we have conducted ourselves whilst in your area. A couple of people asked me about the reinstatements and how we will be leaving the part of Guisborough Road/Beverley Road. In agreement with Redcar Cleveland Council (RCC), we will reinstate temporarily, for RCC to come in the near future to carry out the final reinstatements. We don't have the dates on when this work will be carried out by RCC.   Thanks  Sarah MMB

By Kevin McGargle

Good Morning, id just thought id give a brief overview of our works this week and into the New Year. 1. Miller Close killingworth - the new water main has been installed and the site backfilled and reinstated for the break, we do however have to return on the 3rd of January to chlorinate & test the new pipe to then complete the final connection works. 2. Ongoing trial holes at Salters lane Killingworth so that we can finalise some design work to be completed today and the TM removed . 3. Commence today a 2 day trial hole at Bamburgh Road Killingworth (opposite the chippy), this will determine the position of existing services in the area. From the site team at MMB we would like to thank you for your patience whilst we are carrying out the works and would like to wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle - Site Manager

By Katie Burdon

Portal update WE 14th December 2018   Lobley Hill Road Festival Park Drive is now fully complete.   Glasshouse Bridge Excavations in the Quayside Enterprise Centre carpark have now commenced.

By Brian Hall

6 Photos
Hello everyone a quick summary of last weeks progress is below with pictures attached: Great Ayton: The chamber rings for the humus tank cone were installed and concreted into position.  Steel fixing on the base of the cone commenced.   The chemical storage bund base formwork was completed allowing the base to be concreted. Stokesley: Two walls were concreted on the chemical storage bund.  Pipework and pumps were installed on the PST chamber upgrades.  Northern Power Grid successfully upgraded the power on site.  

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Whilst working in your community we have been supporting the Riverside parkrun.  We approached the parkrun co-ordinators to see if they needed any assistance and if so, what can we do to help.  Since that day back in August, we have worked closely with Ian Goudling providing signage and starting posts.  Some volunteers from our business attended the parkrun one sunny Saturday morning in September, and basically did a take over.  Not only marking the route, but handing out water bottles and breakfast bars for all the runners.  It was a great day. The signage is now in place, with the map of the route identified.  Alan, our Contracts Manager, has also delivered the starting posts which were in place on Saturday, when me and Alan attended once again.  All the runners wanted to deliver a Christmas message, which we have attached for you enjoyment, along with a selection of photos. Have a great Christmas. Christine  

By Brian Hall

Good morning This week we will be busy at Butterknowle where we will be setting up for work in the new year. We will be laying stone and setting up the compound area for the cabins to be put in place so you may notice some activity on site and delivery vehicles coming and going.    

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good evening all, I would like to make you aware that we are closing the foot path behind Beckett Close, I have attached a map below and highlighted the section. The closure will be first thing tomorrow morning and all being well, reopened on Wednesday.  Thank you for your patience.  Sarah Vickers MMB  

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good evening everyone, We wanted to share a further update with you on our progress on removing materials from site.   Unfortunately, we have had two failed attempts at removing kit from site this week and so progress on the project has been further impacted.  We must access site via Linden Avenue, both because of the size of the vehicles and the weight restrictions on the West Road access gate.   In order for us to be able to complete works and remove materials, we require ample access and egress manoeuvrability for the vehicles.  This means that we need the areas immediately beside as well as on the approach to this gate to be clear.  We have explained these areas previously, and this has not changed.  This will allow vehicles to safely and efficiently access and then leave site. We appreciate that this may require customers to park in alternate locations for a short period during the working day, but respectfully ask that vehicles parked on Linden Avenue are repositioned to allow us to complete this work; our intention is to do it before Christmas but this is only possible if easy and full access is given.   Thanks again for your patience and support. Best wishes The Project Team

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Thanks to Richard for this week's progress update: By the end of today (Friday 14 December 2018) we should have completed our work within the Kier Depot and also surfaced the access road off Southgate. This access road will remain in place once work is completed to provide permanent access into the park for maintenance. Over the next week, we will continue to erect the boundary fencing around the working area south of the Lake in preparation for the cabins arriving and work on the basins commencing in January. We are also working on our compound area off Station Road in preparation for our drainage works in January. Work will be winding down in the coming week, as we will be closing the site down for our two week Christmas break from Friday 21 December 2018. Hope you have a lovely weekend, enjoy the build up to Christmas! Tony

By Fenham Project Team

Good afternoon. We thought it would be useful to provide a further update on activity on our site. We wrote to you recently to confirm that the construction phase of our works is nearly complete and that some works inside our reservoir cell would be continuing up until Christmas.  This work is going well and we continue to access site via the West Road for these works. We also explained that we have replanned our landscaping works so they take place in the grass-growing period; likely to recommence in April next year.  We noted that this would mean deliveries of landscaping materials would not be made via Linden Avenue during the winter months.  This remains true. As we are nearing the end of our construction project we will be removing cabins from the site over the next two weeks, ahead of the Christmas break.  Unfortunately, due to the weight restrictions in place on our West Road access point, this has to be done via the Linden Avenue access gate. Your help would be appreciated in keeping the access gates and approach clear of parked cars between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  This is to allow us to get large, flat-backed wagons in and out of the site to enable us to complete this phase of works.     With best wishes,   Project Team

By Christine Taylor

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Good afternoon, As the work continues on Lartington Lane, Barnard Castle, the festive period is upon us.  We had a surprise visitor yesterday in Deepdale Woods, visiting the children of Bright Woods Forest School.  Santa (aka Dave Eden) visited the children to deliver a present and wish them a Merry Christmas from our team.  Whilst we were there, Santa and all the children wanted to send a special message to the local community. We would like to thank Bright Woods Forest School inviting us to be part of thier day. Enjoy Christine

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

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Good afternoon all, it’s been some time since our last update, so here goes! We have now finished the construction of the tanks, with the final concrete pour carried out on Friday 7th December. This was an important milestone on the job and I'm very pleased to say that it has been completed on schedule, despite the concrete being delayed a few days due to the sub-zero temperatures encountered last week. We're all over the moon to have this completed this side of Christmas and we look forward to breaking up for the holidays next Friday the 21st before returning in the New Year on the 3rd January 2019, doubtless a little more corpulent than when we leave! Our plans for the remainder of the year are to begin backfilling our excavation before the return of our subcontractor, Keltbray in late January who will be removing the steel sheet piles they installed so expertly in July. Upon the completion and removal of these we will connect up our new detention tanks and enjoy a working asset that will significantly reduce the pollution risk in this stunning corner of Durham Late last Month we had a meeting with the Friends of Flass Vale, to start the discussions early on the reinstatement plan. We will be working closely with them throughout the remainder of the project to understand their visions for The Vale and look forward to leaving a legacy we can all be proud of for many years to come.
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