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Welcome to Northumbrian Water's Community Portal - your voice in the work we do to improve your water and sewage services.

Project by project, update by update, discussion by discussion, the Portal ensures that you are not only kept fully informed of the activities that affect your community, but that you have visible and audible input into them.

From roadworks and traffic updates, to photos explaining our work, to automatic notifications that keep you permanently in the loop, our Portal puts your community and its views at the heart of everything we do, in a simple, familiar, social media-style tool.

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Latest Updates

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Despite the snowy conditions this week, the lads on site have been working away as hard as ever and are making good progress. We're surfacing where we're currently working today and plan to move the fenced area further up Wood Vue on Monday. I've been out trying to notify the residents affected by the move - please find a copy of the information here - this includes a plan showing the approximate location. We should be moving again within a week or so, so I will be out again very soon! Have a good weekend Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone As we said before Christmas, we need to return to site for one last visit to complete some resurfacing work in Hunter Road and Doxford Drive. This is scheduled for Tuesday 23 January 2018. The work will result in a single lane closure at both locations, but we expect to finish the same day. I was out and about yesterday, talking to the businesses most affected. Once this is complete, we will be finished! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we have completed this work Regards Tony

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Happy New Year to you all. You will be pleased to hear our work is about done, we should be out of your hair February. We still have a little more work to complete on Cottonwood Lane and the pedestrian route close to the Linden homes site will be diverted as the traffic will be temporarily moved onto the footpath, so please be that little more vigilant. Thankfully this work should only last a week and this will complete all the pipework required. Thank you once again for your patience during the work, please be assured "the end is in sight".      

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Everyone, Just a quick update.... We are now in full swing excavating the drill pits on the A167 ahead of the drilling Sub-contractor attending site next month. After a complex start on Heigington Lane we have identified and confirmed the services present within the road and are now constructing the downstream manhole. We thank you for your patients and would kindly ask you to observe the 20mph advisory speed limits on the works to help keep our workforce safe working adjacent to the highway. The site team are hoping we have seen the worst of the winter weather but remain prepared incase the snow and ice return.    

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning All, Happy New Year. As you will have noticed we have commenced the work along Miers Ave and I would like to thank those residents for their co-operation during the work we will be moving as soon as possible. I noticed the site team are doing their utmost to minimise the disruption by just closing one side of the road so at least there is access. Don't forget if you want to ask me any questions about the project please drop me a line or just any of the team we are happy to help. Thanks  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi everyone I was on site yesterday and was given an update by the site team on progress. I then tried to speak to customer affected by the next stage of works. We move the fencing further up Wood Vue on Monday. Please find attached a copy of the letter. Have a good weekend Tony

By John Cartwright

Afternoon Everyone, As you can see we have returned to work this week to continue with the water main upgrade. I apologies for any inconvenience during the installation of the Traffic Lights, but it all appears to be running well now. As my collegue has already stated the Aquaduct will remain open for a few more weeks, we will let everyone know closer to the time as to when the Aquaduct will be closed to allow us to carry on with the works.   Thanks, John.

By Brian Hall

Hello I am am the customer manager for Interserve Construction on this project which we are carrying out with NWL. I have already visited the area and spoken with some residents about our plans. While our work is going on I will be at the site as much as possible and will be available to talk to about any of your concerns or suggestions you may have. Hopefully we will not cause you any inconvenience or annoyance but please let me know if we do. Brian  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are settled back into normal life! You may have noticed that we are back in the area, setting back up. Work will pick up where we left off before the break and we will provide an update in the near future. Enjoy the rest of the week! Tony

By Christine Taylor

Happy New Year everyone, As you may of noticed our site team have returned to site this week.  We will be providing an update in the next week with our planned works over the next few weeks. See you all soon Christine

By Christine Taylor

Happy New Year, As you may of noticed our team have returned to site.  We will be posting an update very soon. In the meantime please be advised that the Deepdale Aquaduct will remain open until the end of the month.  We will advise closer to the time when we intend to close the bridge for a period of time. Thank you for your continued understanding whilst we carry out our works. Christine

By Christine Taylor

Hello everyone and Happy New Year, As you will of seen our site team are back.  Tony Birkett will be out this week to provide an update. In the meantime we have received drawings from Kings Road Primary School, which we are currently judging as our Health and Safety posters for the site fencing. They are of a very high standard which is making the judging quite difficult.  We will update you once we have decided. See you all soon Christine  
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