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By Anthony Birkett

Hello Everyone As many of you will be aware, work is due to start on a sewer upgrade in your area soon. My name is Tony Birkett; I am the Community Liaison Officer working for ESH-Stantec on behalf of Northumbrian Water. Some of you may have seen me walking round the area speaking to customers about the upcoming work in your area. I will often be in the area so if you see me please feel free to come and introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have, alternatively you can post messages here on the portal. I'd like to introduce the project team, who will be on site regularly while we complete the project. We all share the responsibility to update the portal to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the progress of the work and any news relating to the site. The Project Team Alan Croft, is the Contracts Manager for the scheme working for ESH-Stantec on behalf of Northumbrian Water Ltd. He will oversee all work on site. Scott Jackson is our Site Manager for the project, he will be working on site throughout the duration of the work; supervising the daily operations of the scheme delivery. Christine Taylor is the Customer Service Manager and will oversee community engagement. She will ensure a high level of customer service and community engagement. All of us, at some point, will be posting updates on the portal during the scheme. If at anytime during the working day, you want to speak to someone regarding the works, Scott, Christine or I can usually be found in the Site Compound; located on Rosehill Road, near to the junction with Headlam View. I've attached photos of the Project Team so if you see us about, please feel free to stop and ask any questions you may have. I've also attached here, a copy of the letter recently sent by Northumbrian Water.

By Lewis Cox

Morning, Works are progressing well on site. The 6m diameter shaft is currently 8m deep with another 7m to go. Hats off to Joseph Gallagher limited for coordinating a smooth and well planned operation. Regards  Lewis Cox - Site Manager          

By Kevin McGargle

Good Morning Just a brief update to the works on City Road Newcastle. We have carried out the advanced works in preparation for the innovative technology of ice pigging to clean the water main newtork from Swan House Roundabout down to City Road, yesterday you will have noticed that we have opened the carriageway again to traffic, this is until 3pm of the 4th of July where we will be working overnight until 7am the next morning. please note that the diversion signage has been left in place and an advanced notice sign will be on display for these further works. i will update this area of the scheme nearer the time. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle Site Manager. 

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone The pipeline work is now complete and Faceby is now connected to Swainby Sewage Treatment works. We are now stepping up work on site. From Monday 8th of July to Friday 19th of July there will be temporary traffic lights on Bank Lane while we carry out work to widen the access to the site. That will enable us to get large vehicles in and out of site for necessary deliveries. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause please contact us if it is causing you any issues best regards Brian  

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone We are removing some of the roadway mats from the field this week in order to allow access for ball netting to be installed for the football fields. We will be replacing the matting afterwards. Work is continueing well now and we have made good progress on the excavation work for the chamber holes. I hope the road closure is not causing any issues, please let us know if it is. It will be in place until next Friday 5th July if all goes well Best regards Brian    

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning A quick update on Swinley Gardens...... The work has gone well and the team are busy clearing away the fencing and tidying up the road after the reinstatement. All the traffic management will be removed and it all should be back to normal later this afternoon. Thank you again for your patience during this time.

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning All, You will have notice some activity on West Road this morning, we are conducting some trial holes and ground investigations. There will be a contra-flow in place for two weeks whilst the work proceeds. The footpath will be closed during the work however pedestrians will be slightly diverted around the work. Please take care during this time and apologies for the inconvenience.  

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning, Look how things are moving on........ Works are progressing well on site at Murton WTW with the main treatment building steel frame and roofing erected and base slab poured. The pumping station and contact / balancing tank foundations and walls are also underway and the site is looking tidy with clearly defined safe segregated pedestrian access routes, keep up the good work guys. Don't forget if you want to ask us any questions about the project, please feel free.    

By Martin Curtis-Haigh

Hi On Tuesday 25th June we have a crane and delivery wagon accessing the Sewage works at Ramshaw to install the new electrical building. We would really appreciate your help to keep the main road clear on this day to avoid any access issues. We will be avoiding school drop off and colllection times on this day.  We are still making very good progress at Cockfield and Butterknowle   Many Thanks  Martin

By Simon Bright

Hi We are back on target this week with the site drying out after all of the horrible weather recently. Drainage is ongoing with 3 gangs between Ludlaw Avenue and Whitehouse Primary School. We'll be starting to reinstate the footpath between Ludluw Avenue and Beach Road, so that should be re-opened in a couple of weeks time. As Tony mentioned yesterday, we have a solution to install the drainage over Beach Road using trenchless methods. I'll post an update as soon as we have a confirmed date to start this work. Simon

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone In my last update I mentioned that we had come across rocky ground when trying to drill under Beach Road - as a result we had to temporarily stop the drilling and went through the process of discussing the options available to complete the job. It was a choice between continuing with the drilling under the road or digging a trench across the road which would have resulted in a road closure. After investigating both options, it has been decided that we will continue with the drilling operation. A new drill head will be shipped in from abroad to help us break through the rock. This will be with us by the end of July so the trenchless crossing is expected to be completed by the middle of August. This isn't expected to change the completion date of overall project. Regards Tony

By Amanda Hunt

Morning. Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to those of you who were able to pop along and meet the project team at theThe Fishing Lodge last night. The customer event was a huge success and an ideal opportunity for our project team to meet visitors and local residents.  We were fortunate to have good weather and I was particularly impressed with the stunning location on such a beautiful day. We will continue to keep you updated and please dont hesitate to keep in touch using the contact us button at the top of the page.
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