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By Becky Gartland

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Afternoon everyone,  I hope you've all had a lovely week.  I just thought I would provide you with a quick update on how the works are going. This week the site team have been installing the initial section of pipework from the Sewage Treatment Works. From next week you will see the traffic management switch over to the opposite carriageway whilst they continue with this work.  You may have also noticed some fencing being erected around the entrance to the new pumping station on South Terrace. This is to reduce the impact of noise to the local community when works commence on Monday 21 June to install the shaft which will form the pumping station. If you have any queries regarding the works please comment on this post and I will get back to you.  Have a lovely weekend everyone! Thank you  Becky           

By Rachel Nelson

Good afternoon The next customer meeting will be held next Friday, 25 June at 4pm. You will receive the invitatin directy from your local councillors. It would be great to see as many people as possible so we can share our plans to get started on site. If you are unable to attend and would like further information after the meeting please let me know. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks Rachel

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon, I hope you are well. We want to give you an update on the progress we have made so far since starting on site this week.  Repair work along the access road from Mill Lane, to fill the pot-holes was complete early in the week. Excavation work has begun to level the area for the new site compound and will be ongoing until Tuesday next week, it will then be topped off with stone ready for the main site cabins to arrive on the 28th of June. We are expecting deliveries of stone throughout the day, starting this Friday and continuing through Monday and Tuesday next week. There are some pictures below of the work so far. If you have any question please leave a comment below. Thanks  Sarah

By Callum McCormack

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Hi everyone, see below for my next update, and as always feel free to ask any questions.

By Ian Davison

Hi Hope you have all enjoyed the fantastic weather over the weekend, below is a short progress update for your perusal. Work on the CSO structure within the playing fields is progressing well. Esh/Stantec are preparing to cast the interceptor tunnel entry, reinforcement is being fixed and the pipe barrel shutter is ready for casting the concrete early this week. The overflow weir walls have been cast ready to accept the new mechanical screen and the cover slab was fitted on Thursday. The Johnson Street road closure was re-established last week Esh are currently working on the reconstruction of the over pumping manhole before moving onto the junction reinstatement. I thank you again for your understanding while we carry out this phase of the project . The project remains on programme and we plan to demobilise the site in September on completion. Have a great week Ian

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, With our team arriving on site on Monday to set up the compound I thought it would be great to introduce our project team. As you will be aware, Ian Davison is the Project Manager from Northumbrian Water overseeing the scheme. Now let me introduce our Esh Stantec team, we are the contract partners who will be carrying out the works. My name is Christine Taylor, the Customer Service Manager working for Esh Stantec, on behalf of Northumbrian Water.  I was on site the other week with Ian, and had the opportunity to meet some of our customers. I am here to help assist with any concerns or questions you may have. Mark Nicholson, is the Contracts Manager for the scheme working for Esh Stantec. Mark will oversee the progress of works on site, working closely with Simon Bright.  Simon is our Project Manager for the project, he will be working on site throughout the duration of the work.  He will be overseeing the daily operation of the scheme.  Simon is always on hand to assist with quieries that require immediate attention. Me and my team will monitor the portal for any comments or questions, but please feel free to jump on and ask us anything.  We will aim to respond within 24 hours. As you know the works start on Monday 14 June, when our team will be on site to set up our compound area.   Have a lovely weekend and I hope we all enjoy some sunshine. Speak soon. Christine

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good morning, we want to make you aware Pipetec, our subcontractor will be carrying out some remedial work to the road resurfacing on our behalf at Freemans Place, Walkergate, Durham.  Work will start at 7.30 am on Sunday 13th June and will run throughout the day. The road will remain open whilst the work takes place. Any questions please don’t hesitate to call the Customer Contact Centre on 0345 717 1100. Thanks Sarah

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon,  We want to let you know we have a further concrete pour to do tomorrow. The concrete pour is for the Ballest ring, which in easy terms, is a concrete ring poured to seal the walls, to the base of the tanks. To form the ring a 165m3 of concrete needs to be poured. It is programmed to start on-site at 6 am setting up the concrete pump, and the concrete wagons will start coming into the site from 7 am. We are hoping to be finished by 4 pm. However, there is a chance this could run on a bit longer. Other than the wagons in and out of the site, we don't expect any further disruption. Any questions, don't hesitate to comment below. Thanks  Sarah

By Rachel Nelson

Hi everyone We are hoping to hold the next customer meeting on Friday 25th June in the afternoon to share details of the next steps to getting the site mobilised and the work started. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards Rachel    

By Dave Eden

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Morning all,   Work is proceeding well on pipeline management in Windmill Hills Park. We have completed laying the pipework for the cross connection between the two strategic mains and we’re now carrying out the commissioning process. This involves pressure testing the pipework to ensure there are no leaks, chlorinating to deal with any nasties that may have gotten into the pipes during manufacture or pipelaying and finally taking bacteriological samples to ensure the main and water inside is suitable for human consumption. Once all these process are complete, the final connections to both mains can be completed and the cross connection brought into service. This will mark the end of the enabling works and will allow the mains to be taken out of service, one at a time, without interruption to your water supply.   The next major task after some backfilling and site housekeeping will be to isolate the larger of the two mains to enable the required alteration to its pipework. I’ve attached some photos below for those interested. Thanks for reading   Dave.

By Becky Gartland

Good afternoon,  I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine! 🌞 Some of you may have seen me on site earlier this week providing customer's with an update on the next stage of works.  On Monday 14th June there will be two-way traffic lights in operation on South Terrace outside of the Sewerage Treatment Works for up to 3 weeks. If you need to travel past this location during this time, please consider allowing extra time on your journey during busy periods.  As always, if you have any questions regarding this section of work, please do not hesitate to comment on this post and I will get back to you.  Thank you  Becky  

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good Afternoon, You should have received a letter earlier this week informing you that our work is due to start 14th June for up to 13 months. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to our Mott MacDonald Bentley team. I am Sarah Parvin, Customer Liaison Officer and I will take care of all customer enquiries during the project. You will notice I will be blogging a lot, so please feel free to comment below. Jason Bradley is our Contract Manager who will be overseeing the project, and then Kevin McGargle, our Site Manager. Kevin will manage the day to day operations. Jason and Kevin hold many years of experience in the construction industry. We all have worked on various projects together with Northumbrian Water. Work starts on site on Monday 14th June, setting up our site compound at the treatment works.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be an increase in vehicles using Mill Lane, taking materials and cabins to the site. A 10 mile an hour speed limit has been introduced and signage posted along the lane. If you usually park your car along Mill Lane, please be mindful that this is a site access and allow enough room for vehicles to access the treatment works.  People will be notified when they are planned wide load deliveries or large plant deliveries to the site so vehicles can be moved for these. Regular updates will be posted throughout. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks  
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