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Latest Updates

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone Work is moving on well on site and everything is well on schedule. Please see link goo.gl/LBBhFx of new drone footage of the site to see the work the  team have been doing this month Great views of the construction work and the river    

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon, Just a brief update, I'm guessing you will have noticed this week has been a little quieter than others! We decided not to conduct any rock blasting this week due to some technical issues, these have almost been ironed out. Andy and his team will let you know if/when the blasting commences next week with a min of 24hrs notice, as in previous weeks they will drop in letters to you or knock to talk to you personally. The information will be posted on the site notice board as well as here on the portal...............so watch this space.! Hope you have a lovely weekend, rumour has it the weather is supposed to be good as well.   PS The guys on site received this "thank you" card this week for getting involved with a coffee morning, they were over the moon they could be involved.

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Ian and I want to thank those of you who spent some time with us on Wednesday during our door knocking and the very informative gentlemen who put us straight about the street numbers on Dial Place.....! As the project is closely approaching its end Ian and I wanted to inform you personally about the two day road closure on 25th and 26th June.  We will be resurfacing the road from Dial Place to the War Memorial by The Stanners and to avoid the busier times of day we will only close the road between 09.30 and 15.00hrs, the road will remain open outside these times. On day one you will see our site team preparing the road for resurfacing, which will take place on day two. Signage giving clear notification of this work will be posted on site in advance and visitors will be encouraged to use the alternative ‘Beach Road’ car park. The restrictions on the Dial Place perimeter parking will remain in place for the duration of these works however, access to the Stanners, via Hotspur Court will remain open. A huge thank you to the residents who will be directly affected by the closure your co-opertion is really appreciated. Once again to you all, thank you for understanding during this work. Have a great weekend!  

By Brian Hall

Works Update Due to essential works we will have to run pumps overnight at Forcett Sewage Pumping Station on Wednesday 27th June and Friday 29th June   We will do our best to keep noise and disturbance to an absolute minimum; the pumps are as quiet as we can use, however you may be aware of some noise.  We apologise in advance if this is the case   Please get in touch if you feel this may be a problem at all to you or anyone else

By Anthony Birkett

5 Photos
Hi Everyone You will have seen that we removed our cabins from site on Friday 15 June 2018. We have finshed work for now, but we are planning be back in the school summer holidays to reinstate the area and create an access track within the school grounds. We will restore the fence, remove the temporary entrance and reinstate the grass on the verge on Roman Avenue. The nature of the remaining work dictates that it is best carried out when the school is shut for summer. We'll be in touch nearer the time to let you know when we will be back on site. I've attached a few photos of the area as it stands this morning. Tony

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon, quick update with the progress of works. Over the last week or so we excavated the launch pit and inserted a thrust block for the machinery which installed the drain pipe using trenchless technology. Next Tuesday we plan on removing the temporary these works, this may cause some increase in volume activity as we break out the concrete thrust block. We will try to keep this noise to a minimum, we expect to take around 2 hours and will conduct this after 10am. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Sarah Jayne Vickers

By Loren Jennings

Good afternoon to Crook and Howden-le-Wear! Did any of you get our Rainwise card in the mail last week or over the weekend?  If so, I would love to hear what you thought of the message. In addition to what Northumbrian Water would like to do to make Crook more Rainwise, do you think you might also play a role?  

By Christine Taylor

Good morning everyone, I am sitting with Lynn Preston at the moment and thought it would be a great opportunity to update our portal. As discussed with customers at our event by the lake on the 30th May, we needed to apply for planning permission to enable the works to go ahead. Lynn submitted for planning permission early in this year, and hopes to gain a decision next month.  Once we have this information we will update customers of our next steps. Carry on enjoying the sunshine Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, I thought it may be a good idea to give all our customers a quick update. As discussed in our customer event the works we are planning are subject to Planning Permission. We are now in the process of obtaining planning and will update the portal once we have a decision. Lynn Preston is extremely keen that we keep all our customers updated, so we hope to provide this to everyone again next month. Lets hope the sun continues to shine so we can all enjoy the summer. Christine

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning all, i understand a number of households bins haven't been emptied on Friday by the council. I have contacted Durham County Council and advised them they have been missed. They have logged this and advised usually if they are unable to gain access to a road they will try again in the coming days (possibly tomorrow or Wednesday). I asked that if its a case in the future, as we will be in The Grove the next four weeks, for them to flag this to someone on site and we will be more than happy to assist and pull the bins to where they can get access. I understand Steve has also kindly offered to put rubbish into the skip, so in the meantime if you have a bag of rubbish that wont fit into your bin, ask and they will pop it into the skip for you! Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Sarah Jayne Vickers  

By Paul Davison

Hello, It’s been a little while since we published an update on the flooding project, however, we have been working hard to develop our preferred solution. You can find out more about our proposed works via the ‘Planned work’ tab above including new downloadable drawings showing the scope of work. Over the next 6 months we’ll be carrying out some further investigation work out on site to assist with the detailed design and will be in touch will those directly affected before we carry out this work. We now expect to start the major construction work late August 2019 within Temple Park to establish our temporary compound with drainage work in various areas  commencing straight after the Great North Run. This is major planned work and will take up to 12 months to complete, however, we expect to complete all drainage work in time for the Great North Run in 2020. We’ll keep you update as we progress our further investigation works in the area. Many thanks

By Joan Tatters

5 Photos
Well Hello All, Today was a bitter sweet day (literally) for me today, saying "Good Bye" to some special people along Arkley Crescent, by this time next week we will be off site and moved on to another project. The grassed area over the  tank area is starting to grow in really well, I've attached some photos, it all looks tidy and in a few more weeks you will hardly notice we have been there. We still have a little work to conduct by the manhole on Arkley Cres, again it will be complete next week. I will logg in next week to confirm our departure date so you haven't quite "got us out of your hair yet" haha. Thanks to the residents of Arkley you have all be so understanding during our work and look Loren..............more cake, ginger!!! Thanks it was delicious know who you are!!
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