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Welcome to Northumbrian Water's Community Portal - your voice in the work we do to improve your water and sewage services.

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Latest Updates

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I have been to site this afternoon to catch up with the site team.  They are feeling positive that we are on schedule, and we should have great news for everyone very soon.  The works in Stephens Road are coming to an end, we should be able to provide a final update by the end of the week.  In Wellfield Road our works continue at full steam ahead.  The last bank holiday in May fast approaches and we know that residents would like our Traffic Management removed.  Steve, our Site Manager, is working tirelessly to manage this, but at this point in time we are unable to confirm.  We should be able to confirm tomorrow night if this is possible. I will be in touch very soon Christine

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Reinstatements are progressing well around our Wood Vue site. As you can see, the area where our compound was is beginning to look like we were never there! Likewise where we were in the Cow Plantation. I've attached a couple of photos taken at the weekend. Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone We are making good progress at Park View. Last week the cover slab was put on and the new screen was fitted. We also started to form the access track. I've attached a photo showing the screen. We're hoping to make best use of this good weather in the coming days. Tony

By Brian Hall

* Road Closure * Hi everyone we are closing the unclassified road heading north out of Forcett to Eppleby on Monday morning (21/05/18) for 3 days. The road should be open again on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully this wont cause too much disturbance, please let us know if there are any issues caused by this that we can help with. Brian  

By Joan Tatters

5 Photos
Hi Happy Friday!!!! I had a quick visit to Warkworth today to check out how things were going. The working area is so tight, have a look at the photos. We are slightly behind programme due to coming across some unforeseen utilities so it has slowed us up a litte. That said I'm sure Michael and the guys will do all they can to catch up even it means working a Saturday. They have already stayed over one night to make sure they completed part of the work before the weekend. Here are one or two shots, don't forget Sarah's question, we would love to hear from you!!! Have a great weekend.

By Joan Tatters

Hello I'm now back in the office at Seaham after my visit to Waren Mill. It was great to see how things are progressing in such a short time up there. Andy and his team have really been made welcome by the residents and holiday makers. Have a look at some of the photos I've posted, even construction machinery can look good in the sunshine.

By Anthony Birkett

HI Everyone Just a quick one to confirm that the reinstatements in the area have now been completed. We've seeded the area where we constructed the tank and also by the entrance to the estate. We are aware that there are stones present in the soil, so will keep an eye on this and take action where applicable. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we completed the works. Enjoy the weekend Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone **GOOD NEWS** We have now completed the reinstatements at Beacon Lane! The grassed area has been seeded and the road resurfaced so we have left the area. Now we just need to let nature take its course and allow the grass to grow back. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding while we have been working in your area. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Tony 

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon I thought it best to let you know........owing to some technical difficulties the traffic management will be withdrawn for the next few days. This includes the full road closure as well as the one-way system ("hooray!" I can hear you from Seaham) and will be off until the middle of next week. We do expect to re-introduce them the latter end of that week; I will of course keep you informed so please log on regularly for the updates. Apologies from us all as this was unexpected to us too. Don't forget to get in touch if you need answers regarding the project we are happy to help. I will be up Waren Mill tomorrow so if you see me come and have a chat........I will be the crazy lady in the hi-vis vest.  

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

11 Photos
Afternoon All, just wanted to let you know me and Joan have been out with the Friends of Flass Vale gang, what a lovely bunch of people. They didn’t expect too much of us today, we were given a grand tour of the vale by Val, and she showed us the hard work people had put into the area and the other hard work that is going to be needed over the coming months.   We also bumped into Nicola on our way to meet the Friends of Flass Vale, who was at the allotments she allowed us a little look around. I have included some of the photos and think the face carvings are fantastic. As well as helping in the vale, we also posted some letters to several properties located close to the site compound to inform them of the progress, and what they can expect to see next. I have pasted this below for your info. I look forward to working with the Friends of Flass Vale over the coming months whilst our project is ongoing. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                  Spectrum 5                                                                                             Spectrum Business Park                                                                                                                       Seaham                                                                                                                 Co. Durham                                                                                                                     SR7 7TT Our Ref:         SN017/0224    Date:               16th May 2018               Dear Customer   We want to keep you up to date with work in your area.   You may have noticed increased activity recently, particularly in terms of vehicular movements. We are nearing the end of importing quarried limestone to provide working platforms and an access road for our sheet piling works. These works are due to start in mid-June and will involve a piling press and a crawler crane. As these are large items of plant they require a substantial working platform. Before we progress with this large operation we have some tunnelling work to carry out. We will install a 40m long tunnel, which will be 375mm diameter and located under garden land on Flass Burn Road. A manhole will be constructed so we can tie this into the existing sewerage network. We will keep you regularly updated with progress and thank you for your continued patience. You can also find out more information about our project on our community portal at www.nwlcommunityportal.co.uk and following the link to ‘Durham City Sewer Network Improvements’ page. Regular updates will also be posted there and you will find advice and answers to some frequently asked questions.   If you require any further information or advice please contact our Customer Centre on 0345 717 1100 or visit www.nwl.co.uk to request a call back from the project team.   Yours sincerely   David Groark Project Manager  

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone You may have seen us out in the village today when we celebrated National Walking Month #walkthismay by doing a lunch time 'walk and pick' where we combined stretching our legs around the village with a litter pick. Everywhere was nice and tidy as usual but we managed to collect a good bag full of rubbish by the end of the walk. All back to work now but we hope to organise another one soon Brian  

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, We have some exciting news! Following the update from Lynn Preston regarding the Customer Drop In Session on the 30th May, we know that not everyone can make it.  This may be due to work, family commitments or because the sun is in the sky (hopefully)! What does it matter why?  You can still be part of the event because...... WE ARE GOING LIVE!!!!! As we have the project team in one place, I will be logged onto this community portal ensuring that we, the project team, are available to answer any questions. Any common questions will be posted as the day progresses, and customer's who are unable to make the event can contact me direct by posting on the update. We should be live from 11.30 through until 7pm. I will keep you updated closer to the time.  Please don't be shy, come and join us in the car park near to the lake or on-line, keeping me company and challenging our team. See you all soon Christine
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