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By Rachel Nelson

Hi everyone Just to confim the we will be on site on Monday morning to drill the two boreholes at either end of the fenced off area. If you could make sure that our contractors have access to the back lane from 8am that would be great. We will be installing vibration monitoring equipment before this work starts. The property survey reports from Sanderson Weatherall should have been hand delivered to you this afternoon. We are hoping to have the next meeting in two weeks so we can update you on our progress and give you and update on where we are at with our discussions with NCC about parking during the main project. Kind regards Rachel  

By Dave Eden

Good Morning All, I'm Dave Eden the site manager for this newest batch of Tyneside Water Network Improvements. As you may have seen we are now set up in Windmill Hills to carry out the improvements on the major water mains running through the park. We have taken over the central cobbled area for our cabins, so apologies if that is a favourite spot of yours, and we have fenced of the work area in the south west corner of the park including closing access through that gate. Please be aware that the rest of the park remains open and we have maintained access through all other gates and footpaths, even where they pass between our compound and work area, so there is nothing to prevent you continuing to use this open space. We have noticed a sizable rodent problem in the park which, as some of you have mentioned, is causing issues to nearby residents as well. To deal with this we have started a pest control programme for the site and this will hopefully have the added benefit to the neighbourhood of reducing rat numbers in the surrounding areas, including private gardens. All control measures are inside our fencing so will not cause any hazard to pets. Works have begun on site to excavate for a new cross connection between the two mains which will allow us to turn each main off in turn to carry out our works whilst also maintaining a top quality water supply. This excavation is almost entirely through rock so please bare with us regarding any disruption and slow progress. Once this is complete we will move onto installing rock anchors which will tie our new works in place ensuring the water mains are fully secure. I've attached a few photos, so feel free to peruse them.   Thanks  Dave Eden

By Amanda Hunt

On the back of Michelles kind introduction i thought i would introduce myself. I'm Amanda Hunt Customer Care Manager here at Northumbrian Water and part of the project team for this particular work. I've taken this opportunity to add the content of the letter being sent to residents on 26 February which Michelle alluded to in her previous message and look forward to getting to know the area more as our work gets underway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Customer We’re planning some work in your area At Northumbrian Water looking after the environment and reducing the risk of flooding are two of our top priorities. As part of this commitment we want to make you aware of our investment of £495,000 to improve the sewerage network in your area. To ensure the resilience of the network, we plan to construct a new sewer from Belford Street to Kilburn Drive.  In consideration with environmental key dates, our team from Esh Stantec, are on site removing trees to the east of Belford Street, to enable a 10-metre-wide corridor.  This will allow a provisional route for our team to access the working area.  A temporary fence will be constructed until all the work is completed; we will then reinstate the area. I have enclosed a plan of the proposed working area and we will be writing to you again, in advance of any further works to provide more information. This will also provide an opportunity to understand how we can minimise any disruption to both you and your community once the work is underway.  We had aimed to hold a customer information event this year to share our proposals, but due to Covid-19 we were unable to plan such an event.As an alternative, if residents would like further information, we may be able to organise a virtual residents meeting. You can also find out more information about our project on our community portal at www.nwlcommunityportal.co.uk, following the link to Belford Street, Peterlee.  This is a great way to interact with our project team and if you feel you would benefit from a virtual meeting, please register your interest here.  We also provide regular updates on the portal once the work is underway. Please also find enclosed a leaflet which gives further information, advice and answers to some frequently asked questions. If you require any further information or advice you can contact our Customer Centre on 0345 717 1100 or visit www.nwl.co.uk to request a call back from the project team. You can also follow us on twitter @nwater_care and @NorthumbrianH2O. Yours faithfully   Michelle Sell Project Manager    

By Michelle Sell

Hi Peterlee We’re investing in your area and I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Michelle Sell and I am Northumbrian Water’s (NW) Project Manager responsible for the work we are undertaking in your area to improve the sewerage network.   NW and our supply partners Esh-Stantec will be constructing a new sewer from Belford Street to Kilburn Drive and because of key environmental dates, ESH Stantec are currently on site removing trees to the east of Belford Street. The trees need to be removed to accommodate a 10-metre-wide corridor which will be a provisional route to access our working area. A letter detailing the work we are planning and a map of our working area is being sent to residents on Friday 26 February and I have included a copy of the letter below for your ease of reference. We always look to engage with the local community and we had hoped to arrange a public event to share our plan with you and answer any questions or concerns but Covid-19 has prevented us from doing that. As an alternative, we may be able to organise a virtual residents meeting so please register your interest here if this is something that you feel may be beneficial and you wish to take part in. As work gets underway other members of the project team will be commenting here so please follow this project to make sure you receive regular updates. You can also contact us via the contact us button above with any questions you may have and either myself or a member of the project team will get back to you as soon as possible. I’ll be in touch again as our working start date gets nearer and in the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kind Regards Michelle

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good morning all, Following on from Paul’s update, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Sarah Jayne Parvin, the Customer Liaison Officer for JN Bentley. I will be taking care of all customer enquiries during the project and keeping you up to date with our progress throughout. We aren’t starting the project until July this year however, we have investigation work planned to start week commencing 8th March and expect to be onsite for up to 3 weeks. Next week I will post further information about the investigation works so you know what and when you can expect it. Finally, I would like to thank you for your support so far. The team and I are looking forward to working in your community. Thank you Sarah

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon All, some of you will have received a letter last week in relation to some survey work we are carrying out in the Sunny Blunts area. This work is starting today and expected to last up to ten working days. The work is required to locate buried critical services and understand the ground conditions. Our contractors Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) and Castle Keep will do the surveys, and will not require access to your home. If you have any questions, please comment below or use the ‘contact us’ option above to speak to one of the team. Thank you Sarah

By Amanda Hunt

Hello Everyone Just a quick update from me today. I’m standing in for Rachel to let you know that on Monday 22 February our Estates team will be posting formal notices in the back lane with notification that the boreholes are to commence. We are continuing to work towards the schedule that Rachel has already shared, and she’ll be back next week to provide you with a further update on that timetable. Kind regards Amanda  

By Graeme Ridley

Dear Mr Laing, Thank you for your update. The investigations now being undertaken are following a detailed review or “gap analysis” by our specialist consultants taking into account all the work that has taken place through the partnership group to date. Phase 1 of this project, which was completed as part of NWG WINEP Cullercoats study, was to identify what investigations are necessary to undertake in 2021 that build on the investigations previously done as well as exploring new areas of interest. There are now four packages of investigative work that will be undertaken before Easter 2021: mapping of underground sewer and surface water pipes; CCTV of underground sewers and surface water pipes; manhole surveys at specific locations; cave investigations at the beachRegulatory delivery dates for Bathing Water Quality investigations were moved by the Environment Agency when the Covid-19 issues started for the UK in March 2020, from 30th September 2021 to September 2022, a twelve month extension. However, the NWG project team, who are still working within an over-arching collaborative partnership group (Cullercoats Bathing Water Quality Group), will endeavour to understand the reasons for the current recent status of Bathing Water quality in Cullercoats beach by the delivery date of September 2021. I’ll post may more updates in the months ahead to keep you well informed. Graeme Ridley

By Joan Tatters

5 Photos
Morning All Here are some photos from last weeks snow storms........

By Graeme Ridley

Good morning, I would just like to update everyone on a press-release today, in particular reference to the last section of this project: NORTHUMBRIAN WATER INVESTS £5M TO IMPROVE TAP WATER QUALITY ON TYNESIDE Northumbrian Water has invested £5m to improve tap water quality to around half a million customers across Tyneside. The water company has launched a pipe cleaning programme which will involve cleaning nine kilometres of strategic water mains at 18 different locations in and around Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside. This is part of a larger £66 million cleaning programme, which began in 2010 and has seen improvements to more than 221 kilometres of strategic mains cleaned to date. The final location to be completed is on the West Road, Newcastle (A186), with work starting on Monday, 1st March 2021. The works, which will take around 10 weeks to complete, will focus on a 300-metre section of road to the east of Two Ball Lonnen Roundabout and will take place predominantly within the chevroned middle area of road. Northumbrian Water’s supply partners, Fastflow Pipeline Services, will be carrying out the work, and there will be no effect on water supplies while it is being carried out. There may be slight traffic delays when temporary two-way temporary traffic lights are put in place, and a lane is closed as work is carried out – however this will not be for the full duration of the ten week period. Project Manager, Graeme Ridley, said: "This vital work is being carried out in order to futureproof our water supplies and ensure that our customers continue to receive excellent and high-quality tap water. “It’s important that we get to work on this main, and when this is done, we will have completed the full overarching larger-scale project which has been ongoing for the past 11 years. “I am incredibly proud of the team and our partners at Fastflow for the work they are doing to finish this project.”      

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone Well the weather has been a challenge to say the least in this part of the region, thankfully the weather has took a more pleasant turn. We are awaiting commissioning for the sites at Otterburn and Rochester and all being well both should be in service by the Spring. Byrness site up is starting to get there, although the weather hasn't done us any favours since our official start date on 25th Jan so we are a little late in introducing the haul road. Don't forget to ask me any questions you may have about the project, I'd be happy to oblige.   Oh, Jason has promised me some beautiful photos, so watch this space.

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon, Well the weather did it's worst for us last week. Installing the temporary screens 1 & 2 proved to be a struggle due to the ice and freezing conditions, however the team continued on screens 3 & 4 so that left our colleagues at Northumbrian Water to work on screens 1&2 to de-ice. Here are some photos, look at the thickness of the ice!  
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