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Latest Updates

By Kevin McGargle

Good Afternoon, Just thought id give you a brief update on the works at Great Lime Road Killingworth as below:- Today 23rd August 2019 at lunchtime we have removed the traffic management from outside of No. 42 Great Lime Road, this has now completed the works at this location, NWG operations will however need to attend and open the closed valve on the trunk main and flush the water main through the new washout point installed. We also have to complete some minor works at the location of Woodlands Grange near the working mens club however we will update you further nearer the time on this matter. A small section of antiskid surfacing is planned for 3rd September 2019 at 1-2 Kelvin Place, this should take only half a day to complete. In the main the works that we started some months ago on this trunk mains Cleaning programme (October 2018 to be precise) to Great Lime Road are 99% complete, id like to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst carrying out this essential work to improve the water quality in the area and associated resilience of the clean water Network. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle Site Manager.

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I was on site this week checking in with Simon and the team. Its been quite busy on site, we're continuing to work on the drainage and basins further down Beach Road. We're also making plans for moving the compound around a bit and downsizing. We off-hired one of the cabins this week and we are currently discussing where to locate the cabins while we dig the last couple of basins - this will be in the next few weeks and we will keep you updated of when this will be. It looks like the weather may be picking up over the weekend, so I hope you enjoy your bank holiday! Regards Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I was on site this week checking in with Scott and the team. Well, there's not a great deal to report - we are continuing to work on the drainage in Rosehill Road and all is going well. There's been no major issues, so we're still expecting to finish on site as planned. We'll be moving down Rosehill Road in due course, so will keep you informed. It looks like the weather may improve for us this weekend, so enjoy the bank holiday! Regards Tony

By Anthony Birkett

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Hi Everyone I had another walk around site this week and was amazed by the progress of the Biomatrix islands in the Lake, they are absolutely thriving - I've attached a couple of pictures. The rest of the reinstatements are coming along too, hopefully in time they'll show similar progress to the islands! Enjoy your Bank Holiday, its meant to be a scorcher! Regards Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone You will have noticed that we have started working on the South side of The Burn now. We've set up a small fenced area for storage and we are working by the bridge in preparation for crossing The Burn. We are still expecting to finish working on the grassed area off Hopgarth Gardens in the next coupe of weeks, however this area will be retained for storage - albeit a much smaller area. It looks like the weather over the weekend may be improving, so enjoy your bank holiday! Regards Tony

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Customers will have noticed that our works have not moved up Roseberry Crescent yesterday.  I have spoken to the residents who are impacted and they are aware that we will now be moving up the road next Tuesday/Wednesday. This will mean the diversion on Roseberry Avenue will not be in place until next week.   Once again we want to thank all residents for their patience and understanding whilst we carry out these works. Christine  

By Paul Davison

Good afternoon all, Our drainage work is progressing well on Sunderland Road and we expect to be complete as planned by the end of next week (Friday 30th August). We will be carrying out temporary reinstatement along the trench for the time being, however Gateshead Council will be returning to site in October to complete a larger area of permanent resurfacing. We will also need to return to site after the Great North Run for up to four weeks to carry out further drainage work within the car park and footpath, however, this work can be carried out without the need for further traffic management on Sunderland Road. We’d again like to thank you for your patience while we carry out our drainage improvement work I do hope that the temporary closure of The Drive hasn’t caused too much inconvenience, it certainly has helped to keep the traffic moving through the road works. Thanks Paul Davison  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone As you will see we are continuing to work on the grassed area of Hopgarth Gardens. On Thursday 22 August 2019 we will need to hand dig two trial holes in the footpath opposite Cone Terrace. A footpath closure will be in place for that day only while we complete this task, please follow the diversion. (The photo attached shows the footpath that I am referring to) We will then need to close the footpath directly to the North of the Burn from Monday 26 August 2019. This will be in place for a period of up to 2 weeks. I have attached a copy of a letter that will be received by those overlooking the work here Regards Tony

By Simon Bright

Hi Another wet one today just as the site was starting to dry out! We are continuing with the final bits of main drainage either side of Beach Road. Hopefully, depending on the weather this will all be done within the next few weeks. The footpath which runs past White House Primary School to Beach Road will be opened today ready for the weekend. Simon

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Some of you may have seen myself and Tony Birkett on site yesterday delivering letters.  After speaking to some of our customers, we took the decision to letter drop the whole estate with regards to the next stage of our rolling road closure on Roseberry Crescent. As of next Wednesday, 21 August 2019, we will be moving up Roseberry Crescent to the junction of Roseberry Avenue.  We have contacted all the residents where driveway access will be impacted however the junction will be closed.  Diversion signs will be in place.  The closure will be in place for upto 5 weeks, we then be moving along Roseberry Avenue.  As always when we are ready to move my team will be in contact with those customers directly impacted. Have a great weekend, let's hope the sunshine returns :-) Christine

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've been out and about on site and delivering letters today. Thankfully, the weather was kind while I was there! When we closed the road on Rosehill Road, we expected to reopen it by 23 August 2019, however this now will not happen.  Due to a change in design, the road will remain closed until 20 December 2019. Please find a copy of the letter I delivered here. We apologise for the ongoing inconvenience caused by this closure and continue to thank you for your cooperation. Regards Tony

By Anthony Birkett

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Grass Watch! That sounds like a rubbish BBC2 gardening show, but I thought I'd show a few photos of our reinstatements around the Lake. The patchy rain and sun is helpful for growing grass, so we can definitely see progress. However, the rain is making it difficult to complete the small number of remaining tasks that we have to do, so we have decided to postpone the remaining works for a week or two and hope for an upturn in weather before we return to finish off. We will be back very soon. Regards Tony
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