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By Rachel Rutter

Good Afternoon All,  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the weather we've had. Good news, the trenches and paving have been reinstated on Percy Park Road this last week with all traffic management removed. The site team have also set up on Sharpness Point ready to start installing pipe work this week. Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com or 0191 3774500. Thank you  Rachel 

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning, By now you will have noticed we are complete on this project, that said I understand there is some internal ground works being done (you probably won't see or notice the difference) in and around the site. As promised I am happy to show you some great progress photos taken by Mark, they demonstrate the replanting has taken which is great news. The wildlife must be loving this new environment. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

By Dean Thompson

Hi everyone, It's been a few months since my last update, and as promised, please find below links to the revised planning drawings for the proposed works, however its worthwhile stating that we may need to alter the layout slightly once we get into the detailed design. Please click on the following to view the drawing. New site layout Site section - Plan and elevations Nitrifying Submerged Aerated Filter (NSAF) - Plan and elevations Water booster kiosk - Plan and elevations Humus Settlement Tanks (HST) - Plan and elevations Humus Settlement Tanks (HST) rising main - Elevations of above ground pipework I am now able to share with you that we have chosen Esh-Stantec as our Contractor to deliver these works, and the contracted was awarded early August 2022. At present we are yet to finalise a construction commencement date, however this is likely to be early October 2022 to commence ground stabilisation works, however we will confirm this closer to the date. We’d really like to hear your views on this essential work and how we can work with you to minimise any disruption you and your community may experience. We are in the process of trying to arrange a customer event in the village, which we will notify you of by letter and update to this portal, however in the menantime if you have any queries or comments or would like to speak to someone from the project team please get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page. We’d really like to hear from you. Regards Dean Thompson NW Project Manager

By Joan Tatters

Morning Everyone, Hope you are staying safe if these temperatures! Just a few photos to show you how things have progressed, the surge vessel building is complete now and the team are starting to conduct the reinstating of the surrounding landscape. You will notice it's a little quiet at the moment on site as the guys are just about to conclude the works. Our colleagues fron NWL will be sending you all an update letter to explain what happens next in the coming months.  Once again thank you for your continued support and understanding during this project.

By Rachel Rutter

Good afternoon all,  The site team are progressing well whilst enjoying the good weather. Long may it continue. Last week: Set up compound within Birtley Sewerage Treatment Works Commence stockproof fencing to North field Update for this week: Installation of stockproof fencing and silt netting to North field on going, and due to be completed middle of this week Commence newt protection fencing to reed bed area within Birtley Sewerage Treatment Works Planned works for next few week’s: 2 week road closure on Haggs Lane, between Lamesley Road and Greenford lane to commence on 15th August Trial holes on Haggs Lane, and at junction with Greenford lane due to commence 15th August Site entrance works into North Field off Haggs Lane, to commence next week, complete following week. Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com or 0191 3774500. Thank you  Rachel 

By Rachel Rutter

6 Photos
Good afternoon, Our site team are progressing well. Last week they continued with the excavation and installation of the new cross connection 600 diameter Ductile Iron pipework. Cutting operations were also carried out to the existing 800 diameter scour main in readiness for the removal of the pipe.  Once the pipe is removed the team will install the proposed concrete base, thrust block and associated valves and pipework. We have now taken delivery of the new valves for the proposed 600 diameter cross connection works. If anyone would like to discuss our works in more detail, please feel free to contact us by commenting on this post or sending an email to nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. I have my fingers crossed that the sun will continue to shine for the next few weeks.  Enjoy! Thank you  Rachel 

By Rachel Rutter

Good Afternoon All,  Hope you had a lovely weekend The tertiary treatment plant and access steelwork has now been delivered to site and installed. Over the next couple of weeks the team will be installing the interconnecting pipework and carrying out the electrical installation to the new tertiary treatment plant. Our civil works to the perimeter of the new structure will also be ongoing. If you have any queries at all regarding our work in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you Rachel

By Gabrielle Ward

6 Photos
Good afternoon, The construction work on site is beginning to come to an end, and reinstatement work is currently on-going. We would like to make you aware that from week commencing 8th August, the site cabins are being removed from the compound area, and the site team will be using a temporary all in one set up. If you are using the site access road during this time, we would like to kindly remind you to keep safe by staying extra vigilent while the delivery vehicles are transporting the cabins from site.  I have included photos of some of the working area for you to view. We will be in touch shortly with more information on what to expect once this stage of our work is complete. On behalf of the project team, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and support. Speak soon. Gaby    

By Colin Short

Morning, Just to let you all know that as part of our archaeological surveys which need to be carried out, Archaeological Research Services are planning on flying a drone over the northern grazing field and the arable fields west of Greenford Lane from tomorrow morning.  This drone will be collecting ground height information and taking infra-red images to help in identifying any archaeological features of interest in these fields. Take care. Colin  

By Rachel Rutter

5 Photos
Good afternoon, Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Our site team have installed the stone access ramp to the Outlet Tunnel spillway with edge protection barriers/fencing along with the installation of the pedestrianised access stairway.   They have also carried out further essential investigatory trial holes to further understand the alignment of existing assets, followed by continuing on with the excavation around the existing water treatment 800 dia supply main to the treatment works in preparation of the installation of the new pipework valves & concrete thrust restraints We are expecting delivery of both the new Valves and the new 600 dia Ductile Iron pipework this week Monday/Tuesday ready for the install of the new Cross Connection works. If anyone would like to discuss our works in more detail, please feel free to contact us by commenting on this post or sending an email to nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. Thank you  Rachel 

By Christopher Bond

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great summer. Further to previous updates and letters, we wanted to share further details of our proposals with you to understand your views about this work and how we can minimise any disruption you and your community may experience once the work is underway. As a reminder, the proposal is to reduce the risk of flooding and improve the performance of the sewers within the vicinity of Northumbrian Water’s Bates Sewage Pumping Station, located near Crawford Street, which is highlighted on the attached plan. Our proposed works comprise of new sewers along Crawford street and construction of a new building in open space adjacent to Crawford Street, which will house mechanical equipment to help deal with flows in heavy rainfall. As previously communicated, the proposal was submitted to Northumberland County Council for consideration for planning approval. This planning application is currently still under consultation with Northumberland County Council.  Whilst this is still under consultation, we wanted to share with you that should planning permission be granted, then the proposed to start of the works is October 2022 and will take around 10 months to complete. We will provide further details in the coming months

By Rachel Rutter

Good Afternoon All,  The site team are now working away from the roundabout on Percy Park Road and will be turning the new rising main into the compound area next week. We aim to remove the traffic management next week. Have a lovely weekend Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com or 0191 3774500. Thank you  Rachel 
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