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By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon, good news we have 30 meters left of pipework to tie in the new housing estate at Illingworth Grove, into the newly laid surface water pipe along Whinney Hill and Old Elvet. The resurfacing work which was due to happen a couple of weeks ago was unsuccessful due to parked cars. This week we have fenced off the car parking spaces to prevent people parking in them and allow the resurfacing to take place tomorrow and Friday. Work at the side of The Swan and Three Cygnets is progressing slowly, due to this we need to work over the next couple of weekends 8 am till 6pm to ensure we are clear from site ready for Durham County Council bridge works due to start on the 20th July. If in the meantime if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or use the ‘contact us’ function at the top of this page. Thanks Sarah

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good Afternoon all, We are making great progress, the Rising Main installation works now complete from Silverton Lane, over fields, through village and down Whitton Bank to pumping station location. Preparation work has commenced and will continue through to the end of next week, to install the gravity sewer in Silverton Lane which will then connect into the existing network in Murray Gardens. The preparations include the relocation of some small tree’s, creation of an access gate, removal of the topsoil and delivering plant on site. On the 20th July we will then make a start on the drilling that starts in Murray Gardens. The sewer installation will continue into Silverton Lane, which will be closed for up to 6 weeks. This is due to start around 5th August, the diversionary routes will be signposted. Resident’s access will be maintained to the properties within the road closure off Silverton Lane. Also, the sheet piling contractor have installed a piled retaining wall at Sewage Pumping Station location, piles cropped to Whitton Bank profile, see picture below. As works progress every effort will be made to keep the disruption to a minimum. I have attached some photos for you to view. I would like to thank you again for your continued cooperation while we complete this essential work. Thanks Sarah

By Chris Reay

Afternoon, We would like to inform you’s of the work taking place in Ferryhill Station on Chilton Lane, the work will need to be done with a road closure in place to safeguard the workforce, this closure has been agreed with Durham County Council from Wednesday 8/7 2020 until 7/8/2020, we are confident that the works will be completed within 10 days, as we appreciate the disruption the road closure will cause.   The next section of works that is planned is at Cleves Avenue, the health and safety of our teams, customers and communities is our top priority. so we’ll be using temporary traffic lights from Hemsley Close  to Linden Road to keep everyone safe.  These lights will move as our work progresses.   Thank you for your time, continued support and patience.   Kind regards, Bryan Hardy

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good evening all, hope you are well and received our latest update by letter earlier this week. For anyone who hasn’t received a copy click Here to view it. Starting on Monday 6th July we are expecting deliveries of materials and machinery to start the earth works at Fenham reservoir. An increased number of Large vehicles will need to access the reservoir through Linden Avenue for around the next five weeks. The remainder of the work onsite is expected to last approximately 3 months. Thanks for understanding the benefits of our work and for your support. We’ll be in touch regularly on here to keep you up to date with progress. If in the meantime you have any question, please don’t hesitate to comment below or use the ‘contact us’ function at the top of this page. Thanks  Sarah

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, I hope everyone is keeping well? The site team have sent me an update which I want to share with you. As you will have seen we have arrived back on site to complete our works, now the weather and ground has improved.  The team have set up the compound in Tynemouth Swimming Pool carpark.  We have had a team carrying out testing of the existing drainage, and an inspection from Northumbrian Water is pending. On Monday, Northeast Groundworks (GWS) arrived on site. They started with reprofiling the field from Ludlow path to Basin 1. The crew are working down the field, and will be tiding basins as they go.   This Monday our contract partner Straughans arrive on site, to strim the path to the rear of heras fence, this will assist with customer access to the rear of their properties.  Following this they will spray off self seeded weeds across site.  Straughans will then return in a couple of weeks to commence seeding, cultivating etc. Have a lovely weekend and I hope the sun makes an appearance. Christine  

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning, It's been a while, I thought I'd let you know I will be dropping in some letters to residents Tuesday morning. As you know, we have now successfully completed the new sewerage works in the village and this has been up and running since Autumn 2019. We will be returning during week commencing 6 July 2020 to complete localised stabilisation of the riverbank in the vicinity of the pumping station.  We will be placing large boulders along a 22m section of the river bank, on either side of the concrete outfall and completing some outstanding reinstatement.  It is anticipated these works will be completed within four weeks and there should not be any direct inconvenience to local residents. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.    

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I hope everyone had a nice weekend, even though the weather wasn't great? Our site team understand that the work they are carrying out impacts on our customers.  To try and minimise this impact this week they are changing the site fencing to solid panels and fitting acoustic matting within the excavation.  We hope this will reduce levels of both noise and vibration.  Our project team understand our customers may feel the vibration from our works, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents, I have copied over the information provided by Ian Davison (Project Manager) on a previous post. British Standards give guidance on the level of vibration above which building can suffer cosmetic or structural damage. There is a significant difference between feeling the vibration and the onset of levels of vibration that will cause damage. Although we understand that our customer would become concerned when they suddenly feel vibrations in their home. I would like to try and provide some guidance to put your mind at ease. For residential buildings, the standard states that for cosmetic damage (cracking in plaster work etc.) is likely to occur when the peak particle velocity exceeds 15 mm/s. This Standard recommends that a conservative threshold for cosmetic damage should be taken as a peak particle velocity of 10 mm/s. The monitors installed onsite have been set to alarm at 10mm/s should they alarm proactive intervention will be taken by the site team. As our work progresses the team will be lifting the cover slab on site.  This may mean that customers will experience intermittent odours in the air, please do not be concerned.  If you wish to discuss this please contact me via this portal or on 03457 171100. Thank you all once again for your patience and understanding. Christine

By Paul Davison

Good afternoon, It’s come to our attention that the customer letter some of you have received has a blank plan attached. Please accept our apologies, we’re in touch with our printers and will be re-sending a further letter and revised plan out as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can access the customer plan vian the ‘Planned Work’ tab above and clicking the link on the right hand side panel. Kind regards

By Martin Curtis-Haigh

Hi Hope you are enjoying the good weather. Just a quick update on progress so far and a short term overview of some plans ahead. We have made good progress to the demolittion works to the existing south weir. The piles are now installed to the Dam Crest and we are currently getting areas set up to start installing the pre-cast concrete wall sections to the Southern Weir. I have added a few photos for you to view. Commencing Friday 26-6-2020 you may experience some increase in traffic through Mickleton as we are starting to accept deliverys of the pre-cast concrete wall units. These will occur only a few times a week during our normal site hours. I have attached a map highliting the route. Regrding demolition works we will be complete in a few weeks so any noise you may have experienced so far will reduce dramatically. We will update you again in a few weeks with more information and progress photos.   Many Thanks Martin

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon all, work is progressing well on site which was helped by the exceptionally good weather we all enjoyed throughout May.  We have constructed the new inlet channel which will eventually house the first new screen.  We are currently constructing the new concrete press slab where the two new washpress units will be sighted. Our specialist subcontractor will commence the mechanical installation of the two washpresses and screen in mid-July. Over the next four weeks we intend to complete the civil works associated with the modifications made to the inlet including completing new drainage and constructing the remaining concrete hard standings in readiness for the installation of new steel staircases and gantries. As always if you have any questions please feel free to leave us a comment or alternatively use the contact us function at the top of this page to email the project team direct. Thanks Sarah

By Ian Davison

Hi Well since my last update the sun has returned, I hope you are all enjoying this great weather We are continuing to make good progress and are planning the next phase of the work which is the installation of the gravity sewer in Silverton Lane connecting it into the existing network within Murray Gardens. Work will commence in Murray Gardens on the 6th July working west through the farmland into Silverton Lane where the new rising main will be connected. For a short period access to the working area in the farmland will be via Murray Gardens, thereafter access into the farmland will be taken from a temporary field gate installed into the existing fence line. The new gravity pipe line will connect into the manhole in the highway to the rear of 13 – 17 Murray Gardens. The sewer will be installed through the parking area with resident access maintained at all times. The sewer installation will continue into Silverton Lane which will be closed to through traffic for up to six weeks, the diversionary routes will be signposted. Resident’s access will be maintained to the properties within the road closure off Silverton Lane. The Silverton Lane road closure will not be implemented until the works currently underway in Whitton are complete. As works progress every effort will be made to keep the disruption to a minimum. For your further information and perusal I attached the project schematic. I would like to thank you again for your continued cooperation while we complete this essential work. Stay Safe Ian

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning All, hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine this week! A quick reminder that we have our resurfacing work along Old Elvet this week, can we please ask people use spaces that are free and not marked out of use with a cone. We are blocking these spaces to allow us enough room for the resurfacing to take place whilst ensuring to protect vehicles from being damaged by the resurfacing process and machines. We will be popping leaflets on cars today that will be causing an obstruction tomorrow to ask you to park at an alternative location tomorrow (Thursday 25th June) whilst we complete the resurfacing. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and one of the project team will contact you alternatively you can contact the MMB team at MMBcustomerserviceteam@mottmac.com Thank you in advance Sarah
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