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Latest Updates

By Graeme Ridley

Good evening, Just an update to inform you we are now close to completing this project, now planned end of April 2021. Fastflow will be doing work on Fox and Hounds Lane & adjoining roads south of the busy West Road, w/c 14/12/2020 to complete one of our smaller distribution mains tie ins, which will be completed before Christmas. Then in the New Year, Fastflow need to have some road narrowing traffic management to undertake work on our larger strategic main in the West Road. We will not need any temporary traffic lights on this busy road, but there will be cones & barriers on the road and narrowing the road slightly so Fastflow can do the work. But traffic flow should be not interrupted, just be aware Fastflow work force need to work safely. I'll update you in the New Year with information on the Traffic Management that is required, so you can fully take in the extent of the cones & barriers on the road and for how long it will take. The work though, is planned to be finished on the West Road hopefully by Easter 2021. Stay safe Graeme Ridley (NWG Project Manager)

By Becky Gartland

Good afternoon,  Just a quick update to let you know that you will see our crews working in the carriageway of Millburn Terrace tomorrow between 9:30 and 15:30. As part of the ongoing water network improvents being carried out in Bedlington and the surrounding areas, our site team will be removing a manhole cover from the road surface where part of the drainage network is no longer in use. There will be two-way traffic lights in operation whilst this work is being carried out. If there are any concerns please contact us on 0345 717 1100. Thank you  Becky

By Shafqat Akbar

The works at Lockwood Beck are progressing well but the weather will prevent us from finishing all of the works. The installation of the tensar reinforcement on the embankment is almost complete. The recent wet weather is has waterlogged the ground. We are not able to complete the construction on the top of the embankment in this site visit. We will agree a date for the return visit with Northumbrian Water.  The works at the bottom of the embankment will continue as these will not be affected by the waterlogged ground. We have started installing the temporary works adjacent to the redundant Northumbrian Water buildings.      

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello. Interserve has started works at the Marden Quarry pumping station. This project location is next to the Marden Quarry park. We will make sure we do not disturb our neighbours and the people who visit tihs park. The site access is along this popular road. Our coumpound will be inside the existing Northumbrian Water perimeter fenceline. The access to the site is along this popular footpath. The works are in the main building. These works have started.              

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello. Interserve has completed the main works at the Browns Point station near Cullercoats. Our compound was located off the main road close to the station entrance. This was to minimise any disturbance to our nieghbours and visitors to this popular part of the north east coast. We observed all of the NHS recommendations during the works. We had sanitising stations in our compound.  The main works are all complete and the team is moving to our next project not too far away. We separated our works area from the nearby houses.      

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello. We have carried out a lot of work in November. The project is making very good progress. The cladding to the new building have been installed. The external cabinets are being fitted out.  The works at the southern end of the site are progressing well. The external steelwork in the sludge area is complete.  

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello. I would like to give you a quick update on the finishing works we are carrying out at the Dalton Ground Water Pumping Station. The project is substantially complete and water is going into supply. This station is located in Cold Hesledon in County Durham and is one of a number of similar stations in the Sunderland and East Durham Area.  All of the works are inside the main building and we will not disturb our neighbours. The testing and commissioning works are complete.

By Joan Tatters

Hello, It's me again. All went to plan working at the weekend and we managed to push things along so the traffic lights have now been removed on the B6525..........hooray!!!!! The work in the industrial is all located in one place now so access should be easier for the businesses. Thank you again for your patience. Joan

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon, Hope you are enjoying todays lovely sunshine. I thought I'd share the photo of the new building, taken from the other side of the river.

By Gabrielle Ward

Durham Riverside Footpath Good Morning, I am pleased to inform you that the work we have being carrying out by the river is now complete. As of tomorrow, all equipment and machinery will no longer be in the area, and the footpath closure will be removed.  I have added some photos below to show you what the liner looks like, and how it is installed it into the sewer line using "trenchless technology".  On behalf of the Project Team from Northumbrian Water, MMB and Pipetek, we would like to thank you for your patience during the work, and for your cooperation which has allowed us to complete this necesarry work in a safe and timely manner.       

By Nick Warner

Hello I’m Nick Warner, Customer Care Manager, at Northumbrian Water. I’m working closely with our Project Manager, Paul Black, and our supply partners during our essential work in Hepscott. I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well during what has been a challenging year for so many of us. I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you and to give a further update after Paul’s initial posts last month. Work continues to progress very well, despite the weather, which I realise is only to be expected at this time of year. It’s good to be able to report that our project is still on course to be completed by the end of March 2021. The significant part of our preliminary heavy engineering work is now very advanced and well on the way to being completed. Over the next couple of weeks, you may start to see our larger plant being moved off site. I look forward to being able to provide a further update as our work progresses. In the meantime however, we remain open to understanding your views about this project and how we can continue to minimise any disruption for you and your community whilst the work is in progress. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either via this portal or by contacting our Customer Centre by telephone on 0345 717 1100. Please ask to speak with a member of the project team. We do of course continue to appreciate your patience and understanding. Kind regards Nick Warner Customer Care Manager  

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon hope you are well. The resurfacing work on Linden Avenue went ahead as planned on the 22/23rd October. Work is progressing well on site and we are planning on removing the 13t excavator via the gates at Linden Ave. the excavator needs to exit via Linden Avenue, which is planned for tomorrow 18th November. Once this is out then we can continue with replacing the gates with palisade fencing, this will start the following day 19th November. Over the next few weeks, we will be removing the cabins off site, these will exit via West Road entrance, following that we have reinstatement work on site to finish before we are complete and demobilise. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we carry out these essential works. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at Sarahjayne.parvin@JNBentley.co.uk or use the contact us link at the top of this page, Thanks Sarah
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