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By Brian Hall

Hello everyone Work is progressing well at Hawthorn and we should be finished up there soon. We are doing some test digging on site at Fulwell, Thorpe and Peterlee Groundwork stations starting from next Monday 22nd of October and will be on those sites working for around a week. I have called at local residents houses to speak to them about the work but if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with me on the details on the front page. I will keep you posted as the work progresses. Brian  

By Colin Butler

Good morning everyone. It's hard to believe we're already midway through October and well on the way to closing out 2018; but here we are and we're making excellent progress in the vale with our installation of the Two reinforced concrete tanks. As I'm sure you're aware, we have invited a number of local residents down to an open morning on Wednesday 17th October between 10:00 and 12:00. The idea of this is to have a cuppa, a few biscuits and a chat about the works and how they're affecting the local environment. This is also an excellent opportunity to put our project team on the spot and ask any questions that may be at the front of your mind or indeed that arise on the day. I will be there all day and expect to have a little help from Sarah, our Customer Liasion Officer as well as David Groark, the Northumbrian Water Project Manager for the works. Dave will be able to answer all the really difficult technical question that we won't so please be sure to pose him a few! Please be sure to wear suitable, sturdy footwear. A high visibility vest will be provided upon arrival. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. In the meantime, if anything crops up, please don't hesitate to drop me a line on 07814785021 or Colin.Butler@jnbentley.co.uk Colin

By Katie Burdon

Trunks mains update – WE 12.10.18 Sunday 7th October 2018 Work completed on Rosehill Bank and Tynemouth Road Monday 8th October 2018 NWL rep visited the Dream Centre to take a sample from the water leak in the cellar. Thursday 11th October 2018 New connections were undertaken on Heaton Road Friday 12th October 2018 Connections at Heaton Road are being continued. A dowel will be installed on Glasshouse Bridge Monday 15th October 2018 A trial hole will be undertaken on the 12” main on Glasshouse Bridge

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've been in touch with Bobby on site who has provided a progress update for our work at Killingworth. We have nearly finished the preparation work in our excavation at Kier's on Harvey Combe Road and hope to be in a position to be able to start driving the pipes under the road soon. We are also progressing well in our excavation off Station Road and again hope to be able to start driving the pipes underground soon. In our other excavation, we have been hand digging trial holes to try to locate other services in the ground to make sure there are no clashes when we start driving the pipes through the ground. ***In other news, we'd like to wish OUR CHIEF PIPE LAYER IN WAITING, Brodie Gregory a VERY HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! I'm told he's a popular member of the team, although that may change if he doesn't get the cakes in!!*** Enjoy your weekend Tony

By Simon Bright

Hi We are almost finished the small basin at Dene Garth, the traffic lights will be removed later today and the fencing will be removed on Monday. Tuesday next week, we'll be moving further up Horsley Road to build some additional gullies to catch the storm water before it comes into Ovingham. Simon

By Mark Robinson

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Morning everyone,  We've made some good progress again this week and have moved down to the lower end of Deptford Terrace, between Liebherr and Go North East. Another three trial holes underway with some interesting findings. Samples are being taken to test the material we are excavating for potential contamination. This will lead to changes in the pipe material we use and method of work should we recieve positive results. Traffic Management appears to be working nicely and we are regularly talking to neighbouring businesses to ensure they are informed of changes in access and diversions.  All being well, we'll be moving across to the start of Hanover Place (outside the Saltgrass pub) from late Tuesday 16th October. Local access to businesses will be maintained at all times and we will work with everyone to minisie disruption. It should take us approximately 2 weeks to get up Hanover Place, before we commence the main pipe installation. You will also see we have started work in the verge of Deptford Terrace, adjacent to the Queen Alexander bridge. This is one of the main connections to the existing water main, where a Flowmeter will be installed and bypass pipeline. So far, we have established a small compound and exposed the buried pipe. Next week, we'll begin preparation to cut out and make ready the new sections and components to install. Mark

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Afternoon All, I thought I would introduce the team I'm Sarah Jayne Vickers the Customer Liaison Officer for Mott MacDonald Bentley, Matthew Carney is our Site Manager and Lee Bauchanan is our Contract Manager. See the photos below. We are part of a great team who will starting works on behalf of Northumbrian Water on Sunderland Road, Gateshead week commencing 15th October. I have included the letter, informing you of the work along with a couple of plans which detail where the work is and any traffic disruptions/diversions you can expect, Plan 1 &  Plan 2. If there are any questions you would like us to answer please ask away using the 'contact us', we would be happy to help and if you happen to see us please come and say "Hello".   Sarah 

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning I am sure you are very aware.........we have arrived there are signs and fencing everywhere. Peter and his team have started the compound set up and the traffic lights are fully operationally now so if you are out and about please be that little more vigilant. I have just included a couple of photos, sorry they seem a little dark, it was early doors when I took them. Don't forget please feel free to drop me a line or ask the guys on site if you have any questions.

By Ashley Ferguson

Good afternoon, Great news, North Tyneside have granted planning permission for the construction of our flood alleviation scheme in your area. We have taken on board your comments from our last consultation exercise and from the planning process, and will be revising our reinstatement accordingly.  Our next steps will be to move to construction planning with a view of a construction start in the winter of this year.  In the coming weeks we will be posting on here, our reinstatement plans and conducting a letter drop to our customers giving greater detail of our construction programme. Ashley  

By Ian Davison

Hi You may remember that we wrote to you in January to give an update about the work we were planning to undertake in Whitton. We promised to keep you up to date regarding our proposals. In my previous letter, I mentioned that the issue to be addressed was complex and the scale of the works required was significantly greater than first anticipated. As a result, the works were rescheduled within the capital plan and programmed to commence during the financial year 2019/2020. The design team have now identified a solution to ensure that our sewer network continues to protect the environment and serve the community effectively. We want to share our new proposals with you to understand your views about this work and how we can minimise any disruption you and your community may experience once the work is underway. Our proposed work will see 575 metres of new sewer pipe installed within the highway and verge. A new package treatment plant and outfall sewer to the river Coquet will also be provided. We are planning to commence these works in late Spring. A plan is posted on the "Planned Works" tab. I would like to hear from you if you have any feedback about our proposal, please leave your comments on this update, or get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page. I apologise for the delay in the implementation of these works however, I will continue to keep you up to date with our plans for this essential work Regards Ian

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone As you can see, the verge, kerb and road surface and road markings on Roman Avenue have now been completed. Assuming the seed germinates, we now only need to complete the fencing. This will be delivered as soon as possible and I will keep you updated with when that is expected as soon as we know. I've attached a couple of photos tha I took this morning Regards Tony

By Ian Davison

Hello Everyone Just thought I would touch base with you all to confirm that the ground investigation work will commence next week. We will be onsite for up to 10 days undertaking boreholes and windowless sampling in Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Row, Northumberland Close and North Seaton Road. This is a geotechnical investigation which will allow the engineering team to assess the soil conditions within which the flood reduction works are proposed. The boreholes will be undertaken with a small mounted tripod rig towed to site and assembled at the borehole locations (BH), the windowless sampling (WS) will be undertaken by a small drilling rig mounted on rubber tracks. Two or three boreholes / windowless samples can be undertaken in a day, disturbance will be minimal and upon completion the bore holes will be reinstated back to the original condition. A copy of our customer notification letter and plans showing the borehole locations are posted on the Planned Works tab. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me via this portal or by ringing our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 717 1100. I will be pleased to help. Many Thanks Ian
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