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Latest Updates

By Ian Davison

Hi I hope you all remain well I would like to advise of our progress since my update earlier this month. We continue to work closely with Hartlepool Water, Northern Gas Networks and National Power Grid and have agreed the diversionary work required on their networks to avoid clashes with our new sewer. This enabling work will be undertaken in advance of the sewer installation. The programming of this work is yet to be agreed however we anticipate it will commence in June with the main sewer scheme to follow in July taking approximately seven months to complete. I will keep you informed of any programme changes as we progress. Should there be any issues during the enabling works the respective utility company should be contacted The sketch posted on the planned works tab shows the location of the proposed new sewer. We will construct a new storage tank to the rear of Arkley Crescent and you will see we are also increasing the size of sections of the sewer in Arkley Crescent, Miers Avenue and Bruce Crescent. I will be in touch again with more scheme specific and traffic management information closer to the construction start data. We will continue to engage with the local community seeking your views and addressing any concerns you may have. Please leave your comments on this update or get in touch using the “Contact us” button at the top of the page. Alternatively if you would like to contact me by telepnone, now or during the work, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 717 1100 to request a call back from the Project Team. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Again Ian

By Simon Bright

Hi We've started in the area on the grass next to Castle First School today. We'll be forming basins which will store excess surface water during exceptionally high rainfall, they will remain dry most of the time and only come into use when the existing surface water sewer reaches full capacity. We'll form these basins with a cut and fill exercise using a GPS enabled excavator. This work should take no longer than 3 weeks. Simon

By Jodie Pickering

Morning All, This week we are expecting the delivery of a large kiosk that will house telemetry and control various parts of the water treatment process. We expect this delivery to take place on Thursday of this week (25th). Along side this there will be the presence of a large crane which will be used to lift the kiosk from the delivery vehicle into its permanent place. This should be a very straight forward in and out process and we envisage this causing minimal disruption to Warkworth and the surrounding area. I will upload some photographs at the end of the week showing the kiosk and the lifting operation. Many thanks for your patience. Jodie

By Paul Davison

Good morning, it’s been a little while since the last update and I thought I better bring you up to date with progress on site. The vast majority of the pipework within the St George’s site is now complete and we are finishing off the final connections including pressure testing the last section of the rising main. We have made a start reinstating the link road between St George’s Hospital’s car parks and sections along Cottingwood Lane and expect to be complete and demobilised by Friday 9 June. Meanwhile, Linden Homes’ contractor, Esh Construction are continuing with drainage work on St George’s bank with foul drainage complete up to the site entrance. Work will be continuing for the foreseeable future as they progress past the site entrance towards St George’s Hospital with the foul drainage. Once complete, they will be continuing with further road and drainage improvements and expect to be complete later this summer. Kind regards

By Steve Boyd (Project Manager)

5 Photos
Hi everyone, A quick update for you, following my previous blog, this last couple of weeks we have completed the temporary access road including the tarmac installation, as well as access over the existing Letch to our temporary compound set up which is also now complete. We are currently carrying out top soil strip operations within the Farmers fields in preparation to commence the pond excavations. Photos attached. Catch up with you next week, and have a lovely weekend. Steve.    

By Geoff Joyce

Hi everyone, Work continued apace again this week with good progress being made. At the extreme north-east corner of the site work commenced on the installation of the base slab of the MCC (Motor Control Centre). This part of the construction will contain the equipment which will power and control the treatment of water through the Actiflo process (chemical injections, clarification of raw water and removal of suspended solids). Photo attached. At the south end of the site the north-west base slab to the Rapid Gravity Filters was extended, with concrete placed today, Friday. (Photo attached) Mechanical installation commenced in earnest with constuction of scraper blades/ drive motors and baffle plates. Photos attached. Work continued to underground pipe installation to the inlets to the Actiflo building and continued with excavation for a flowmeter chamber, which will house equipment capable of measuring flows into the Works. A flight over the site was undertaken by a drone on Wednesday to record progress. Some members of staff are to attend a talk by a couple at The Hearth Centre in Horsley Village next Thursday (18 May) evening. The talk is on locally-born Landscape Architect Capability Brown. We hope to meet any local NWL customers who might have any queries regarding the WTW Upgrade scheme. My wife has gone away for a well-earned break to her sister's place in Spain. To keep me out of any mischief I've been tasked with some landscape gardening work of my own. I've over-egged the description for dramatic effect here. Due to my loathing of gardening the "architectural graft" I mention consists of fence painting, and cutting the lawn. Oh, and erection of a new trellis to train the growth of a vine-like monstrosity, the roots of which I'm convinced will wreak havoc on the house foundations at some time in the future. However, anything to keep my beloved happy. I'm not sure if my hatred of all things horticulural stems from my ineptitude to successfully cultivate anything other than dandelions (I'd make a pig's ear of a cow's lip - see what I did there?), or my ineptitude stems from my odium (chicken/egg). I'm keeping a close eye on the forecast for the weekend in case the weather should scupper the programme of works. Bring on the rain-dancers! Have an enjoyable weekend. Geoff    

By Simon Bright

Hi We have been delayed on our programme by a few days as there was concrete around the existing culvert which needed to be removed. As long as things go to plan and there are no other obsticles in our way we may be able to catch this lost time up. The manhole over the stream is almost built now and we are getting on well the the drainage along Castle Road. Next week the drain run should be complete ready to start the new manhole at the end of our fencing next to the Rowan Grove Junction. Simon

By Nicholas Tudberry

Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas Tudberry and I am the Project Manager for the work we are planning to undertake at Pegswood sewage treatment works. Our partners, Mott MacDonald Bentley, will be carrying out the work which will begin on 22 May 2017 and be completed in the spring of 2019. The works are being carried out to improve the quality of the Bothal Burn watercourse for the benefit of the people, wildlife and environment. We will post updates throughout the work and if you have any queries or want to make us aware of any additional assistance you require from us during this work then please use the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of this page or post on this feed.

By Christine Taylor

3 Videos
Good morning all, As you will have seen from our photos and update on Tuesdday our site team have been extremely busy.  I feel that my post maybe did them an injustice so today I thought it would be better to post some video footage that they took last week. Let me know what you think. Happy Thursday! Christine

By Mark Robinson

11 Photos
Good News! We've now complete Brunton Lane crossing and the traffic management has been removed. Our workforce installed the 600mm dia. pipe beneath 8 No. HV electric cables and the road crossing in 3 days! Great work by all involved. We are now continuing installation through the farm field beside out compound and making good progress. Lining works have commenced and are well underway with great progress made in the last week. We have installed 4 No. pipe liners and works are currently ongoing to reinstate the manhole channels before the Ultracoat is complete. If the weather stays on side we should be complete the bulk of our works on the Eastern side of the A1 by the end of the week! Our large pumps controlling and diverting live flows will then be moved upstream and the second phase of lining will commence. Once all the liners have been installed we will then begin removing the stone haul road and replacing topsoil. Our subcontractor, MJR Groundworks, have had a challenging time off Roseden Way over the past few months, replacing pipe work online whilst dealing with a series of issues which have occured as a result of live flows and the condition of the existing pipe and environment.  However, the team have complete the installation along with connections downstream and as of today, moved onto their next section of work. Again, great work by all involved. We will have to return to the area in a few weeks to remove some of the old pipe and fill a section beneath Roseden Way with grout, avoiding having to close the road and remove it. You will notice a lot more activity in and around Lynemouth Way from today, with pipe installation commencing from MH1501 to WBF02. What we call 'the dog leg' is the last remaining section of 'Offline' pipework on the project and will almost complete the new pipe line with only two connections remaining. Works will be carried out in close proximity to the residential area and footpath running from West Brunton Farm to Great Park so please be vigilant of moving plant and vehicles. We will continue to carry out our works safely within the extents of our perimeter fence and a footpath diversion will be set in place in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully next week's progress will be as good as the last! Mark

By Geoff Joyce

8 Photos
Hi everyone, I've been having some trouble today trying to update the blog so you may have seen a post that was a copy of last week's account. Hopefully I've short-circuited the problem until I can speak with somebody who's more system savvy than me and will be able to iron out the problems I'm encountering next week. Anyway, it has again been a productive week on site with work continuing to all active areas of the scheme. Wall construction continued to the Rapid Gravity Filters section of the site with fixing of reinforcement and formwork erection. At the north end of the site the MCC base slab was concreted, and formwork erection and steelfixing followed closely behind. Pipelaying continued to the inlet pipes upstream of the Actiflo Building. See progress photos attached. Mike Foster, the NWG Project Manger, and I attended an enjoyable evening yesterday at The Hearth in Horsley village. We were treated to a very informative talk about locally-born landscape supremo Lancelot "Capabilty" Brown. The talk centred around his birthplace of Kirkharle and, specifically, the upgrade works carried out by Kirkharle Hall's current owner. The work has involved landscaping in a Brown style to provide some new lakes, footpaths and wildflower meadow areas surounding the lakes. It looks like a very nice place to visit when the weather's behaving. The visit also gave us the opportunity to talk to some of the local residents, and to update them on the progress on site to date. I'd like to pass on our thanks to the trustees of The Hearth for making us welcome and to all those with whom we chatted. The general consensus was that everyone is happy with the way that work is progressing. I started wondering if my internet problems of earlier today had anything to do with the cyber-attack which has so badly affected the NHS. There was a time when cyber attacks were events that only caused problems for Doctor Who (William Hartnell). At that time I basked in the comfort that rickets was no longer a real threat any more, and Trolls were merely antisocial, quarrelsome and slow-witted creatures who attacked and ate goats. After witnessing a Friday morning's brunch in the site office I've realised that I'm working alongside some present-day Trolls. Enjoy your weekend. Geoff

By Christine Taylor

Good morning everyone, We just want to keep you all informed about the upcoming works.  As we have mentioned before the metal sheets that we installed at the beginning of our works to enable the tank to be installed now need to be removed. The work is planned to start on Monday.  This will mean an increase in noise and vibration which will be monitored on site.  Removing the metal structure may take up to 5 days, and we appreciate your patience whilst this work is being carried out. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to comment here or contact us direct.  My lovely colleague Tony Birkett is on site this morning delivering letters of notification. Thanks again Christine
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