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By Sarah Jayne Vickers

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Good afternoon all, it’s been some time since our last update, so here goes! We have now finished the construction of the tanks, with the final concrete pour carried out on Friday 7th December. This was an important milestone on the job and I'm very pleased to say that it has been completed on schedule, despite the concrete being delayed a few days due to the sub-zero temperatures encountered last week. We're all over the moon to have this completed this side of Christmas and we look forward to breaking up for the holidays next Friday the 21st before returning in the New Year on the 3rd January 2019, doubtless a little more corpulent than when we leave! Our plans for the remainder of the year are to begin backfilling our excavation before the return of our subcontractor, Keltbray in late January who will be removing the steel sheet piles they installed so expertly in July. Upon the completion and removal of these we will connect up our new detention tanks and enjoy a working asset that will significantly reduce the pollution risk in this stunning corner of Durham Late last Month we had a meeting with the Friends of Flass Vale, to start the discussions early on the reinstatement plan. We will be working closely with them throughout the remainder of the project to understand their visions for The Vale and look forward to leaving a legacy we can all be proud of for many years to come.

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, You should have recently received a letter confirming completion of our works.  We asked our customers if they could complete an online survey which is on this portal.  Due to an error this was not shown.  This has now been rectified and is now in place.  It can be found on the blue banner at the top of this screen. Please feel free to complete our questionnaire. Once again, we send our apologies for this error. Christine

By Mark Robinson

Good Morning, Another few weeks have passed and there has been a lot of progress, and change, across the SSTC project. Deptford Terrace Flowmeter is now installed. Following completion of the excavation and temporary works, we constructed the reinforced concrete thrust base and wall. Therafter, the bypass pipe work was complete and pressure tested. Northumbrian Water have taken bacteria samples for testing at their labs before the main can be brought into service. We are currently backfilling the new pipe work and reinstating the area. The tarmac footpath will be replaed tomorrow. Unfortunately, we've had a few set backs at Priestly Crescent which has resulted in delay to the works. The first problem was a defect with material delivered to site. Upon installation, a concrete pipe failed and cracked from end to end. Due it's size, we had to wait 4 days until a new section was manufacturered and delivered to site. Furthermore, last week we had issues with buried services, which has resulted in further delay whilst we work with Northern Powergrid to resolve. This will mean that the works won't be complete in time for the Christmas break (21st December). However, we have discussed the problem with Sunderland City Council and together, came up with a solution that will allow traffic to flow out of Priestly and onto Simpson St. A traffic management one way system will be established on the day we break up for Christmas. Please note, this will NOT allow traffic to enter Priestly from Simspon St. When we return in the New Year, we'll then re-establish the closure and complete our works. Farringdon Row is progressing nicely and we have now installed over 200m of new water main within the carriageway. This is great achievment from the team considering the amount of existing buried services we have had to overcome. Our focus before the Christmas break is now testing and backfilling the section of pipework, before reinstating part of the road to open up the bottom end of Farringdon Row, allowing unhindered access to the Kings Arms pub and Timber Supplies. We will then return in the New Year to complete the installtion up to the B & Q delivery entrance, before connecting customers along this road and commissioning the main. I'll provide another update before we leave for the festivities, Thanks, Mark

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon All, a quick reminder we have a Christmas Coffee Morning on Friday the 14th December at 11:30 am till 2pm. This is to thank all of the residents for their patience and co-operation whist we have carried out the work. The project is in the final stages and we thought how best to celebrate this, than to invite the residents for Coffee, Cake and a natter. It would be fantastic to see you there, and for you to give any feedback (positive or negative), as well as providing support to eat all of the cakes! We look forward to seeing you. Thanks  Sarah MMB    

By Chris Austin

Hi everyone We held a customer drop in session at the Cheviot Centre in Wooler yesterday evening.  The purpose of the session was to provide further information about the proposed works and to seek customer’s views on our proposals to construct a new Water Treatment Works in Wooler.  We had some feedback that the invitation letters that we posted out to customers were received very late on.  We apologise for the late notice. For those of you who want to know more, but were unable to make it last night, please see below a brief summary of what was discussed on the evening. Why are the works are needed  Currently drinking water for Wooler and the surrounding areas is pumped from the ground and treat at our existing sites at Fowberry, east of Wooler.   The existing assets at these sites need to be improved to ensure that we continue to provide a reliable supply of clean, clear and great-tasting tap water for our customers. What is being proposed We are proposing to construct a brand new purpose built Water Treatment Works to replace many of the existing assets.   We have identified a new site opposite Berwick Road Industrial Estate in Wooler.  The new site has good accessibility and communication links.   The adjacent Mart and Industrial Estate also provide an appropriate setting for the new buildings.  The new Water Treatment Works will use modern technology to ensure that we continue to provide a reliable supply of clean, clear and great-tasting tap water for our customers. The main treatment plant and equipment will be housed in a steel clad building which is approximately 40 metres by 20 metres in plan and up to 9 metres in height. Next to the new building we will also construct new tanks, kiosks and hardstanding areas.   Vehicles will access the site via a new access off Berwick Road. Next steps and timescale for construction  We are currently finalising our proposals for a planning application, which will be submitted to Northumberland County Council for approval . You will be able to see this when it’s lodged early in the new year .  Once we have the necessary approvals we currently plan that we will commence construction no sooner than  summer 2019 and the  construction period  will last for approximately 12 months.  Want to know more  We will continue to provide regular project updates on this portal. If you want know more please get in touch directly using the links on this page.    

By Brian Hall

Good afternoon I am the community officer for Interserve Construction and will be working on the Faceby SPS project. I have been able to meet with some residents today while delivering letters and hope to speak to more of you over the next few weeks. I will be on site on a regular basis and also contactable on 07484 516963 if you would like to speak to me I would really like to speak to you if you have any concerns this work may cause problems for you or for anyone else you know. I will be posting updates as work continues and introducing other members of the team Brian

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning all, time for a quick update as its been some time since my last one. We have been in liaising with The Gateshead Cheder School, and we are in the process of agreeing dates where we can visit the school to engaged with the students. We will give the students an overview of what it is were doing at Sunderland road, a site walk around and also deliver an activity building a paper dowel bridge. Hopefully this will inspire the students to consider a career in engineering! Work had been progressing well, which hasn’t been without it complications! Up until the festive holidays we will be carrying out trail holes outside of Computer House. We break up for the holidays on the 21st December and will return in the New Year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to us the 'contact us' button at the top of this page. Thanks Sarah Vickers MMB

By Katie Burdon

Portal update WE 7th December 2018   Monday 3rd December Lobley Hill Road Excavation was carried out at Swallowtail Drive to be able to undertake the 180mm connection Wednesday 5th December 2018 Lobley Hill Road The connection at Swallowtail Drive was undertaken at 9.30am Shields Road The connection on the 90mm open cut at Dalton Street was undertaken Friday 7th December 2018 Glasshouse Bridge The felling of the trees has commenced today in the grassed area on Glasshouse Bridge. This is being undertaken by an independent tree surgeon.  

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon Everyone, I would like to provide you with an update as to what we have been up to and what we have planned up until we break up for Christmas on the 21st December. The Open trench works south of the railway are progressing well despite the weather over the last week or so, we are approximately 25% complete on this section of our project. We have opted to directional drill (horizontal wells) the lower section of the pipe line to cause minimal disruption to the land owners, this section up to the railway will be complete by Christmas. In the new year we will erect scaffolding under the railway footbridge to allow us access to install the new pipe under the bridge deck. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us using the 'contact us' button at the top of the page.

By Martin Curtis-Haigh

Hi We have made a good start at Cockfield. The area is now ready for our cabin set up that is getting delivered next week. Pumping station next stop. At Ramshaw on Tuesday 11-12-18 we start work to get areas ready for the cabins. During this time there will be a few wagons of stone entering the works. Many Thanks Martin

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone Plenty going on both sites this week: Great Ayton: The excavation of the cofferdam is now complete, concrete has been poured to bind the area before pipework is installed next week. Rebar intallation has commenced on the chemical storage bund. Stokesley: The first wall on the chemical storage bund was concreted this week and formwork is in place ready for a concrete pour next week. We have also installed flooring for the primary settlement tank de-sludging works. Finished for weekend now, with just a couple of weeks till Christmas! Speak to you again next week. Brian    

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon, just a quick post to inform you we will be working on Beverley Road this Saturday, Pipe laying.  Work is on track fingers crossed the weather dosent change too much, will have the flows turned before Christmas. Thanks  Sarah Vickers MMB
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