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By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I thought this would be a good time to re-introduce our team, who is currently working in your area as our works progress.  All of our team are here to help, if you have any questions feel free to approach any of us. Our site office is behind the Red Lion in Bedlington. My name is Christine Taylor, I am the Customer Service Manager for Esh Stantec, the supply partner carrying out the work for Northumbrian Water.   Our Site Manager on site is always on site, John Cartwright.  John has worked within the industry for many years, and is extremely experienced.  He will be walking the site on a daily basis, and is happy to be approached for any information. If anyone would like to speak to us regarding the works, I will be happy to come and meet you.  Please contact Northumbrian Water on 03457171100 to arrange an appointment or alternatively contact us via this community portal. Throughout the lifecycle of our works we will aim to update this portal with our progress. I will be in touch very soon with our progress. Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, You will have noticed that we have installed two way traffic lights on Derwentside Road last week.  We expect these to be in place until the 12 March 2020 to allow us to carry out the works.  We have provided safe crossing points for pedestrians and we ask that customers use these when in the area. Thank you Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Just an update on our whereabouts in the estate this week. Today we are carrying out some manhole reinstatements on Roseberry Road.  We expect this work to take 2 days and have notified some customers we are impacting.   Next week we will start the pathway reinstatements, which will be short sections of work, that should not impact our customers too much.  I will be in touch to let you know when and where these works will be. You will have also noticed the 3 ways traffic lights at the junction to Roseberry Crescent from the Stokesley Road.  This is not connected to our works within the estate, although it is still for Northumbrian Water.  They are carrying out an emergency repair, however this work has now been delayed as we await the attendance of Northern Gas Networks.  Once they have attended we can repair the sewer and remove the traffic lights.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however this is emergency work. If anyone would like to discuss these works, please do not hesitate to contact me. Christine

By Colin Butler

Good Afternoon,   Another update on our works through Durham which are still progressing nicely. We plan on crossing the road into the Southern carriageway throughout the course of the next fortnight as we thread the needle of our new pipeline through a multitude of service crossings which a recent visitor described as; 'Spaghetti Junction meets Kerplunk' We're ahead of programme currently and hope to continue in the same vein. There should be a good number of parking bays handed back for public use by the end of the week providing the weather breaks a little. Please remain to be vigilant whilst walking through Durham in light of the bad weather as conditions are treacherous underfoot. If you're unsure or stuck, please speak to One of the guys currently working in Old Elvet who're equipped with rock salt and snow shovels and will be happy to help in any way. We also have first aid provisions readily available. Due to the recent poor weather and increased likelihood of slips and trips we've decided to bring in a new worker who's photograph is below. His main job is to watch out for you guys and make sure you're all taking care to watch where you're going before stepping into roads and to ensure there are no uncomfortable footway collisions. Please say Hi to 'Tom' when you get the chance and remember to not be a 'Smombie'!

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, We are now at the end of our works on Wheatlands. By the end of the day we will have removed all the fencing and signage from this area.  Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we carried out this section of work.  You will still see us in the area for the next couple of weeks, as we carry out some remedial works on pathways etc.  The local authority will be meeting our site team to discuss the remedials prior to completion.  Northumbrian Water do have some work to do in the estate, however we will keep customers updated. Have a great weekend. Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, I have been to site this morning and seen that the team have made great progress.  You will see that today the road is being reinstated and the tarmac being laid.  This is great news! As of tomorrow, Wheatlands will be reopened and residents can park back on drives. Once this work is completed we have some remedial works to carry out on the estate.  I will keep you updated of our whereabouts over the next few weeks. Once again thank you for your patience whilst we continue our works. Speak soon Christine

By Brian Hall

Northumbrian Water need to undertake some additional works at Great Ayton Sewage Treatment Works to ensure that we can reliably achieve the new consent standard that has been set by the Environment Agency. This will mean that additional construction works will be taking place on site between Monday 24th February and Friday 3rd April. If you would like to discuss these additional works then please feel free to get in touch. Dean Thompson NWL Project Manager  

By Tina Robinson

Good afternoon,   Our project to provide a new water main to Boulby Mine is going well with only the final tie at the meter house at Boulby Mine to be completed.  This has been delayed slighted with the wet weather that we have been experiencing with Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis.  Once the tie in is complete, Fastflow will be removing the compound that is set up at Twizzie Gill Farm and as the weather dries up they will be reinstating the top soil on the farmer's fields. As part of our reinstatement works we will be planting Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), Elder (Sambucus nigra) and Holly (Ilex aquifolium) in the area where we have crossed one of the local watercourses leading to Easington Beck.  These plants are beneficial to the local wildlife and should allow the bank side to grow back quickly. We will be in touch soon with further updates. Tina Northumbrian Water Project Manager

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, We have a recent addition to our team who would like very much to be introduced to our customers. Mark Nicholson is our Contracts Manager for the scheme working for Esh/Stantec. Mark will oversee the site team and works on site, working closey with Scott Jackson our Project Manager.  He also meets with Ian Davison from Northumbrian Water to discuss our progress and any challenges that may arise. Mark is often on site and happy to speak to customers, as are all our site team. Happy Valentines Day and have a great weekend. Christine

By Brian Hall

Hi everyone Our cabin set up is now in place ready for Phase 2 works to start. Over the next few weeks you may see a bit of activity around the Northern and Southern Spillway and also on the Dam Crest. We are just going to carry out a few final checks and doing some minor investigation digs to help us with the design. We will keep access for walkers open during this period. We hope to commence works to the Dam crest sometime in the middle of March we will keep you posted on how that goes Many Thanks

By Ian Davison

Hi Just a quick note to advise that we continue to develop the design and remain on programme to commence the construction works in Spring 2020. We are working towards an early May start we will be writing to you in advance of the works and aim to hold a customer information drop in event in April. We are in the process of securing a venue, I will contact you about this in advance of the event taking place. We plan to undertake some survey work over the coming weekend 360 (Three Sixty Group) will be onsite on Saturday 15th February. This is non-intrusive work, no access to property will be required and all work will be carried out from the highway. I will continue to keep you up to date with our plans for this work as we get closer to the start date. Have a great weekend Ian

By Brian Hall

Fontburn Water Treatment Works – Lime Dosing Refurbishment Project Background - Fontburn Water Treatment Works has a deployable output of 19 Mega litres per day. Located in Warkworth, Northumberland it is a strategically important works supplying 68,636 properties in Northumberland. NWG has given a DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) Undertaking to deliver a technical solution for replacement of the lime dosing system by the 31st of August 2020. To achieve this and to prevent issues with the water leaving the works a refurbishment of the existing system will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1 will commence on site by the end of March and will progress until September 2020. The date for Phase 2 will be confirmed in due course. The scope of the work to achieve this will include replacement of the existing bulk storage silos, batching tanks and ultimately new dosing equipment. In addition other activities will be carried out concurrently to upgrade other processes on site. The technical solutions will address the DWI Undertaking for compliance requirements and deliver a key strand of our strategy to maintain water quality standards. The benefit the customer will ensure Clean Clear Drinking Water that Tastes Good being received at their tap ensuring NWG achieves our Overall Drinking Water Quality compliance Measure of Success. Glyn Jenkins NWL Project Manager  
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