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Latest Updates

By Brian Hall

5 Photos
Thanks to everyone who came along and participated at our community event at the W.I. on Saturday. We were keen to update everyone on how the site is progressing and the changes we have had to make to the original plan.  I think everyone who attended found the information interesting, we took away lots of good ideas and feedback from local people which will be very useful for us as we progress towards the end of the project and look at how we can make a positive difference to the village. Many thanks Brian  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Sorry we've not been in touch for a while. All works are now complete across the site. However, we will need to return later this month to install some hedges to the field opposite Lynemouth Way and a section adjacent to the A1, accessing from Maynard Street. This is because they need to be planted at a certain time of the year to ensure optimum growth. Next year, we will return to complete the rotavating and seeding on Lynemouth Way and Maynard Street. The compound will remain in place and will be used for another nearby scheme until March 2018. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and understanding while we completed these works. Regards Tony

By Brian Hall

Paul Kell is our foreman on the Seahouses Harbour project. A very experienced foreman he will ensure the smooth running of the site and make sure impact to other harbour users and residents is kept to a minimum. Paul will be on site throughout the project and is always happy to help with enquiries and have a chat.

By Simon Bright

Hi Vinnie and Bernie have had another productive week, the tank area has been backfilled, connections were made in and out of the tank and a manhole has been built. Next week we plan to install drainage along the connecting footpath from the tank area to Dene Close. The footpath will be closed from 39 to 42 Piper Road and we will need access off Dene Close. Simon

By Anthony Birkett

Good News!! As you may have noticed, as well as Midfield Drive, we finished the premanent reinstatements on the sea front as well! I've attached a couple of photos of it. We're nearing the end of the scheme now, finishing off in St Peters and Roker, so not too long before we're off! Tony

By Joan Tatters

Hello, Jamie and I would just like to thank the residents of Bickford Terrace for their time and kindness yesterday. We managed to speak to the majority of you however, for those we didn't, we would just like to let you know there will be traffic management on from tomorrow commencing by the entrance of 3M along Heighington Lane towards the roundabout. These will move along the lane until Christmas when they will be taken off so you can enjoy the festivities peacefully. (from 23 December until 4 January)  Apologies in adavance of this while we conduct these works but rest assured we will endeavour to keep the disruption to a minimum. I will update you of our developments right up to Christmas on a regular basis so please if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks  

By Mark Robinson

5 Photos
Morning everyone, I visited our two live sites yesterday morning to have a look at our progress and speak with the site teams. Here is a little update and a few photos of each: Merlin Way - following the enabling works and setting up our site, we have now complete the excavation for the main chamber and removed a section of the existing 600mm dia. water main. The concrete blinding has been installed and we are preparing to commence steel reinforcement for the base tomorrow. The work area is very restricted and this means it takes a little more time to carry out the works safely. However, it also reduces our impact on local traffic by keeping the adjacent carriageway open at all times. Always a plus!! Whitley Rd - I'm pleased to say we are currently 'tidying' the work area and putting in the finishing touches with a bit of extra care and attention to detail following completion of the bulk of the construction works.The kerbs have been reinstated, topsoil placed and verge put back to normal and finally, tarmac installed for the base course of the footpath. Our team were completing the ducts and kiosk plinth this afternoon. Overall, works are progressing nicely and it's great to see the new assets being installed and the project coming together. We are currently on target and working as efficiently as we can to reduce the impact we have on road users, pedestrians and customers. Fingers crossed, we'll have 3 of the new valves and chambers installed for Christmas! Mark

By Brian Hall

Hello I am am the customer manager for Interserve Construction on this project which we are carrying out with NWL. I have already visited the locality and spoken with some residents about our plans. While our work is going on I will be at the site as much as possible and will be available to talk to about any of your concerns or suggestions you may have. Hopefully we will not cause you any inconvenience or annoyance but please let me know if we do. Brian  

By Brian Hall

Free tea  Free cake   Come along to an informal drop in session at the Horsley Womens Institute on Saturday 18th November 2017 between 10am and 2pm. We will be having tea and cake and talking about our plans at the Northumbrian Water site at Horsley and what they mean for local people. We have some great visual presentations and would love to hear what you think about our work and how we can help the village All welcome (including dogs and children) *also serving coffee, squash and sweets!  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone We are getting very close to finishing at Wapping Burn! This week we are continuing to work towards joining the two ends of pipe together. Once they meet we'll backfill and then start testing. All being well we should be testing, reinstating and removing the compound from site next week. I'll keep you informed of our progress when we start to pull off site. Tony

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I thought it would be good to introduce another member of my team who people don't get to see, but we all speak to her regularly.  If you are anything like me, it is always great to put a face to a name. This lovely lady is Ann Scott.  Ann sits in our office answering any customer enquiries that may come into the business and supports the team on a daily basis. See you all soon Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I thought it would be good to introduce another member of my team who people don't get to see, but we all speak to her regularly.  If you are anything like me, it is always great to put a face to a name. This lovely lady is Ann Scott.  Ann sits in our office answering any customer enquiries that may come into the business and supports the team on a daily basis. See you all soon Christine
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