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By Brian Hall

Hi At Great Ayton Sewage Treatment Works the team have had a successful week carrying out critical tie ins.  Northumbrian Water and the framework partners worked really well together to allow this to happen. This now allows reinstatement of areas to be carried out. Sheet piles around the new humus tank are now removed and backfill is almost done. Footpaths to construct next. At Stokesley Sewage Treatment Works the civil Construction work is now complete. Our commissioning department are now busy making everything work.   Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend   Thanks

By Brian Hall

Hi   Construction activities are now at the peak on the 3 sites and the teams are doing a fantastic job ! At Ramshaw and Butterknowle we are busy completing the new storm tanks and electrical building foundations. Duct work at Cockfield is nearly complete to allow the electrical experts to follow on. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Hope it stays dry !!   Thanks   Martin

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Simon is off site this week, so Adam has provided the information for this week's portal update - thanks Adam! On the trenchless crossing of Beach Road, we managed to get the pilots through last Friday. This enabled us to start drilling through on Monday this week - its quite rocky underground, so this is slowing us down a little and we may need to order in a specialist piece of equipment from Germany to speed things up. With the drainage on the other side of the road, we continue to construct the manholes and associated drainage and will need to switch the footpath closures in the near future. We'll let you know when this will be nearer the time. In the meantime, enjoy the mini-burst of good weather and I hope it continues into the weekend! Tony

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone My name is Brian Hall, I am the Interserve customer manager for this project and I will oversee the community engagement at Grassholme revervoir while work is being carried out. I will try to ensure a high level of customer service and community engagement and will be visiting the site on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me if you  have any questions or comments about the work.  Brian

By Brian Hall

A Customer event day is planned for June 2019. We will update this page and inform key stakeholders in advance of the event. The event is likely to take place at the reservoir lodge shop.  We'd really like to hear from you if you have any questions or comments so please get in touch using the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page or leave a comment below.  

By Anthony Birkett

6 Photos
Hi Everyone I've been taking advantage of the lovely weather and been out and about round by the Lake this morning checking on the progress of our Gabion Baskets and Floating Eco-systems. I've attached a few pictures. As you can see, the gabion baskets in the smaller lake to the East of Southgate are flourishing - even the nesting coot beside them approves! The floating eco-systems are a bit more difficult to check on progress (as they are in the middle of the lake!), but you can just about see in my pictures that there are green shoots clearly showing - no doubt over the next few months this should take hold too! Regards Tony

By Paul Davison

Good morning, Starting this week, we have been putting new white lines down in the car park in advance of installing temporary hoarding for our working area. The majority of access lanes running between the parking bays are now 2-way, please familiarise yourselves with the new road markings and give way appropriately. The installation of the hoarding will take up to two weeks to complete and we may need a little extra working area while we install the fence posts and panels. Once secure, we will be starting work on the construction of the new pumping station shaft and will keep you updated on progress. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation while we complete these works.

By Joan Tatters

Hello, As promised, here are some photos. Last week the team took out the first of one of the old pumps and screen along with all associated pipework and metalwork. Have alook at one of our divers in action after removal of the screen. This week we will be working on temporary work to enable us to install the new screen and pump while keeping the remaining old screen and pumps working 24hrs.

By Kevin McGargle

Good Morning Just a quick update on the Killingworth area of this scheme in that our works on Salters lane have been completed 1 day earlier than anticipated so we will be able to start at Bamburgh Road (Palmersville Chippy) 1 day earlier than planned, this is for a duration of up to 3 weeks. Kind Regards Kevin Mcgargle Site Manager.

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend, it was nice to see the sun yesterday. We are currently sitting in a progress meeting to discuss the Great Ayton site.  It has come to my attention that our signage has been tampered with over the last few weeks on a number of occasions.  Our team is aware and constantly checking the directional signage. However, we would like to make the community aware that our diversion arrows may be pointing in the wrong direction, we will Endeavour to keep the signage correct. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.  Christine

By Ian Davison

Hi I hope you have all had a great weekend, following last week’s update I have some dates for the landscape & fencing maintenance visit. Wharton Landscapes will be grass cutting, stone picking and over seeding any bare patches on the playing fields swale, bund and basin as necessary Thursday & Friday of this week. The landscaper will also inspect the Dean Garth Basin undertaking a cut and stone pick. Usually wild flower areas in their first season require a spring cut to remove any overpowering weeds to allow the new seed mix to take. However the damp ground conditions of a couple of weeks ago followed by a warm spell has resulted in the wild flower mix establishing strongly, it has not been overpowered by weeds. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to let the wildflower self-seed over the remainder of the season undertaking the first cut in the autumn. I hope the flowers will attract the wild life in and make for an interesting and colourful walking area at the northern edge of the playing fields. The contractor will return to site w/c 27th May to complete the outstanding fencing works As I mentioned previously we continue to work with all parties with respect to the implementation of the Dean Garth solution, I will be back in touch when the construction start date is agreed Regards Ian

By Brian Hall

Hi everyone Just a brief update; we are still on site dealing with commissioning issues with some internal work. We have no external work planned or deliveries coming and going so should not be impacting anyone near site Brian  
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