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By Brian Hall

Hi everyone We have almost completed the base for the filter. For the next few days we will be concentrating on metal work, constructing the cages and framework for the filter to be seated on.  The filter should be on site sometime next week. Because of supply issues we may have to extend the completion date of the project slightly, I will update you all on this next week. Brian  

By Sophie Clare

As you may have noticed, the Biomatrix floating rafts have now been launched into the lake. Thanks to Westmoor Primary School for helping to plant the new vegetation! Once established, these rafts will provide new biodiverse wildlife habitat both on the surface of the lake and also under the waterline. The below-water roots create an ideal refuge and feeding zone for fish within the lake. Local resident Wally has taken some amazing drone shots of the Biomatrix islands being floated into the lake.  Did you know? Floating plants absorb 10-20 times more pollutants than they would on shore!

By Kevin McGargle

Good Afternoon, Just a brief update to our works on Great Lime Road as below:- Miller Close is now completed at the site entrance and permanently reinstated, The developer Taylor Wimpey is organising the white linining of the entrance in due course so please be vigilant for when this being carried out. Whiteley Road Holystone - we have re-commenced the installation of the linestop on the main, we anticipate works in this area to be complete as of wednesday next week. The next phase of work is located at the junction of Glebe road/ Great lime Road, this will commence on 28th March 2019 for a duration of 3 days. Please also be aware that we have major works upcoming at the Roundabout of Southgate/ Great Lime Road on the 8th of April for 1 week and the roundabout of Whiteley Road/ Great Lime Road on the 15th April for 1 week.  

By Steve Boyd (Project Manager)

Good afternoon everyone, The new drainage network installation within Cleveland Lodge grounds are going well, our operatives are continuing to install the 750mm diameter surface water pipes from our first underground trenchless drive pit adjacent to Newton Road, towards our second drive pit which is adjacent to Farm Garth. The underground Trenchless/Auger boring works are now complete as of today, both trenchless operations have gone very well, Darren Whale our site manager and Greg Patterson site engineer have  been working very closely with our specialist sub contractor Pipeline Drillers with the line and level for the underground trenchless installations, with site leveling operations being almost millimeter perfect. (Thanks for the great effort Lads) Attached below are a few photo's along with a short video of the final pipe jacking operations  We shall keep you updated as our works progresses Steve 

By Ian Davison

Hi, I hope you all remain well and apologies for not being in touch for a while You may remember that in September last year I provided an update about the work we were planning to undertake in Whitton. I promised to keep you up to date regarding this  proposal. I mentioned that our design team had identified a solution that would see a new sewer installed within Whitton Bank, with a new package treatment plant and outfall sewer to the river Coquet. We were planning to commence these works in the late spring of 2019. Further information has come to the design teams attention during our investigations which we had to consider. The package treatment plant solution outlined is no longer viable and an alternative pumped option is now under review. I want to share our new proposal with you to understand your views about this alternative option and agree how we can minimise any disruption that you and your community may experience once the work is underway. We are proposing the construction of a new pumping station, rising main and gravity sewer. I have posted a plan (Schematic Plan March 19) on the “Planned Work Tab” which shows the areas that we propose to be working in. The work will be delivered in two phases and there will be an interim period where tankering of flows will be necessary. The project team are now working towards commencing the phase 1 construction work in the autumn of 2019. The phase two works are currently planned for 2020/21. It is unlikely that driveways will be blocked while undertaking the work however if it is necessary to work adjacent to driveways we will contact you in advance to discuss any access restrictions and the appropriate mitigation.  I apologise for the delay and I will continue to keep you up to date with our plans for this essential work. Regards Ian  

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Yesterday, my friend and colleague, Clare Davison visited Roseberry Academy.  Clare delivered a presentation on Health and Safety around our site and our work.  As a favour to both me and the site team, we have asked the pupils to design a Health and Safety poster for our fencing.  We are really excited to see what the children come up with.  However I thought it would be useful to introduce our health and safety mascot, Dudly the elephant to you all, so you can help the pupils with their posters. Here is a photo of me and my colleague Becky, with the lovely Dudley on one of our sites.  Dudley can just turn up at any time on one of our sites to carry out an inspection and check local children are being safe around our works.  A big hint for all the pupils is; we love to see Dudley on our posters!!! Good luck Christine  

By Brian Hall

Meet the Team   Paul Coates is our General Foreman on site at West Wylam. Paul has a huge amount of experience in all areas of construction and joined our team at Interserve last year. His priority is to complete this job with miminal impact on the local environment and community. Paul is always available to chat with on site if you have any questions or comments on our work. Brian  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone As you will have seen, we have started our work on the grassed area off Beach Road. As with any scheme, our first task is to establish the compound area. Over the last week we have dug out and surfaced the entry points to the compound and put down a stone base. The cabins are scheduled to arrive next week. We have also stripped the topsoil from Whitecliffe path towards Ludlow path. As we've mentioned previously, we will maintain access to at least one of the paths throughout the work. I've attached a couple of Photos that Adam on site sent through showing our work this week. We'll be in touch with regular updates throughout the scheme. Regards Tony

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning All, we are making good progress and are in the final sates of the project. Last week we completed the resurfacing at Flassburn Road to remedy any wear and tear caused by vehicles accessing the site. I understand there may have been an issue getting bins emptied at Springwell Avenue and apologise for this. Usually we would drag the bins to an area the wagon can access, however due to the weather conditions we didn’t think this was a good idea. I have contacted Durham County Council to log the missed collection, they have advised a wagon will return over the next couple of days, if possible could you leave you bins out so they can be accessed. We have a busy week planned in this week, working in the Vale, building steps, laying footpaths, fencing as well as landscaping and seeding. We would like to thank you for your patience throughout this project and If you have any questions or concerns please use the contact us button at the top of the page. Thanks Sarah

By Katie Burdon

Portal Update WE 15.03.19   The 90mm connections on Dalton Street and Corbridge Street are now completed. Robinson Street connection is to be undertaken at 10.00am on Monday 18th March.   Glasshouse Bridge 225mm connection was undertaken on 11th and 12th March and the outstanding work is the reinstatement in the car park of the Enterprise Centre. 122m of 63mm pipe insert at Lobley Hill Road has been undertaken and the garage service has been transferred. Fastflow made another donation of food and clothes the Elim Centre Food Bank on Heaton Road in Byker.

By Anthony Birkett

11 Photos
Hi Everyone As I've alluded to in the last couple of updates, we had some very special guests from Westmoor Primary School on site last week. The school council kindly agreed to put on their gardening gloves to help bring life to Killingworth Lake. Floating eco-systems, designed and made by specialist contractor Biomatrix Water, have been installed on Killingworth Lake to give plants and animals a place to live, both above and below the water. Fixed in the centre of the lake, they will also help to keep the lake clear, with their plant roots sucking up nutrients and cleansing the water. It’s the first time Northumbrian Water has used floating eco-systems as part of a project, to help improve water quality and biodiversity. The day went down very well and the kids seemed to enjoy planting the floating gardens. I've attached a few photos and a video of the day. It will take a little while to establish, so I have also attached a few pictures of islands from other projects to give an idea of what it may look like. Project Manager, Lynn Preston, said: “It was a pleasure to have Westmoor Primary School join us in establishing the floating islands with plants and shrubs, and for them to learn about biodiversity with a talk from Biomatrix. As well as being an attractive addition to the lake, the islands will provide a natural habitat for wildlife and fish, as well as keep the lake clean and clear.” Cllr Carole Burdis, cabinet member for Community Safety, North Tyneside Council, said: “I am really pleased to see local schoolchildren getting involved in the planting and learning all about biodiversity. Killingworth Lake is a beautiful spot and the floating islands look great and bring something different and unique.” Nicola Hyslop, lead officer for the project from Environment Agency, said: "It′s fantastic that Westmoor Primary School joined us in establishing the floating islands, which will be a great addition to the lake, providing a natural habitat for wildlife." Thanks once again to our friends at Westmoor Primary School for your help last week, it was much appreiated. Regards Tony

By Brian Hall

  Hi Everyone   Considering the rain showers we have had this week our sub contractors Meldrum Construction are still making really good progress. Structures are all on programme. We are in talks with the next sub contractors to follow on to ensure that deliveries are managed well to avoid any disruption. We will let you know closer to the time. We are expecting to remove a cabin at Ramshaw stw during week commencing 18th March 2019 Some photos attached show this weeks progress. Hope you have a good weekend.   Thanks   Martin
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