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By Rachel Nelson

Good afternoon everyone A few things to update on this week: The stray dumpy bags were removed from the river this week by our supply partners. The piling contractors (Bullivant's) have finalised the design for the piling work that needs to be carried out to support the back lane. This will be re-submitted in the Application in Principle to the council. Stantec are working on the design to tie-in the existing wall to the piles. We have been working with your local councillors to try and get an update on the traffic and also confirm the date for the next meeting which will be on either Friday 23rd or 30th April. Have a great weekend. Kind regards Rachel  

By Amanda Hunt

Hi Everyone, Following on from Colin,s introduction and details about this project I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Amanda Hunt, Customer Care Manager for Northumbrian Water and part of the project team working closely with our supply partners MMB who are undertaking the work on our behalf. I work hand in hand with MMB's Customer Liason Officer Gabrielle Ward to ensure that our customers are always considered. I know that Gaby will be logged on here soon with her own introduction and will also provide regular updated as the works progress. But for any comments or queries you might have please let us know by commenting below or by using the contact button above at the top of this page.   Thanks Amanda

By Colin Burdon

1st April 2021 Hi, Please let me introduce myself as the Project Manager responsible for this project. University sewage treatment works aids Northumbrian Water in improving the quality of rivers and coastal waters for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife. We are upgrading the capacity of the sewage treatment works to meet the increased number of customers in the area due to additional new housing and student accommodation.  Our work is commencing in April 2021 and is planned to complete in March 2022. The construction activity will be within our existing site boundaries but the number of vehicles accessing our sewage treatment works will increase during this time and we politely ask you to be vigilant when you are on Hollingside Lane. Our Northumbrian Water project team and our contractor Mott Macdonald Bentley,  will be adding progress updates to this website and you can use it to leave messages for our project team as well. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.                                                                                                   Regards, Colin Burdon

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon all, we want to make you aware that our investigation work will be starting week commencing 12th April for up to 4 weeks. MMB will be carrying out Topographic surveys of the land whilst Dunelm will be carrying out the ground investigation work along the proposed pipe route from Pittington to Sherburn. A topo survey sometimes called a land survey, uses highly specialised survey equipment to measure the position and height of both the artificial and natural topographic features on the site. Examples of natural topographic features Slopes, natural banks, and depressions in the land. Whereas Ground investigations are a means of determining the condition of the ground before beginning construction works. They focus specifically on intrusive geotechnical work such as trial pits and boreholes. Whilst these surveys are being carried out NWG, MMB or Dunelm will not require access into your homes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or use the contact us option at the top of this page. Thanks Sarah

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon, you will notice we are clearing the site today as our investigation work comes to a close. As part of these investigations, we had to locate the main gas pipe along North Road up to the roundabout. Darlington Borough Council allowed us the weekend to investigate at the roundabout with traffic management whilst the roads were at their quietest however due to the depth we were unable to successfully locate the pipe. After discussions with DBC they have agreed to give us a larger window of time to do this part of the investigation which is now scheduled to start on 6th April and removed no later than 11th April. We will keep disruption to a minimum and would like to thank you for your patience during this time. Sarah

By Joan Tatters

5 Photos
Good Afternoon, Just thought I'd share some photos with you after my visit to the compound this morning............ It was lovely speaking to some of the local residents and fishermen this morning who were obviously taking advantage of the great weather. James and the team are making progress with introducing the haul road. As the deliveries are starting to happen that little more often at the moment please take care. Once everything is set up they will only happen as and when we need them as the project continues. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and please feel free to drop me a line if you wish to ask anything.

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. I want to update everyone on the progress we have made at the Dilstonhaugh site over the past couple of weeks. The site team has set up the site compound and stores areas to the west of the existing car park at Dilstonhaugh. These works will not affect the use of the public car park or access to the nearby walkways. Our works are contained inside the new site fenceline. We are getting ready for the next phases of the project. These will start shortly.

By Becky Gartland

Good afternoon Everyone, Following our work over the last 18 months, you will see our site team returning to site on Monday 12th April 2021 for a period of up to 3 weeks. They will be working within the location of the basins to complete minor defect works.  There will be plant equipment in operation with banksmen in attendance to maintain safety for pedestrians passing the working area. Footpaths from Ludlow Avenue, Whitehouse Lane and Whitecliffe Close will remain open during these works. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these works, please do not hesitate to contact Christine Taylor on nwl.customer@esh.uk.com.  Regards  Becky   

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In this update, I want to tell you about some reinstatement work we did at the Croft's Lane play park. Our site teams worked with Northumbrian Water to "give something back" to the local community. We worked with Horsley Parish Council and our neighbours. We removed the debris and soil from the north east quadrant of the play park. We levelled the topsoil and seeded the area. We replaced a section of timber post and rail fence after the reinstatement works were completed. 

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello again. I want to update you on the works that are happening at the Bellingham site. We will be replacing the filter media in the existing filter beds and refurbishing the the exising filter tanks. The site team recevied the temporary filter treatment equipment two weeks ago. We have installed this equipment and are letting the filter media "seed" before we divert the sewage flows through the temporary treatment. It's all going to plan  The next phase will be to divert the flows and start working on the existing filter beds. The site teams will carry out the refurbishment works to the existing filter beds. We will replace the tiles at the bottom of the filter beds and place new filter media into the tanks. The site works will be carried out without affecting our neighbours. We will have some additional deliveries to the site.

By Loren Jennings

I just wanted to let the community know that next week, on April 7th, we will be undertaking further surveys of the sewer and drainage network in proximity to Blackhills Gill.  The purpose of this is to try to locate historical pipes and culverts, as well as confirm to where they may drain.  We will be using a small amount of dye to trace these flows, so don't be alarmed if you by chance see some discoloured water (green) in the Gill.

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello everyone. In today's update, I want to tell you about the good progress we are making at the Marden pumping station site. I also want to tell you about the controls that we have in place to manage the risks associated with Covid-19. We have a robust system in place to control works in the offices and on site to ensure we protect our site teams.  We have stripped out a lot of the existing cabling and electrical apparatus that are being renewed in this project. We are installing the new cables and electrical equipment. Our electricians are working in the main building. We have agreed a programme of interventions with Northumbrian Water. We have successfully completed our first intervention. The mechanical installation programme is progressing well. Our Covid-19 control measures on site are founded on the principles set by the NHS. Our site rules emphasise the importance of washing and sanitising your hands, wearing a suitable mask and maintaining a safe distance between you and your colleagues. Our offices are set up to ensure we can maintain a 2m safe distance at all times. We have imposed a maximum occupancy limit on all our offices, workplaces and welfare units. We ask our colleagues to keep windows open in the offices, avoid face to face meetings, disinfect all durfaces after using a work area and wearing the correct personal protective equipment at all times.   
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