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By Karen Alexander

Good morning Farrans Construction is a leading civil engineering and building contractor with over 80 years' experience of delivering world-class projects across the UK and Ireland. We employ more than 650 people and have offices in London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Monaghan and Belfast. Our projects have an important role in the everyday lives of people and we are proud to be working closely with Northumbrian Water on a number of schemes which will bring significant benefits to this region including Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley and Barsham Water Treatment Works. Making a positive difference to the communities in which we operate is our passion and we place social responsibility at the heart of every scheme, by working with local supply chain, supporting local charitable organisations and providing skills development opportunities through workshops and apprenticeships. We look forward to working with all of our stakeholders to leave a lasting legacy while delivering Scripton Bridge. Kind regards   Karen Alexander Stakeholder and Social Value Co-ordinator Farrans Construction

By Karen Alexander

Good morning Last month saw a HUGE milestone for our 57km Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley team! This was the moment that ‘Penelope’, the tunnel boring machine, broke through to the west shaft, completing its 220m journey under the River Tees. The tunnelling took just under five weeks to complete, having started at the base of the 46 metre deep east shaft in early April, reaching the 32 metre deep west shaft on Wednesday 15th May.   The machine was then lifted out using a special crane, with the team comprising Northumbrian Water, Farrans Construction and tunnelling specialists Joseph Gallagher Limited, set to make a start on the next phase. This will include sealing work before the twin water mains are installed horizontally through the tunnel.  Putting two mains through the tunnel adds resilience to this £155m investment, ensuring a back-up is readily available in case of any problems. The pipeline will connect Lartington Water Treatment Works with around 200,000 customers to the south of County Durham and across into Teesdale. Kind regards Karen Alexander Farrans’ Stakeholder and Social Value Co-ordinator

By Alice Blackett

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Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Works are progressing well with the Flow Meter Chamber and By-pass Pipework now complete. The motor control centres are now in place and the Kiosk has been placed over the top ready for connection to the electric supply. This will be the controls for the new works.  Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Alice  

By Bethany Oakley

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Good afternoon all, I hope you are well and having a great week so far!  I'd firstly like to introduce myself, my name is Bethany Oakley and I am a Customer Liaison Officer for Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB). Going forward, I will be taking on the Carlton and Redmarshall works and will therefore be keeping you up to speed with the works and providing updates on the Customer Portal. I wanted to give you a quick update on the progress following the last update and I will also include some photos. I am pleased to say that we have recently installed the two chemical dosing kiosk we have also installed the MCC kiosk and the MCC electrical panel which is great progress! The Site Team have cast the concrete mecana slab and have taken delivery of the mecana units. The concrete base in the primary settlement tank excavation has also been installed.  The electrical works are currently ongoing with the subcontractor, Intellect, and work is ongoing with MMB on the primary settlement tank and associated pipework. As always, should you have any questions you'd like to ask us, please pop this in the comments below and a member of the Project Team will respond.  Thanks again for your continued patience and cooperation. Bethany

By Bethany Oakley

Good afternoon,  I'd like to start off the update by introducing myself, my name is Bethany Oakley and I am the Customer Liaison Officer looking after Lanchester Sewer Treatment Works on behalf of Mott Macdonald Bentley (MMB). Going forward I will be adding updates to the portal as the works progress.  I will include some photos to my update for you to take a look at.  Since our last update, I am pleased to report that the tankering operation has been complete however, the ecological visit for nesting birds is currently ongoing.  We have also reclaimed a small portion of reed bed which will allow us to potentially start building the new MCC (motor control centre) trench. The NSAF reinforcement is also coming together nicely and we have poured the second base slab for the chemical bunds. We are now continuing with the chemical bund walls. Should you have any questions or queries, please dont hesitate to leave a comment below and a member of the project team will get back to you. As always, thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Bethany

By Julie Oakley

Good afternoon all, just a quick update to let you know we are expecting cabins for the site, which is fairly large to be delivered over 2 days  - 19th & 20th June 2024,  this will not cause any major disruption but there could be limited access along the main road until we get the cabins onto site. I hope we are not causing too much disruption and we thank you for your patience, if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below or use the details provided to contact us and a member of the team will get back to you. thank you Julie

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Hi all, Following my update in May, we can now confirm that reinstatement work has begun. This morning, we started on the Yarm School fields, focusing on muck away and extending the car park. We aim to complete full reinstatement of this section by next Friday, the 21st of June. Work on Lartington Way will start towards the end of this week, and we hope to have this completed by next Friday, the 21st of June as well. Egglescliffe School's running track is expected to be finished next week, with the reinstatement to be completed the following week. Overall, we are aiming to have all sections completed by Friday, the 28th of June, weather permitting. If you have any questions, please comment below and one of the team will get back to you. We would like to thank you for your patience while our work is ongoing to restore your area to its former beauty.

By Rachel Rutter

Good morning, Following on from the previous update the earthworks and stoning up operations have continued, and the team have excavated and installed the temporary stone access road down to the proposed working easement. The team have also installed the temporary timber bog mats as protection to the HP gas main at the entrance to Longnewton. The existing access track has been excavated and widened to form a public walkway, followed by installation and construction of our stone temporary site compound set up. Heras fencing and posts along with weld mesh gates has been installed for security. Asbestos pre-demolition surveys to Longnewton & Goosebeck have been completed including BSG Ecology attended site on Wednesday 5 June to carry out a Bat climb to the tree alignment. Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. Thank you for your time! Rachel  

By Rachel Rutter

Good morning, Hope everyone is well.  The new 600mm diameter pipework for the siphon has been pressure tested and passed with flying colours! Base and walls have been completed on the penstock chamber and the team have installed the new access into the settlement tank. New monitoring pins have been installed on the dam crest. Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. Thank you for your time. Rachel

By Rachel Rutter

Good morning The main compound has now been installed and secured. Cabins are in place and CCTV set up. The working area is now secured with fencing and further topsoil has been stripped in preparation for work.  You may have seen the team working in the field on Green Lane, fencing has been installed around the working zones to allow access to continue. The new entrance way to the field is complete including widening of the entrance to allow large vehicle access.  You may notice the bus stop has been relocated with a temporary footpath 50 meters from the existing area, this is to make sure the team are causing minimal disruption to those close by and to make sure all are safe.  Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. Thank you for your time! Rachel

By Dave Eden

Morning All. Time for another update on the Hexham STW Refurbishment: The seeding of the new filter beds looks to be complete and after some minor snagging we will be able to switch off the recirculation over-pumping and effectively take the two older filters out of service and allow the new filters to fully take over. The old filters will be retained so they can be brought back into service if necessary. The inlet works area civils works is largely complete with just a plinth on top of the compressor slab still to pour. Erection of the prefabricated steel superstructure of the new inlet works is now underway. Coring into the existing balancing tank is complete which will allow us to turn flows into the new inlet works at a later date. Installation of the super-structure of the inlet works will continue for the next two weeks whilst the civils gang complete the wash water main. We then have a bit of a gap on the inlet works waiting on supply of the screens and penstocks, but the civils gang will still be going full speed on things like the crane pad, access road and repairs to the existing inlet works structure. MEICA (mechanical and electrical installs) will be commencing in the next week or so, as will the final epoxy coating of the distribution chamber once over pumping is in place to isolate the distribution chamber. Thanks for taking the time to read the update. Dave Eden

By Rachel Rutter

Good afternoon, As mentioned on the last update the team have been working on the optimisation of chemical dosing to the treatment process and on site lab analysis continues to be carried out daily to monitor the quality of the effluent during the chemical dosing optimisation period. The team are continuing with reinstatement of site access roads alongside general tidying, reinstatement and landscaping works. Please contact us direct if you have any questions at nwl.customer@esh.uk.com. Have a lovely weekend! Rachel
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