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Latest Updates

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good Afternoon Just a brief update for the planned works on Claremont Road between the junctions of Claremont Place and Claremont Road. This work will be carried out from: 10.00pm on Tuesday 22 October until 6.00am on Wednesday 23 October 2019 We will be using the new, innovative cleaning method of ice pigging for this section of work during the night to make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum. During this work, there may be a low level of engine noise from the ice pigging equipment and flashing beacon lights for highway safety. Even though we may be working some distance away, there is a possibility that you may receive discoloured water or notice a change in water pressure during the above time. If your supply is discoloured, please run your first draw cold water tap (the tap closest to your internal stop valve) for 30 to 40 minutes or until your supply runs clear. Water-using appliances should only be used if your supply is running clear. In order to carry out the innovative cleaning of the water mains by "ice pigging" there will be temporary 4-way traffic lights on Claremont Road from 7:00pm on Tuesday 22 October until 6:00am on Wednesday 23 October 2019. The process will be complete overnight and TM removed when the works are complete, normal service will be restored by 6am the following morning. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance and if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to comment below, alternatively use the ‘contact us’ at the top of the page for an email to be send to the project team. Thanks

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone We have had a productive week this week and are now starting to finish off areas on the sites. The treatment at Cockfield is going well and we have the chemicals ready to be introduced early next week. Ramshaw and Butterknowle are not far behind this, electrical installation and commissioning is ongoing making good progress and everything is looking good.        

By Ben Gilbert

Good morning everyone. Our project at Marske STW will involve carrying out essential maintenance refurbishment works to one of our treatment basins. As we are getting started, our planned activities for the next week will involve site set up and some pre-start tasks which we need to undertake before we can start our works fully. After this we will have our site set up and project team ready, and we will begin by draining and cleaning our working area before starting our maintenance works. I will provide you will another update on these works soon. Thank you for your patience and co-operation while we carry out this vital work. If you have any comments or concerns, please comment below or use the contact us button at the top of the page. Ben

By Fenham Project Team

Good evening all, we want to make you aware of some deliveries due to site via the access on Linden Avenue. The deliveries are scheduled for Tomorrow and Monday, and although I cannot guarantee a time its likely to be in the afternoon. There has been an increased number of vehicles attempting to access the gates at Linden Avenue in error, they were for another company within the local area. Also please look out for a letter landing over the coming days with a project update. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to comment below, alternatively us the 'contact us' at the top of the page for an email to be send to the project team. Thank you for your patience during our works. Sarah

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone You may have noticed that we moved the fenced off working area a little further down Rosehill Road last week, where we will continue to work on the drainage in the road. This basically means that residents of Marina View no longer turn right when they come out of the junction. They are now required to turn left. We have also set up three-way traffic lights on the junction of Rosehill Road and Headlam View and they will remain in place for up to 6 weeks. Here are the letters delivered to residents affected: Headlam View Marina View I've attached a photo from today showing the current road layout. Regards Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone We're continuing to work towards completely finishing our work at Cone Terrace - the end is in sight although still a bit of work to do! This week we've been starting to reinstate the footpath to the South of the Burn and installed a fence around the pipewhich crosses the Burn - I've attached pictures showing our progress. We've also started the long task of removing the compound area - you'll notice that we are removing cabins and moving the fencing in so the area is much smaller. Regards Tony

By Ian Davison

Hi all Apologies it’s been some time since I last posted an update. You will have received a letter in the last week or so giving notification that our contractor will be back onsite to commence enabling works in the playing fields from the 4th November. We anticipate being onsite for up to four weeks. The enabling work will consist establishing the site access off Derwentwater Road to ensure that when the main works commence we get off to a flying start. It is likely that asset protection works will be required on the 3rd party utilities that are located under the access track, this will protect them from damage when being trafficked by construction plant. Copies of the Notification letter and schematic are posted on the Planned Works tab. The main works will follow and are planned to commence in January 2020, we will be in touch later in the year with more information regarding these works. I would like to thank you in advance for your patience while we carry out this phase of the project, every effort will be made to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.   If you require any further information or advice please contact our Customer Centre on 0345 717 1100 or visit www.nwl.co.uk to request a call back from the project team. Kind Regards Ian

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good Evening,  We are about to start a scheme near Maften (Pont Aqueduct), for the best part of the next couple of weeks, we will be carrying out enabling works, in particular improving the access road into the site. There are some large pot holes creating a lot of standing water which is also used by the public and horses. Extra care will be taken especially if anybody is passing through while work is being undertaken. Work will stop until pedestrians pass and commence again when it is safe to do so. The main work involves building a fish pass in situ and is away from the public so at times it might seem there is cabins on site and no work been carried out, but the site is located 800m from the public track. A close watch on the weather will play a large part to this scheme as it will be tricky balancing what work is capable of been carried out due to restrictions. If you have any questions about the project, please comment below or use the 'contact' option at the top of this page to email the project team directly. Thanks  Sarahjayne 

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning all, you may have seen our team out in force Thursday last week.  Several members of the project team swapped their laptops for tongs and bin bags. We collected 29 bags of litter, amongst the finds were clothes, a hoover, suitcase and a tenner! The team really enjoyed the couple of hours litter picking and plan to do another litter pick in the coming months. I have added some pictures below of our litter pick. Thanks  Sarahjayne

By Katie Burdon

Good morning all We want to let you know the details of these essential improvement works which we will be carrying out from Grinkle lane to Boulby Potash Mine, this scheme is to renew 1.7km of PVC water mains with new HPPE water mains. Our experienced contractors, Fastflow Pipeline Services will be carrying out this work on behalf of Northumbrian Water. The works commenced on the 29th August 2019 and we expect to complete by 20th December 2019. The work is progressing well with the first phase nearing completion, this is from Grinkle Lane to Twizzie Gill Farm. We will continue to keep you informed. Best Wishes Steve    

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Well, as you will have noticed, we still have traffic lights on Cone Terrace. We had expected to have finished working in footpath, reinstated the area and removed the lights by today but have had to extend this until Friday 18 October.  The reason for the extension is that we have come across unexpected ground conditions that have really slowed us down. This means that the traffic light will remain in operation over the coming weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will endeavour to work as quickly as we can to get this part of the job finished. On a brighter note, progress has been good throughout the rest of the work and we are still working to programme, so should be off site fairly soon - We'll update you with more accurate dates when we are able to. Have a good weekend Tony

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon all, The weather looks like an improvement from last weekend’s torrential rain, thankfully. I just wanted to pop a quick note on here about the traffic management we have in place on The Lane. I understand Traffic lights can be a pain if you're late for work or stuck in traffic, but they are designed to increase safety by regulating the flow of traffic. It been observed several times by members of our team, people jumping the lights rather than waiting for them to turn green. It doesn’t take long for these to quickly swap over from red to green, please be patient. I will update the portal regularly with updates, please don't hesitate to contact me using the ‘Contact us’ at the top of the page or leave a comment below. Thanks Sarah
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