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By Martin Curtis-Haigh

Good progress made this week at Cockfield sewage works. You can see in the photo the tertiary treatment slab taking shape. This is due for delivery early April At Ramshaw sewage works we are close to completing installation of the pumping station. Please expect some traffic movement next week when we move the plant to Butterknowle. Butterknowle water main installation has been an interesting start. We are directional drilling as much as possible to avoid excavation works. Ground is proving to be a challenge but we are making progress. Enjoy your weekend. Hope the snow keeps away. Many Thanks Martin.

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone Lots going on site now after the Christmas break; we have the welfare cabin set up and our plant and materials have been delivered. The excavation and ducting for the new incoming power supply kiosk base has been started and will be completed next week. Also next week we will be taking delivery of new kiosks and excavating for the new inlet screen. We are looking forward to keeping you updated with work as we go, if you have any questions or points you wish to raise please get in touch Brian      

By Anthony Birkett

Hi everyone Richie has kindly provided this week's progress update: Work is progressing well in the grounds of SIG where we should finish the manhole work there by the end of today. We're also progressing well in our work around the lake - the silt fence along the lake edge is now complete in good time for the earthworks to start on Monday 21 January 2019. Talking about the earthworks, to begin with we will create a hardstanding turning area for site traffic, then we will start to dig the new basins. For the next 8 weeks you will notice an increase in road wagons traveling to and from our site so please take care around the entrance to our site off Southgate. During this time we will have a dedicated Gateman at the entrance to our site to control construction traffic and ensure we limit our impact on the highway. We will also ensure regular a regular road sweeper is deployed to minimise the dirt on the roads. Next week we will also start on the drainage in the playing field and heading towards the play area. Finally, if you’ve been using Station Road on your daily commute you will have noticed us working in the carriagewa,y carryout excavation work to locate a gas main. We have no located it and Northern Gas Networks will be onsite next week to divert the gas main. The TM will continue in place for now so we can monitor the gas main whilst we install drainage across the road. I've attached a few pictures of our work this week courtesy of Bobby. Wrap up, its cold out there! Tony

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon Just a quick up date.... The team are continuing to remove the last of the infamous rock by the T junction and next to the river bank at the village site. It's a little quiet at the top site although they are working through the easement in the field, preparing the area whilst waiting for the weather to improve. Just to make you all aware there was an accident yesterday morning with a concrete tanker (not associated to our project I may add) on the main road so please be vigilant as I understand the tanker has turned over into the farmers field. Thanks      

By Katie Burdon

Portal Update WE 18.01.2019   Glasshouse Bridge Northumbrian Water have drained off the 30” water main and Fastflow are continuing the excavations in the car park and grassed area.

By Joan Tatters

Hello All, Following on from Kevin's update I thought I'd update you from the Denton Road end of the project. We have been working by the bus stop opposite the boxing club since Monday 7th Jan and from Monday 14th we will be returning to the field compound. The work by the bus stop was for the preparation for the pipe cleaning and we need to conduct more preparation within the field at the opposite end and this will take place from 21st which will take again approx two weeks. Then following two weeks commencing 4th Feb the same team will be will return to the bus stop to commence the cleaning work. I've attached a photo of an under pressure connection in the water main.

By Kevin McGargle

Good Morning Works have started today at Bamburgh Road (Palmersville Chippy) to install new connections to the water main in the footway opposite and to the rear in Young Road, the weather has took everyone by a bit of a surprise this morning but never the less we anticipate to be complete in the area by Friday 25th January 2019. We will then move back up to Palmersville Metro Station for 3 weeks but i will update you on this work nearer the time. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle Site Manager

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning This weather is just crazy today. Just thought I would drop you all a timely reminder about our road closure. The increased traffic isn't a daily occurance however, there will be times when our deliveries may seem a little congested, as this depends on the requirements of the project. Whilst we endeavour to confirm delivery timings, their arrivals are never 100% on time I'm sure you can appreciate. (today being a prime example, the snow!) I do appreciate it's a beautiful area of the region and you will want to be out and about, but if you are walking please recognise the closure as it also includes pedestrians. Your health and safety is paramount to us so we respectfully request you are that little more vigilant if you are driver or a walker! Have a good day.    

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning All, Happy New Year and hope you all enjoyed the festive holidays. Quick update to keep you all in the loop of what we have been up to and what we have planned over the coming weeks.  All the directional drilling works (trench-less excavation) have been completed and tested. For us to carry out the directional drilling we need to dig out Launch and reception pits, these are large excavations where we start the drilling and where we are drilling the pipe through to, which are all now backfilled. Over the coming weeks we are installing the scaffolding to the bridge, which will allow us to install the pipework to the underside of the bridge. This will then be followed by painting the pipe, connecting the pipe and carrying out pressure testing. The most important thing to add all this work is carried out to the highest safety standards with the public and work force always front of mind. We would like to thank you all for your patience! As always if you have any questions please use the contact us function at the top of the page. Thanks  Sarahjayne 

By Kevin McGargle

Good Afternoon Just a brief update to confirm that yesterday we completed the final connection of our new pipework to the existing main within the estate, we are now today backfilling, surfacing and tidying the site, the machine & fencing etc will be removed tomorrow 17th january 2019 am before 10, all that remains is to final surface a section of path outside No.100 which will be done by our subcontractor in the next few days and seed the grass verge areas, this will be monitored over the next 3 months to ensure it takes to the standard it was before we arrived and can then be maintained by the grounds maintenance contractor for the estate thereafter. I would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we have been in this location. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle Site Manager

By Joan Tatters

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Good Afternoon, As promised............

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone We are all back to work at both sites and busy since the Christmas break, lots of work done at both sites; briefly: Great Ayton: Low level pipework for the humus tank was installed, testing of the pipework was successfull allowing the pipes to be concreted into position. Rebar installation commenced for the humus tank base slab. Formwork was installed on the chemical storage bund walls in readiness for a pour early next week. Stokesley: Site ducting installation continued after the road slabs were cut before Christmas. The MCC base slab was set up and concreted in readiness for Sheers MCC dosing kiosk installation    
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