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By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon all, hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather we have been blessed with this week. It’s been a couple of weeks since Ian provided you an update so thought I could let you know what we have achieve since then. The teams have been busy on Whitton bank and have now installed both pipelines, and we are currently on with building 2 manhole chambers on the bank. The traffic management on Whitton Bank will be removed toward the back end of next week. Week commencing the 8th June we will be commencing work through Whitton Village on the hamlet for approximately 6 weeks which will involve a road closure, I have included a copy of the traffic management plan for your info. Please be assured access will be maintained for all residents in the area. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hessite to comment below, alternatively you can use the contact us at the top of this page and one of the project team will be in contact. Thanks Sarah

By Amanda Hunt

Morning Everyone If you've been following this project you may remember that we have completed the main body of the work around Chrsistmas time and committed to carry out the reinstatement work when the weather improved.    That work is scheduled to begin from Monday 1 June and we hope to be complete by Friday 3 July, subject to the Covid-19 situation. Please find below a copy of the letter issued to residents earlier today for more information on the work to be carried out.  Thanks Amanda Our Ref: SN017/0072 29 May 2020 Dear Customer Important Information about our work in this area I hope you and those close to you are staying safe and well during these challenging times. Whilst I’m sorry for the short notice, I wanted to let you know about some very recent and positive developments. You may remember that I wrote to you during November 2019. I explained the need for us to return in the spring of this year to complete reinstatement as the final part of the work we undertook in West Wylam last year. I’m sure you will be aware of the current restrictions in force that are affecting the vast majority of businesses in the country, including Northumbrian Water. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, all our work has been carried out in line with Government and NHS advice. This remains the position and has certainly placed restrictions on some of our work activities. In the case of our work in West Wylam this has prevented us completing the final part of our project as quickly as we anticipated however, I’m now pleased to be able to confirm our intention to return to site. The work will be carried out by our supply partner, Interserve, who will return to site on Monday, 1 June 2020. We anticipate completing the work by Friday, 3 July 2020 however, as I’m sure you will appreciate, due to the current situation affecting the country, we remain open to the possibility that unexpected delays may occur. During our time on site, we will be based in the main pumping station at the bottom of Hagg Bank. The work itself will consist of; the reinstatement of the ‘Grasscrete’ carpark in the allotments; cultivating, re-seeding and planting of trees in the area between the allotments and the road and reinstatement work within the football field. Please bear in mind that it may take a little time for the seeding and grass to re-establish. All of the work outlined above will be undertaken using a small excavator, which is considerably smaller than those used during the main works. You can also expect to see a small ‘dumper’ and road-roller in use. As a result of the Covid-19 restrictions, our supply partner’s liaison representative will not be available on site. We would therefore request that, if you require any further information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer centre via email by logging onto www.nwl.co.uk. You can also find out more information about our project on our community portal at www.nwlcommunityportal.co.uk and following the link to the ‘West Wylam Sewage Pumping Station’ page. Updates will be posted there and you will find advice and answers to some frequently asked questions. You can also follow us on twitter @nwatercare and @NorthumbrianH20. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your patience and support throughout this work; it’s really appreciated.   Yours faithfully   Simon Cossar Project Manager                

By Nick Warner

Hello everyone You may remember that, last month, I provided an update regarding our essential work at Grassholme and how our project team were adapting to the UK Government guidelines surrounding Covid-19 that continue to affect us all. We have been working on a phased re-opening of some of our Waterside Parks and reservoirs and I wanted to make you aware of some helpful information now available at the following link; https://www.watersideparksuk.com/covid-19-latest-update-20th-may/ Whilst we have been able to re-open some of our sites, Grassholme remains closed. I will however, continue to let you know of any further changes in the future. As I’m sure you will already appreciate, all our work going forward will continue to follow UK Government guidance surrounding Covid-19. Kind regards to you all Mike Ciaraldi  

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone, Here is this month's update........and all considered we have progressed really well.  Treatment Building        -      The off-line commissioning has started and is currently being tested. All the cabling has been substanticially complete as well as the security system. Contact Tank                 -      So as to not clash with other works the waterproofing planned for the roof has now been put back to June. Pumping Station            -      All the security work is complet and the fire security installation is to be commissioned soon. Pipe Work                      -      The service main wain pressure is to be tested and all other pipework is 100% complete excluding the tie-ins to the raw water and potable water valves. External Work                -      50% of the kerb line is complete and most of the foot path and the back filling of minor excavations. As you can see, (photos below) the staffing levels were reduced due to the COVID-19 restrictions however we have ploughed on and made a great deal of progress.  Again thank you for your co-operation during this time, we will be requiring a road diversion again in the next 2-3months (dates to be confirmed) but I will keep you posted for how long and the dates. Stay safe.

By Amanda Hunt

Morning  Following on from my last update I am pleased to report that the sewage works is fully operational and the additional tankering away from the site is no longer required.  That is good news but if you do have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to a member of the project team please get in touch using the contact button at the top of this page.  Bye for now. Amanda   

By Ian Davison

Hi   I hope you all remain well, I am sure you will have noticed a lot more activity on Whitton Bank last week. Here’s a quick note of progress on how the site team have been progressing.   The works are continuing as planned with the direction drillers onsite and the trenchless installation of the rising main and sewer underway. The rising main (pumped sewer) has been successfully installed between the top of the Bank and the new pumping station position in the field, the sewer is installed to its central point about half way down the bank. This week it is hoped to get the sewer down to the manhole position adjacent to the pumping station in the road and commence the construction of the manholes in Whitton Bank. The contractor has continued to prepare the site compound and we hope to establish the remainder of the site cabins later in the week and remove the temporary set up from the riverside car park. In the field off Caterside Rd / Silverton Lane the drive and reception pits have been excavated for the directional drilling of the rising main and stock proof fencing erected to protect the animals from the working area. The rising main installation will commence on completion of the works on Whitton Bank.   I would like to thank you for you continued patience and understanding during these works, as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.   Thanks Ian      

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon, just a quick post to make you aware we are expecting some collections and deliveries next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thanks  Sarah

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon, By now you will have notice our team are currently setting out the area to commence the work for the treatment works. Jason and his team (the same crew as Otterburn) have arranged the ecological sweep of the site, commenced the site set up and widened the existing entrance road and are currently stripping and stoning up the site. All this in preparation of the site set up and the installation of the welfare facilities. Progress has been good, due to the good weather, however adhering to the government guidance on COVID-19 has and will continue to be a challenge. The team will continue to following the guide lines so we respectfully ask should you approach any of our team when you are conducting your daily exercise please me mindful of social distancing. Just a couple of photos for those who haven't been able to see in person our progression. Don't forget to ask me any questions about the project, I'd be happy to help   Joan  

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon I just thought I would take the opportunity to introduce the Mott MacDonald Bentley Team who will be working on the project. Our team have a wealth of experience and understanding working with Northumbrian Water and have certainly experience working on treatment works. We have: Andrew Shield        -     Contract Manager who will be overseeing the team and the project. Gary Theakston     -      Site Manager who has been just recently working on the Sewerage Treatment Works round the corner. Gary will be looking after the day to day operations Stephen Rudkin     -      Site Foreman, will be ensuring the works on the ground Joan Tatters           -      (Me) Customer Liaison Officer who will be engaging with residents and customers and will be keeping you up to speed with the works progress. Our work will start on 26th May when the guys will be for the following six weeks temporarily setting up the access and works.You may see us around the village in due course so I have copied in our photos so you can put a name to the face. Oh, and please feel free to ask us any questions about the project we would be only too happy to help either in person (by social distance) or ask away on the portal.    

By Chris Austin

Good Morning, Following on from my previous post, I thought to let you know of some work we will be carrying out in preparation for building a new Water Treatment Works in the grassland opposite Berwick Road Industrial Estate in Wooler. We continue to follow UK Government guidance regarding COVID-19 and as it stands currently, our supply partner Mott MacDonald Bentley will be undertaking ground preparation work on our behalf on 26 May 2020 for a period of approximately six weeks. Although your water supply will not be affected by these works, you may see an increase in vehicular activity to and from the site. The initial work will allow for a new temporary access road to be created and ground preparation work will be carried out prior to the construction of the new treatment works. As mentioned, the timings of this work cannot be guaranteed however, we will continue to monitor Government guidance. We are committed to the safeguarding and wellbeing of our employees and our customers. The site teams will adhere to the social distancing guidance and we ask that during this difficult time that you also maintain a social distance from our staff once the work gets underway. Should you have any questions about the work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good morning all, we hope you are well. Work to refurbish elements of the Sewage Treatment Works at Lockhaugh has recently recommenced following the enabling works completed back in February. The replacement of the aging inlet screens is essential to maintaining the effective treatment of sewage now and for years to come. Working under these exceptional circumstances has had its challenges especially with material procurement but we adapted and overcome them, and work is still progressing to programme. Given the nature of our work, our workforce has adapted seamlessly to the additional control measures required for protecting the workforce from COVID-19 such as increased cleaning regimes, travelling to site in separate vehicles, additional PPE, including wearing masks when the 2 metre social distancing can not be achieved and daily temperature checking of personnel. The construction of a new reinforced concrete inlet channel has commenced to allow the phased replacement of the screens. To date we have excavated and started constructing the concrete base (Picture 1). We have also started to construct the new reinforced concrete slab where the new screening compactors will be located (Picture 2). The new inlet channel and press slab need to be finished before the first screen is installed in early August. I have included a couple of pictures We will continue to update you all on how the works progress but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact me on sarahjayne.vickers@jnbentley.co.uk you have any questions or concerns. We are working in line with UK Government guidance regarding Covid-19 and are committed to continue with our site operations whilst safeguarding the wellbeing of our operatives and the public. The Government guidance can be found following the link below. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus Thanks Sarah

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning, Miller Close Residents You will have noticed we have been conducting work at the entrance of Miller Close. The work included installing a new water main as part of Northumbrian Water’s Trunk Mains Cleaning programme. In January 2018 we completed the works and since then Northumbrian Water have been rigorously testing the pressure and flows and it is a successful installation. As a result, we will now revisit Miller Close to complete and fully reinstate the area. It is our intention to revisit the site on Friday 15th May where there will be a lane restriction in place and three-way traffic lights on the day. We anticipate the work will take just the one day. In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19 we will of course be adhering to the government’s guidance on social distancing and we are committed to safeguarding and the wellbeing of our employees and customers. The site team will be adhering to the social distancing guidance and we ask that during this difficult time that you also maintain a social distance from our staff once the work gets underway. Whilst residents will always have access to the estate, should you be taking your daily allocated exercise we request you are a little more vigilant during this time. Thank and stay safe, should you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Joan
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