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By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, Before we finish for the week, and enjoy the weekend, we wanted to provide an update Local residents will have received a letter this week with regards to our work moving onto Castle Terrace.  The letter advises that we will have 3 way lights on Castle Terrace at the junction with Paxton Road for approximately 5 weeks.  Simon and his team have constructed a new surface water manhole and diverted all exiting flows through it to enable construction of the new pumping station.  Next week, an extra gang will be on site to start the foul manhole which runs into the pumping station.  The other gang will be working on the construction of the manhole on Castle Terrace in the traffic management. Have a lovely weekend. Christine

By Becky Gartland

Good morning everyone,  Following on from my update earlier in the week the site team are now ready to move the traffic management on South Terrace to continue progressing with the drainage installation. From today you will see the two-way traffic lights being repositioned from the junction with Castle Filed to just beyond the allotment access track on South Terrace. We anticipate this section of work to completed within 4 weeks. Access to driveways will be maintained throughout.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thanks  Becky 

By Becky Gartland

Good afternoon everyone,  Apologies for the delay in getting your weekly update posted! You will see from the images attached that the concrete plug and base of the shaft have now been installed. The site team will continue to finish off pointing work on the shaft walls through to the end of this week.  With regards to the drainage installation, we are continuing to progress well and are currently up to manhole 5 of 7. The tarmac reinstatements for this second section will be carried out over the coming few days. If you have any questions regarding these works, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you  Becky    

By Christine Taylor

Good morning,  Please let me apologise for the delay in providing an update.  I have now caught up with Ian Douglas who has provided some fabulous photos to share with our local customers. As always, if anyone would like further information with regards to our works, please message me. Christine  

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Just a quick update of what is going on this week on site.  No photos, but I will chase some for later this week or early next week. This weeks activities On Monday the site team picked and bagged Balsam 5-10m both upstream and downstream of working area, both banks. Bag the plants, and leave on site to rot down. These will be disposed of at a later date off site,  in a manner to be agreed with the appropriate authorities The team will continue with cofferdam install They will also start to reduce ground level for pile mat. As our works progress, the existing dumpy bags to be lifted and  re-used in cofferdam. The Tilt and Turn machine is due on site Thursday morning which will allow the team to start this work As coffer dam progresses, they will Install clean stone under pile mat, inside of coffer dam, in river/existing failed retaining wall location The dirst delivery of clean stone (40 tonne) is on site today and will be installed later this week As Adam is off on holiday, we have Ged on site overseeing the works for a couple of weeks.  I did ask Ged what a 'Tilt and Turn machine' is.  He was very kind and didn't laugh at my question, he even sent me a diagram to explain, which I have shared with you all. It is not the best image, just a photo of my screen, sorry.  The machine basically allows the operator to dig side ways, as well as straight ahead.  Due to the tightness of the working area on this site, this machine is a necessity. Enjoy the rest of your week.  I will aim to provide a further update next week. Christine  

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon May I take this opportunity to introduce Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB)  we are a supply partner for Northumbrian Water and will be taking over the works here at Horsely Water Treatment Works from Interserve. My name is Joan Tatters I am the Customer Liaison Officer for MMB along with Amanda Hunt from Northumbrian Water we will be conducting the engagement with our customers within this beautiful village of Horsley.  Our project team are now on site and I will be introducing some of the team over the next few weeks. Our work which is led by our Contract Manager, Andrew Shield and his team is to complete the up grading and replacing the current treatment works.  The team have informed me over the upcoming weeks, there will be the removal of an extensive amount of soil from site and this will take approximately 4-6weeks. Please be assured the soil is being environmentally transported and recycled at an alternative location and the drivers have been instructed to enter and exit the site via Water Lane only (NOT through the village). As the work progresses we will endeavour to keep you updated and I will be blogging on a regular basis.  If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us using the following options: Send a message via the 'Contact Us' option on the portal Call 03457 171100 and a member of the project team will call you back Or contact Northumbrian Water via Facebook or Twitter  

By Kevin McGargle

Good evening Just a quick update to advise you that from Thursday this week we will start to see bulk stone deliveries arriving on site to construct our site compound in the farmers field, the main site entrance wall has been removed for better access and the stone road/ retaining wall into the field is now prepared, we have also today commenced stripping soil in the farners field in readiness for the stone on thursday Deliveries will continue into wednesday (4th August) the following week when we will start to see our cabins arriving to be placed in location until April 22, i have attached a couple of pictures for your interest as we aernt quite visible from the main highway due to the disused quarry. As always please dont hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions. Kind Regards Kevin McGargle Site Manager.

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I had a catch up with the site team today, and they have provided an update. Last week I posted that that our team had identified Himalayan Bolsam.  As we said, our team did have to stop work to prevent the spread of contamination. See below for further details of events last week. The Balsam has now been removed from the existing dumpy bags stabilising failed section of wall. On Monday the Blsam was bagged and left on site as per PBA advise. PBA Advanced Ecology attended site last Wednesday to view Balsam situation and advise. Stone under the tarmac,(stripped last week) not considered contaminated. Existing Bags and stone in water course to be treated as contaminated waste. Started to place bags last Thursday to form cofferdam. Additional bags for coffer dam were delivered Friday, and we continued with cofferdam installation I will post in the next few days, the planned work for this week. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Christine

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, I have just caught up with Ian on site and he has asked me to remind all our customers that the Selset Reservior is closed to the public whilst we carry out our works.  This will be the case for another 3 months.  As of today we will be working weekends in attempt to acceralate our programme. To date the team have; Water levels within the reservoir have been lowered by approx. 9m to below 302.00m and are being maintained at an agreed level throughout works period Temporary imported stone access road has been supplied and installed to safely reach works areas on reservoir dam wall Enabling works have been carried out to allow the supply and placement of OSA (Open Stone Asphalt) repair materials to the sloping pitching on the reservoir dam face OSA currently being placed by specialist subcontractor along sloping pitching area of dam wall Have a great weekend, and let us all hope the sun makes appearance. Christine  

By Gabrielle Ward

5 Photos
Good Afternoon, We wanted to post a quick update and let you all know how work has progressed on site since our last update. Construction works at Washington STW are progressing well. At the new final settlement tanks the backfill operation is  over 80% complete. The run of good weather has allowed us to utilise the as dug clay material which we excavated and stored on site back in October 2020. We have also been busy at the inlet having installed and commissioned the first of three new screen handling units. Electrical upgrade works have continued on programme and we now have 4 out of 5 new MCC’s (Motor Control Centres) installed and commissioned. Looking ahead we will be removing the temporary works at the Final Settlement Tanks and then moving onto the next phase of works in that area which involves installation of the remaining drainage infrastructure, Manhole chambers and a new pump station. We would like to make you aware that while we carry out this stage of work, you may notice a slight increase in noise coming from the site during working hours. Concrete modifications will be completed at the inlet to accommodate screens 1 & 2. The electrical upgrade and commissioning element of the scheme will continue as programmed. The photographs highlight works at the Final Settlement Tanks and show the new screen handling unit at the inlet. As always, we would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. Gaby

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, As we are now on site at Selset reservoir, I thought it would be a good time to introduce our team and then provide an update from our site team. My name is Christine Taylor, the Customer Service Manager for Esh Stantec, the contract partner carrying out the works for Northumbrian Water.  The aim of my team is enure we engage with our customers and communities.   The project on site is led by my colleague, Andrew McKenna, Contracts Manager for Esh Stantec.  Andrew will oversee the work here and at Grassholme reservoir.  He will be working between sites and the office, but is always on hand when we need him. The Project Manager, Ian Douglas, who is also working at Grassholme too.  Ian is on site, overseeing all the work along our team, his job is to ensure everything goes to plan.  He is always happy to help if you have any questions.  If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us using the following options: Comment on this post Send a message via the 'Contact Us' option on the portal Call 03457 171100 and a member of the project team will call you back Or contact Northumbrian Water via Facebook or Twitter Can I take this opportunity to remind our customers that the construction site is a dangerous place, the general public are not permitted within our working area for their own safety.  Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine, we will be back in touch soon. Christine

By Kevin McGargle

Good evening I just thought id give you a brief update for the weekend and into next week as follows:- The traffic management on the road outside of the site entrance will be removed friday am ahead of schedule, we have managed to get our plant and materials into the site in the manner we planned enabling us to create the first part of the access road into the farmers field to where our site compound will be situated. Next week will see us topsoil stripping the field as advance preparation of the stone & cabins to be delivered, i will update you a bit further on that next week but vehicular activity will increase in and out of the site from Thursday 29th July 21. Thankyou for your patience & understanding, ive included a couple of photos for your interest Kind Regards  Kevin McGargle Site Manager  
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