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Latest Updates

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning Following on from my last blogg and subsequent letter last month, I thought I'd let you know we are returning to Denton Road Dene to finish the reinstatement as promised as the weather has improved. Residents should receive the letters over the next couple of days to explain we will be returning Monday 20th April for approximately for 3 weeks. The work will include ground preparation, removal of the stone haul road, grass seeding and fence repairs. During this time the temporary haul road will be used and therefore please use the designated pedestrian access and remain vigilant if you intend to use this area as your allocated daily exercise. As we are all adapting to these challenging times we will continue to monitor and follow government guidelines (Covid-19) as the timing of our work may vary. Please be assured our site team will be ahering to social distancing and we ask that you maintain a social distance from the team once the work is underway. Again we thank you for your cooperation and patience during our work and please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Please stay safe!!!!!  

By Christine Taylor

Good afternoon, Following our departure from site I thought it would be nice to check in with you all. We are in the process of writing to you all, to thank you for you patience and understanding whilst we carried out our work.  As you can imagine the current situation has slowed our process down.  However, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well.  From working within your community, we all feel part of it.  I know that you will all be displaying your rainbows in the windows, that your children, grandchilden or others may have drawn. Whilst walking my dog I noticed one this morning, I thought it would be lovely to see if you would all share your rainbow images with us, just to let us, the team, know you are all safe. Please join in and share your rainbow. Stay safe and take care. Christine

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good Afternoon, I would take this opportunity to introduce you to our Mott MacDonald Bentley team. I am Sarah Jayne Vickers, Customer Liaison Officer and I will take care of all customer enquiries during the project and you will notice I will updating the portal throughout the project so please feel free to contact me by commenting on the post or the "Contact Us" on the top of the page. Jeffrey Bowman is our Contract Manager who will be overseeing the project, then we have Grant Crawford our Site Manager who will manage the day to day operations. Our work is due to commence on Tuesday 14th April and end November 2020, however these could be subject to change. We will continue to monitor and follow UK Government guidance regarding the ongoing situation of Covid-19. We are committed to the safeguarding and wellbeing of our operatives and customers, our staff are all maintaining a social distance of two metres and we ask that during this difficult time that you also maintain a social distance from our staff. Finally, I would just like to thank you for your support so far and say the team and I are all looking forward to working in your community. Enjoy the Easter Weekend! The Government guidance can be found following the link below. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus Thanks Sarah 

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone for information the construction of the Tertiary Treatment Plant was delayed by a few days to accommodate Social Distancing restrictions for the workforce. The Plant is due to be commissioned on the 7th April with the bulk of the construction works being completed by 9th April. Non-essential activities will be resume once the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted  

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone In preparation for work on site we will be widening the site entrance on the A689 opposite Bradley Burn Farm Shop. Traffic control lights will be in place for two weeks commencing Tuesday 14th April for around 2 weeks. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause  

By Brian Hall

Essential construction works are due to commence on site in April 2020 at Grassholme Reservoir. The purpose of the works are to increase the resilience of the reservoir dam and will also involve an upgrade to the existing leisure facilities. During the course of the work, vehicle and plant movements and fluctuating water levels will require restrictions of access to the visitor centre car park and to the north shore footpath and the dam crest of the reservoir. These restrictions will be clearly signposted on the site. Some routes will still be available to use safely but unfortunately there will be no fishing activities allowed. Grassholme Reservoir Visitor Centre is currently closed along with all Northumbrian Water Waterside Parks until further notice. This is in line with current Government guidance. There is clear UK Government Guidance on travel, “Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People must remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk” The map below shows location of initial footpath closures. Footpaths will be closed from April 2020 until further notice. Please do not travel to our sites and please remember only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home).  

By Ian Davison

Good Morning,   I hope you all remain well.   As you know, we are carrying out works in the area as part of an essential investment crucial to providing reliable wastewater service, and protect the environment, now and into the future. The work in the playing fields has been progressing well, in the coming weeks it will be necessary to close Johnson Street / Yetholm Road to clear the location of a proposed manhole of utilities in advance of its construction. We are closely following all of the latest government guidance and NHS advice and currently, the construction phase of this work is scheduled begin on Tuesday 14 April. During this time, the road will be closed to through-traffic for five weeks, although vehicular and pedestrian access will be maintained for residents.   We had discussed holding a customer information event with residents in order for them to find out more and feedback on the work we were planning. However in light of the current situation and advice, we are now offering customers telephone appointments with the Project Manager as an alternative should they wish to find out more.   We are issuing a letter to residents in the area this week, which is likely to land on doorsteps on Friday. I have attached a plan of work for your information.   As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.   Kind regards Ian   https://northumbrianwater.blob.core.windows.net/projects/126/CustomerPlanShaft3Diversion.pdf    

By Dave Eden

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time to recommence these Portal updates as we are now working on both Deptford Terrace, outside of Liebherr and on Beach Street between the Kings Arms and the B&Q access. First things first - we are still working despite COVID 19. This is because we are working on the drinking water network and in line with government advice we are considered critical workers and a high priority project - everyone needs drinking water after all. Rest assured that we are, and will continue to, abide by the governments advice and will endeavour to remain 2m apart at all times and have increased hygiene levels with more frequent cleaning and hand washing. We have also taken a number of other measure such as staggering breaks and providing operatives with extra vehicles so they can travel alone. Where possible management is working from home and anyone with symptoms or a house mate with symptoms is self isolating. Liebherr Work has restarted in the cobbled area and footpath right outside the Liebherr entrance to connect Liebherr to the new water main. which is rather more complicated than it sounds. This area has been in limbo for quite some time but now that all the issues have been ironed out and other priorities taken care of we are confident this works will be completed in the coming weeks. We do not expect this works to impact on Deptford Terrace itself although pedestrians will have to use the opposite footpath. Beach Street Work has commenced on Beach street to reduce the size of the existing main by inserting a smaller main into it. This is due to the reduced demand for water on this section of the main following our other works, meaning a larger main carries too much water which in turn means the water has the potential to go stale. This work is around 30% complete but unfortunately COVID-19 has caused our specialist sub-contractors to pull off site for the time being. The excavations have been made safe and we will continue to monitor and review as the governments advice is updated.   Thanks for taking the time to visit the portal and read out update and as always thanks for you patience and understanding. Stay Well, Stay Safe. Dave

By Chris Reay

Morning residents of Millfield,   Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic accross the country, we are now only carrying out essential works throughout the region following instruction from our government. This is to protect the public and our employees throughout this challenging time. This now means the Millfield job will now been suspended until further notice, but firstly the site will be closed down and left in a safe condition. Thank you for your understanding and patience, Brian Hardy

By Chris Reay

Morning residents of Ferryhill, Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic accross the country, we are now only carrying out essential works throughout the region following instruction from our government. This is to protect the public and our employees throughout this challenging time. This now means the Ferryhill job has now been suspended until further notice, but firstly the site will be closed down and left in a safe condition. Thank you for your understanding and patience, Brian Hardy

By Simon Cossar

Good Morning, You may have received a letter by know, I have a slightly better drawing which shows what we are planning with regards to the area which will be affected, please see below. Any queries please respond through this portal or my number is 07966879043. Stay safe, Thank you, Simon.

By Simon Cossar

Good Morning, Firstly an introduction, I am Simon Cossar  , I am the Northumbrian Water Project Manager for this scheme, hello. We had hoped to hold a customer event to inform you about the project and the impact this will have during it's delivery. The dates and contacts are on the home page for this project and these will be kept up to date as and when things change - guidelines are regularly changing at present. As I hope you will understand we were unable to host the event, so at present we have the following options available: contact via this portal or direct queries using my contact details which are shown on the home page for this project. I have attached a drawing showing how we are planning to keep yourselves and the Contractors separated and safe during our works. This means we need to close the bottom of Cliff Row and reduce the width of the promenade infront of the station during our works. We are also planning to put our site cabins on the grass area behind 'The Queens Head' public house.
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