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By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've been on site this morning visiting Mac, to see how we're getting on on Rosehill Road. Mac was very busy, making the necessary arrangements to pull ff site for Christmas. Its looking likely that we will have completed the work and permanently reinstated Rosehill Road by 20 December. We'll then be able to remove our cabins and plant in time for our Christmas shut down. Hopefully we'll have finished all reinstatements to the grassed area as well, but we'll need to confirm this nearer the time. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Regards Tony

By Colin Butler

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Good Afternoon everyone, A quick update on what was a fantastic day yesterday. Micro-tunnelling was completed from Durham University Carpark in Territorial Lane to Old Elvet with no hiccups and it was pleasing to see the Tunnel Boring Machine arrive in the correct place and right on schedule! I've attached some photographs below. We've mad excellent progress in Elvet Waterside and are currently connecting up pipework and now have an outfall. We hope to have both Old Elvet and Elvet Waterside fully reopened by the end of next week - Thank you very much for your continued patience with changes in both areas. As ever, please direct any queries to Colin.Butler@jnbentley.co.uk

By Dave Eden

Morning everyone, Time for another update on SSTC Phase 3:   Hannover Place All works complete with the exception of one connection in the footpath between Hannover Place Pub and Liebherr plus some final reinstatement of the road and footpath.   Deptford Place All works complete bar one customer connection which can be seen fenced off outside the Liebherr access plus some final footpath reinstatements. Due to issues with some other services clashing with NWGs water main this area is on hold until we design a solution. No work major expected until the new year.   Farringdon Row All Works complete bar some surface box removal - fire hydrant covers and the like - plus some final footpath reinstatements.   Beech Street Works starting in the new year to improve the water main. This will be done using pipe lining rather than opening a long trench so disruption will be kept to a minimum though some excavation will be required   We aren't expecting to do any major works in any of the above areas until into the new year with the possible exception of reinstating footpaths. I'll take a pause from these 2 weekly updates for the time being as I don't expect there to be any changes until into the new year but rest assured I will let you know as soon as there is. We do have continuing works on the water mains within the main road contract however updates on those area are the responsibility of the principle contractor - Just because you don't see updates here does not mean we aren't working.   Thanks Dave Eden

By Ian Davison

Hi My apologies for not being in touch for a while regarding progress with the surface water management proposals in the Dene Garth vicinity. I can advise that Northumberland County Council and Northumbrian Water continue to work with the landowner to agree a mutually acceptable arrangement on the farmland north of Dean Garth. Currently the design team are working on revising the proposal and we hope to have drawings for review in the new year. Undertaking earth works during the winter period in agricultural land carries the risk of long term damage to the soil therefore it is our intention to commence construction works in the Spring when ground conditions are more suitable. We will keep you informed of progress and be back in touch when the start date is agree. Have a great Christmas Ian

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I was on site yesterday and had a walk around with Adam to see how we've progressed this week. Over the last few days and into the next few, we're making good progress. We've reinstated the kerbs on Beach Road by our cabins and further up by the school. We've also nominated a contractor to complete the tarmac reinstatements at these locations and also on the Monks Wood side. In addition to this, we're continuing to shape the basins and will be removing the stone used to form the compound from site later this week. We have our landscaping contractor booked to attend site soon to plant trees etc. Things are moving along nicely in the run down to Christmas I've attached a few photos illustrating the areas I've mentioned Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I was passing Cone Terrace yesterday, so stopped to have a look at how our reinstatements are looking. I've attached a few photos and its almost like we weren't there! Obviously there is evidence of our work, and we will return in Spring 2020 to ensure that the reinstatements are on track, but I'm sure you'll agree that so far, the lads have done a good job of returning the area to its former condition. Regards Tony

By Sarah Jayne Vickers

Good afternoon, the team and I would like to thank everyone who came along last Wednesday to our event. We thought we would share some of the questions we got asked and our responses. What are the working times during the construction phase? The working hours are 7.30am till 6pm Will the odour get worse? No How much noise can we expect during construction? There will be noise associated with the construction works. This can include usual construction noises. This will only occur during working hours and Monday – Friday. Does Northumbrian Water own the whole site? Yes, Northumbrian Water do. Will you provide regular updates to the residents? Yes, we will provide regular updates on the Community portal, and also issue letters with any key messages. We will also utilise the Teal Farm resident’s association page on Facebook Will there be any traffic lights put up, near the entrance to the treatment works? No, there are no plans to use any additional traffic management outside of the treatment works. How many additional staff do you expect during the construction phase? During peak construction times there could be approximately 40 team members and quieter periods may be around 25. If you have any other questions that are not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your question below. Thanks Sarah

By Ruth Scott

We have made Every Drop Counts in Ashington.

By Gabrielle Ward

Guisbrough High Street Good Afternoon, I just wanted to give you all a quick update of the work on Guisbrough High Street. You may have noticed the Traffic Management has now been removed as of today.  We have completed reinstating the road surface, and finished the works on time all ready for the Christmas festivites!  I just want to thank you all for your patience and cooperation throughout the works allowing us to get the job done safely and on time.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch using the "contact us" button. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!    

By Ben Gilbert

Hello everyone. Since my last update I am pleased to say that we have completed our works on site. We will now be working to bring the basin back online and resume treatment as usual. I’d once again like to thank you all for your patience and co-operation while we carried out this vital work. If you have any comments or feedback, please comment below or use the contact us button at the top of the page. Ben

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone We've had a busy week on site this week. We've now fitted the screen in the CSO and the kiosk is wired and ready for electrical testing. The testing will be next week. Our drainage team are currently installing new pipes in Rosehill Road close to Dilston Grange and will be for approximately 10 days. You may notice our machines moving around within our working area between the compound and working area. A vibration monitor is in place to ensure that there is minimal disruption to nearby residents. Over the next couple of weeks we will start reinstating the compound area and hope to complete fencing. I hope you have a nice weekend. Tony

By Anthony Birkett

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Hi Everyone I was on site this week meeting with Ashley, Mark and Lawrence to discuss, among other things, the reinstatement plans. Firstly, around the existing compound area: In the next week, the green cabin will be removed from site - the yellow cabin will remain in place until we pull off for Christmas. We will also be raising the kerb that we lowered to allow access and reinstating the footpath. We are currently working on the basins in this area, having completed the Wear Wall (the timber structure that you may see poking out of the ground). Once we form the basic basin construction we will leave site, although this basin along with the rest will require grading and contouring when we return in spring 2020, we simply can't complete the final grading with current ongoing weather conditions.  When we leave site we will pull the fencing in as much as we can and trim the bushes and weeds back to allow access around the outside of the fencing area, to the rear of Heybrook Avenue. As previously mentioned, the temporary fencing to the perimeter of the basins will need to remain in place until we return to complete the work in Spring 2020. We have removed some of the fencing, however the posts that haven't been removed will need to remain in place for now. The ground conditions have made it impossible to remove them right now, so they will be taken out in the Spring. A little further up Beach Road towards Whitehouse Primary School there is a large gap in the treeline. This gap was present before we arrived, but we will fill it with a shrub mix. Currently we are finding things difficult due to the ongoing poor weather conditions, so if this isn't completed, it will when we return in Spring 2020. (picture 1) Moving further along again, we have installed a temporary fence alongside the footpath between Beach Road and Ludlow Avenue - this is purely to demarkate the area under reinstatement, as at the moment it is not in a condition that we would be happy to call finished - further landscaping will be required here in Spring as well, which will include regrading, stone picking, cultivating and seeding. (picture 2) On the other side of this footpath we have installed a fence and a tree line near to Beach Road. There will be another row of trees planted behind this current row to increase the density. This will be done before we leave the area for Christmas. (picture 3) Alongside Whitehouse Primary School, we will need to reinstate the footpath which runs past the school to Beach Road. We will also remove the Herras fencing on the opposite side of the School and replace this with a temporary post and wire fence that will be in place until Spring 2020. You may have noticed that we are currently working on raising the kerb that we lowered for access and reinstating the footpath, his will be completed soon. On the other side of Beach Road(the Monks Wood side), there is still work to be done. We are not finished yet. In the next week we will be removing the temporary tarmac ramp installed against the existing kerbline in Monks Wood. Also the existing footpath that we crossed when working in this area has dipped a little, so this will be relayed before we leave for the Christmas break. We also have futher semi-mature tree's to plant in this area, which we are awaiting delivery. The hedgrow removed from the fencline running parallel with Beach Road will also be replanted. (pictures 4 & 5) When we return in spring all the temporary fencing and associated timber posts will be removed, the basins will be regraded, stone picked, cultivated, and seeded. Temporay post and wire fencing to the verge on Beach Road and the temporary timber fencing to the footpath leading to Ludlow Avenue will remain until the landscaping has established. The temporary site access at the East end of Beach Road will also be reinstated and the footpath crossing point resurfaced. Once completed we have a further twelve months for mainatance, so you will see our landscapig contractor visiting to undertake grass cutting, weed control and general maintance to the perimeter of the site.  I hope this update provides clarity on our current timescales, Regards Tony
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