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Latest Updates

By Christine Taylor

Hi We are all here and ready to answer any questions. For those residents unable to make he event please feel free to comment on this post and I will get back to you. The team are all here and happy to answer any questions. Christine

By Brian Hall

Good morning everyone During the course of today and tomorrow we wil have 2 wagons leading some more stone into Ramshaw Sewage Treatment Works and taking spoil away. Work should be completed for now by the end of the week. We will update once the main works start. Brian  

By Kevin McGargle

Good morning You will now notice that we have completed the decommision of the temporary overland water main that has been visible over the last few weeks and the area now reinstated, works are currently progressing with the electrical works to the new kiosk installed near stanton mill. We are working to have this area of our scheme clear by the end of next week. Kind Regards Site Manager.

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, Just a quick reminder that our project team will be available to meet and talk through any concerns later today, between 3pm - 7pm at Pearey House, Preston Park, North Shields, NE29 9JR. It would be great to see you all.  Tea and coffee will be provided. Thank you Christine

By Colin Butler

Me again,   The photographs that I didn't attach earlier... (It is a Monday)   Best Regards   Colin

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon I am happy to say the team have now complete another section of work along the road closure which means pedestrian access from the caravan park towards the village is open via the rear of the properties. That said just a gentle reminder, the road closure towards the tee-junction will remain in operation and I would just like to reinforce will remain closed to vehicles and pedestrians as your health and safety is paramount to us. From tonight/early tomorrow morning the local farmer will  have access to the field adjacent to the works for harvesting.(next to Chester Dene House) We will be working further down the road to accommodate access but once complete we will resume where we left off. Again we want to remind you please do not try to enter the site unauthorised no matter what time of day, Andy and his team are happy to assist where they can and will happily accommodate pedestrian traffic around the works down by the back of the houses, via designated walkways. Our site team are a great bunch and do a great job, they have created a great relationship with the holiday makers and residents at Waren. However, there have been some occasions of anti-social behaviour towards the team and this is unacceptable. So we ask if you should experience or witness this kind of behaviour please report it to the police as we intend to as well. I will be up there on Wednesday again so please come along and have a chat I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope the weather stays kind to us!            

By Joan Tatters

Morning All Just to let you know the guys will be conducting some rock blasting in the trenches this week.........here is the schedule:- MONDAY        13/08/2018             BLASTING 11.00AM to 5.00PM TUESDAY        14/08/2018           BLASTING 11.00AM to 5.00PM WEDNESDAY 15/08/2018            BLASTING 11.00AM  to 5.00PM THURSDAY     16/08/2018            BLASTING 11.00AM  to 5.00PM FRIDAY            17/08/2018           BLASTING 11.00AM  to 1.00PM don't forget the above doesn't necessarily mean there will be two blastings per day it means it's a possibility depending on the ground conditions. The team will drop in the letters and do the door knocks to let you know and please listen out for the air horn before and after every blast. Thank you

By Colin Butler

Good Morning,   It feels like the recent spell of glorious weather may have broken and as usual, it couldn't be at a worse time. Just as we have began our bulk excavation in earnest, the rain has arrived. Please be extra vigilant if you happen to be around the Flassburn Road/Whitesmocks area in the next fortnight or so as you will notice a definite increase in volume of traffic. Our excavation calls for circa 275 wagons of spoil to be exported, 108 of which have gone already. Continuing our collaborative approach, we were pleased to engage our framework partners ESH who will be removing 90 or so loads in the next week or so for re-import at the end of the job; you should have no trouble spotting their big green wagons! As always, please don't hesitate to drop me a line on Colin.Butler@jnbentley.co.uk or give me a call on 07814785021. Alternatively, my colleague Sarah-Jayne will also be happy to answer any queries. You can find her on SarahJayne.Vickers@jnbentley.co.uk Best Regards,   Colin

By David Player

Good Afternoon We are now very close to leaving site with all the drainage works in use and only the final parts of the new access roads to complete. We will be on site on Monday to finish the access road followed by tarmac surfacing on Tuesday. I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and I hope that we have provided a lasting legacy with the flood protection and work in the community. Thankyou to everyone who made it happen. Have a good weekend. David

By Brian Hall

Hello everyone. We are about to commence preparatory work at Great Ayton. On Tuesday 21st of August we will have workers on site to fell and remove a large tree which is unfortunately in the way of the new building work. There will be some noticeable activity on site and a bit of noise, we will try to be as unobtrusive as possible. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me. Hope you all have a great weekend, best regards Brian  

By Joan Tatters

Morning Just to let you know we have a change of plan, the traffic lights unfortunately will remain need to in place for at least another two weeks, this is due to the tough ground conditions and the rock needing to be removed during the trenching operation, which must be done in a safe manner Sorry for the delay, we will do all we can to speed things along but some things can't be hurried I'm afraid. Thank you all again for your co-operation and understanding

By Joan Tatters

5 Photos
Good Morning Waren Mill Great weather again today, a little cooler though. My update for this week......... The blastings in the trench are scheduled as follows, however as Andy and his team have said the rock and hard material in the pipe trench is proving to be a challenge so, the decision was made to blast rather than the continual hammering thus lessen the noise impact. (these blasts are no where near the magnitude of the previous shaft blasts).The first blasts took place yesterday and were very successful. WEDNESDAY 8/08/2018     BLASTING 11.00AM to 5.00PM THURSDAY 9/08/2018         BLASTING 11.00AM to 5.00PM FRIDAY10/08/2018              BLASTING 11.00AM to 1.00PM The team are currently reinstating the drainage trench by Budle Bay Caravan Park, this will release more road and pedestrian traffic. This is also great timing for the farmer opposite to harvest his field.  We are on target for commencing the work over the stream towards the Mill for Monday 13th as well. Top Site The earthworks are in full flow on the lagoon site and we are busy constructing the embankments.   I've attached some photos of both sites........oh and a cute little squirrel Andy rescued on the back road leading to the lagoons.        
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