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Latest Updates

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone Further to my message on Thursday, Pipetek didn't quite finish surveying all the manholes, so will be back first thing on Monday 23 April 2018 to complete the task. This will be the same as yesterday, but only for the last two remaining manholes. We will not restrict anyone's drives, however you may not be able to pass them while they are working. As ever, if you have any concerns, please raise them - we're happy to help where we can. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Tony

By Brian Hall

Hi everyone Hope you are enjoying the nice weather, Lunedale is beautiful when the sun is shining* We have been busy on site as you will have seen if you have been around the reservoir, digging boreholes for testing and erecting scaffolding on the bankside up from Carl Beck where we will be installing the monitoring equipment. Everything is going well and on schedule and hopefully the good weather will continue for a while and allow us to make good progress. Have a great weekend everyone Brian *Also beautiful when not shining  

By Brian Hall

Hi everyone Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather and are all ready for a lovely warm weekend. Unfortunately for our staff on site the good weather gives us an opportunity to catch up for time lost due to the recent bad weather so we are working on site tomorrow (Saturday 21st April) from 8am to 2pm. We dont like to work weekends but when the weather is good we have to take advantage. Hope everyone else has a great weekend. Brian  

By John Cartwright

Afternoon, I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and is looking forward to the weekend. The weather is helping our cause and we are moving forward, we have new plant coming to site on Monday to help move forward the Project. As before can I please ask everyone to please take care when traveling through the traffic management on Lartington Lane, as the good weather will bring more traffic out on to the roads. I again thank everyone for the patience and understanding while we carry out the works.   Thanks, john.    

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've been out and about round Wood Vue this afternoon informing the residents there of our work tomorrow. Our subcontractors Pipetek will be surveying the newly laid pipes. This will invole a CCTV survey of the new pipes in Wood Vue. To facilitate this small sections of Wood Vue will be closed for short periods of time around the manholes. Here is a copy of the letter I have distributed today. Don't worry, I applied the factor 50! Can't be too careful! Tony

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've been up to the site today for a catch up with Stu. We are making good progress and the expected good weather will certainly help with that. On Monday 23 April 2018 we will reinstate the lane outside of our compound on Beacon Lane. Traffic lights will be in place until Wednesday 25 April 2018. I have been out and about trying to speak to those affected by the lights this morning. Enjoy the sun- knowing the British weather, it may not last long! Tony

By Mark Robinson

Morning All, Just a quick update regarding Clayton Rd on our Pipeline Management project... We have completed the bulk of the Civil's works at this location and the road has been opened to allow traffic to flow from Great North Rd through Clayton Rd. However, we are aware of issues with some members of the public driving the wrong way through the one way system. Local authorities and Police have been informed and are looking into this. Although it appears quiet at this site, please know we are working in the background on the Mechanical and Electrical element of the works. A project wide update will follow from one of my colleagues. Thanks, Mark    

By Gary Cassells

Hi My name is Gary Cassells NWG Project Manager for the Greenwood Road, Billingham Project. During the life cycle of this project to renew 1000m of UPVC main using trenchless techniques, the project team will endeavour to keep disruption the public to an absolute minimum. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us. Many Thanks Gary  

By Joan Tatters

Good Afternoon By now you may have noticed some of our team & subcontractors around the Renny's Lane area in advance of the commencement of our project for Northumbrian Water. Although I have introduced myself I havent informed you of who our Site Team are.... Jason Bradley (Contract Manager) Stephen Coles (Site Manager) Me, Joan Tatters (Customer Liaison Officer) We have conducted a lot of ground investigation work in advance of our project and today we have addressed the above ground investigations. (as the weather has been a little kinder recently) With that in mind and with due care and lots of attention we have decided to prune back one or two of the trees along the footpath rather than remove them; this is to gain access to the manhole area with the plant machinery. So please if you are in the area, be a little more vigilant as your health and safety is paramount to us. Don't forget if you want to ask us any questions feel free to blog me or just ask our Site Team we all are happy to help. Take a look at our photos Thank you

By Joan Tatters

6 Photos
Good Morning, After Roger informing us of the developments, I thought I best introduce you to the Mott MacDonald Bentley site team. Jeff Bowman      -     Contract Manager Dave Cross        -     Site Engineer Alex Brown        -     Site Engineer Ged Marshall    -     Site Agent Andrew Stephenson   -   Site Agent Joan Tatters     -     Customer Liaison Officer Jeff Bowman   -      Contract Manager I have no doubt you will have seen us conducting some preparation. We do appreciate your co-operation and if you see any of us please come and say "Hello". Don't forget if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  

By Anthony Birkett

Hi Everyone I've visited site today to catch up with Mac. You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on site for the last few of days. We have encountered unforeseen techical issues which have restricted what we can do at the moment. There is a solution and we have arranged for the necessary work to be done to allow us to carry on. We hope to be able to carry on with the work soon. While work has slowed, the site team have been taking the opportunity to catch up on other work which may not be quite as visible. Enjoy the rest of the week Tony

By Brian Hall

Good morning I am the community officer for Interserve Construction and will be working on this project. I have been able to meet with some residents and hope to speak to more of you over the next few weeks. I will be on site on a regular basis and also contactable on 07484 516963 if you would like to speak to me. I will be posting updates as work continues and introducing other members of the team  
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