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Latest Updates

By Amanda Hunt

Good afternoon,   I wanted to give you an update on our plans for reinstating the wall in the back lane. NWG has engaged one of our strategic partners in civil engineering, who have significant experience and expertise in this kind of work, to investigate the options to solve what could be an extremely complex rebuilding situation.   As we look to develop plans for this scheme we will need to speak with a number of important stakeholders for agreement to proceed, including Newcastle City Council and the Environment Agency, and we will shortly be having discussions with them about this.   The time of year, and in particular the weather conditions and the level of the river will also influence how we are able to plan to carry out these works and need to be carefully assessed.   Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to identify and deliver a robust, sustainable solution in a timely manner, taking all of the complexities into account. We will be in touch with a further update by the end of November, and will continue to keep you informed on the programme as we develop the details. In addition, as soon as we are able to make any improvements regarding parking and access we will let you know, but as you would expect we will continue to make safety our priority.   In the meantime if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below, or contact us at reviewteam@nwl.co.uk.  

By Shafqat Akbar

Hello. We have made steady progress on site since the last update on the Fontburn project. We have progressed the design detail and continued operations at several locations on site. The temporary crane platforms are complete and advance works to remove the first of the silos have started. We will start working in the pre-lime chamber and in the waste water building. The planning stage is at an advance stage. The next operations are to continue with the pre-accommodation works. The site and compound set-up are complete. The works areas comply with the covid management protocols. The Project supports "the three simple actions" promoted by the NHS; "wash hands, cover face and make space"      

By Gabrielle Ward

Durham Riverside Footpath Good Morning, If you've been for a walk along the beautiful riverside footpath which runs parallel to North and South Bailey you may have seen some of our notices regarding a footpath closure starting next week. I just wanted to post some information on the work we will be carrying out, and let you know more about the closure.  As of next week, Mott Macdonald Bentley and Pipetek will be making a start on carrying out liner installations to the sewererage network on behalf of Northumbrian Water. This will involve a closure to the footpath along the riverside from Wednesday 4th November for two weeks, however, this route will be accessible on weekends. Access will also still be maintained to Hatfield College Boat Club using the path which leads from Hatfield College, down to the river. You can find a screen shot attached below which shows you where the closure will be located.  We will also have a vactor (a large vacuum tanker) parked underneath Elvet Bridge located in the courtyard adjacent to The Boathouse Bar. We will try and keep any disruption to an absolute minimum during this time. We plan on being in the area for around three weeks, so if you do see us and would like to ask any questions or to just pop and say hello, please feel free to do so. We just kindly ask that you keep a safe two metre distance from our site team, who are also following government guidelines.  I will be posting updates throughout the duration of the work. In the mean time, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will be happy to help. Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe! Gaby (MMB Customer Care)      

By Joan Tatters

Morning All, Sorry I didn't get an update on last week I was on holiday, however here we go for this week:- Treatment Building          -         You will have seen the steel frame is shooting up and the roof is almost complete. All the grouting is complete to the column work and the bricklayers have started the block work. Contact Tank                    -         The team are just doing the finishing touches to the upstand and the security covers are just about complete. The subbies are now preparing the water proofing.. WW Settlement Tank       -          Now in a position to start filling it with water for testing. Industrial Estate              -          Tarmac work will commence tomorrow as well as long the B6525, 135 linear metres. The manhole will be installed and we can break into the existing one for connection and we will continue with the pipe work again along the B6525 and the traffic lights have and will continue to move along accordingly. A massive amount of progress over these last two weeks and I have got to say the new Treatment Building looks impressive. Thanks again for your patience and understanding whilst we have the traffic lights on, we do appreciate it. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.  

By Shafqat Akbar

We have agreed the scope and programme of works with Northumbrian Water. I would like to let you know that we have started the physical works at this pumping station.  The Marden Quarry pumping station works are predominently mechanical and electrical in nature. The works area is contained within the Northumbrian Water compound. We have started renewing the building services; lights, heating and water. We have installed a new distrubution board and started placing the traywork.  The site team have prioritised keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. This area is very popular with people walking around the lake. We have a shared access with some of our neighbours, a nearby business and the local scouts. We have posted letters to our neighbours and advised them of these works. This area is very popular with people taking a walk in the park and with people walking thier dogs. We will not disrupt any access to the lake, woods and walkways.    

By Shafqat Akbar

I want to share some good news from this project. We have made very good progress since the last update. We have recorded several successful shutdowns and started the installation of the new pumps. The electrical works are substantially complete and the mechanical works are progressing very well.  The project is nearing completion and we are targeting early December to complete all of the works at the pumping station. We have agreed a programme of five shutdowns with Northumbrian Water. This will allow us to make the remaining electrical and mechanical connections. This photograph shows the location of the pumping station. This site is located next to a very popular walkway along the Cullercoats coastline We have made every effort to ensure local residents and pedestrians have not been impeded in any way. Well done to the site team. This is the site compound where we have set up our site offices and welfare units. We will be removing the compound in a month's time.  The site team successfully completed all of the scheduled works in the two shutdowns this week. We are concentrating on the installation of the remaining mechanicla works. The testing and commissioning works are progressing as sections of the pumping station are completed. We are on track to finish all the works and handover the assets to Northumbrain Water.

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon all, hope your well and enjoying the autumnal weather this October half term. Just a quick note to make you aware of a couple of short-term road closures between 8am to 4pm, whilst we carry out some remedial resurfacing work in your area, diversions will be in place during this time and access to residents will be provided. On Thursday 29th the closure will be on Silverton Lane then on Friday 30th the section of road between Whitton Bank Road/Carterside Road and Silverton Lane will be closed. I have attached a plan showing the locations. Thanks Sarah

By Shafqat Akbar

In today's update, I would like to share with you the tremendous progress we are making on the testing and commissioning of the new plant. I would like to share some of the recent achievements. The emergency showers are located in important locations on site. This emergency shower is next to the actiflo and chemical buildings. The water tanks next to the Rapid Gravity Filters have been tested and the equipment in the tanks has been installed. The equipment required for the MEICA works is being installed. These works are progressing well. This photograph shows how well we have progressed in recent months. The installation of the steelwork has started on site. We have already completed some of the external staircases. There are a lot of underground assets on site that are now covered.

By Christine Taylor

Good morning, We have just had notification from Bio-Matrix that they are visiting site tomorrow to carry out a maintenance inspection on the floating islands on the lake.  I am sure they would be happy to answer any questions about the islands if you have any.  Please feel free to speak to them, obviously at a safe distance (2m). Stay safe. Christine

By Paul Davison

Hello, I'm Paul Davison and I'm Northumbrian Water's Project Manager for the work we are planning to carry out in your area. Along with the rest of the project team we will be keeping you updated as the project progresses. We’d really like to hear from you. If you have any queries, you can either quickly create an account to comment on any activity update on this page or alternatively, use the 'Contact' button at the top of the page, whichever way is best.

By Joan Tatters

Good Morning Everyone, Well what a difference, just look at it now! As you can see against the backdrop of a lovely autumnal blue sky the external building is now almost complete. Over the next few months there is still extensive work being carried out inside the building preparing for the new screens. Hopefully this gives a much deserved rest to the what can only be described as very patient and understanding neighbours! Thank you.

By Sarah Jayne Parvin

Good afternoon, following on from yesterday’s update I mentioned that this week we have been demobilising Silverton Lane working area. From Monday wagons will be collecting the muck from Silverton Lane compound as part of the clearing work. We will have a road sweeper visiting to keep the roads clean whilst we carry out these activities. Thanks, and enjoy your weekend! Don’t forget the clocks change and we all get an extra hour in bed on Sunday 😊 Thanks  Sarah 
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