Esh Winning Sewer

Northumbrian Water are working in your are to improve our sewer network to reduce the risk of pollution incidents in Esh Winning. The Esh Winning sewer runs in close proximity to the Priest Burn and, at times of heavy rainfall, it can present a risk of pollution to the river. The solution we identified to this includes the installation of a new pumping station in the field opposite South Terrace and a new pipeline along the main road into the sewage treatment works.

Update by Becky Gartland

Good afternoon all, 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Here's your weekly update of how things have been progressing on site last week. 

Pumping Station Works Area 

Last week we have continued further ground reprofiling works, as well as the deep excavation and installation of shoring from the Pumping station towards proposed new Manhole 11, we have also installed the Ductile Iron pipework withing the Pumping station in readiness to continue this week with the remaining inlet pipework towards Manhole 11

We also continued with the excavation & installation of the Rising Main from the roadside adjacent to South Terrace towards the new PCC Valve chamber although work has been a bit slower than expected due to the weather which has not been very favorable for carrying out electro fusion welding operations

Core drilling operations have also been carried out to the PCC Valve chamber in readiness for the proposed installation of the Ductile Iron pipework which is due commence over the next couple of weeks

Durham Road Highway Drainage Works

All permanent surfacing works to the Durham Road Highway are now complete including the white lining and the half road crossing just outside the Sewage Treatment Works, this was completed last Thursday with the removal of the temporary Traffic lights Friday 29th October 2021

Any questions, please feel free to contact me to discuss further. 



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