Esh Winning Sewer

Northumbrian Water are working in your are to improve our sewer network to reduce the risk of pollution incidents in Esh Winning. The Esh Winning sewer runs in close proximity to the Priest Burn and, at times of heavy rainfall, it can present a risk of pollution to the river. The solution we identified to this includes the installation of a new pumping station in the field opposite South Terrace and a new pipeline along the main road into the sewage treatment works.

Update by Becky Gartland

Good morning all, 

Steve has very kindly provided me with your weekly update on how they got on last week and what you can expect to see them working on this week. 

Pumping Station Works Area

  • Last week they continued with the installation of the pipework from the Pumping Station towards the new manhole 11. Construction of the manhole chamber itself also commenced last week. 
  • Following the secondary pressure test on the rising main, this area has now been backfiled from the roadside of South Terrace towards the Valve Chamber. The final connection will be carried out later this week. 
  • Commencement of works on the new Kiosk have taken place including, excavating and stoning up with duct penetrations in preparation for the timber formwork shuttering and concrete installation later this week. 
  • Mechanical installation works have started this week to install pipework and non-return valves within the Valve Chamber heading towards the Pumping Station/Wet Well.
  • Northern Power Grid are scheduled to commence new electrical installation works to the working area on Monday 22 November 2021 which will include two-way traffic lights being in operation on South Terrace. 

If you have any queries regarding this section of work, please let me know. 

Thank you 



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