Hexham STW Refurbishment

We are investing over £4.9 million to improve Hexham Sewage Treatment Works. This investment is being undertaken to address asset condition and performance concerns meeting the demands of the upstream drainage catchment. Undertaking this refurbishment work will improve the sites compliance resilience, reducing the likelihood of future pollution incidents, minimising operator intervention improving site Health & Safety. Our sewage treatment works aids NWL in improving the quality of rivers and coastal waters for the benefit of people, the environment and wildlife.

Update by Dave Eden

Hello all.

Since the last update for Hexham STW Refurbishment, we have completed the seeding of the two new filter beds and are in the process of removing the over pumping, so the new filters are now doing all the filtration work on site.

All of the inlet works slabs are now complete and the civils gang is progressing concrete repairs to the existing inlet works, followed by permanent reinstatement of the existing road where the wash-water main was laid.

The in-situ assembly of the inlet screens tank is on going and nearing completion before the access structure is built over it.

Extensions to the site road including a new turning head and permanent crane pad are planned but may have to wait until the larger mechanical items such as the wastewater screens are in place due to a tight working area.

MEICA (mechanical and electrical installs) has started with the reinstallation of the rotation sensors to filter 1 and 2, the placing of the MCC and wash water booster kiosks and the wash water booster tank. MEICA and above ground pipework will be continuing for a number of weeks though much of the works is reliant on the Inlet works superstructure being complete.

Thanks for taking the time to read the update.

Dave Eden

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